About Citations

It is a policy of the Literary and Linguistic Data Service (LLDS), that data should be cited properly. For that reason we are adopting various policies and creating User Interface elements (see RefBox below) to make citation as easy and as consistent as possible.

Citing data policy

CLARIN endorses the Data Citation Principles and so do we. We ask Data users to acknowledge and cite data sources properly in all publications and outputs. We already implement the important recommendations of RDA’s Data Citation Work Group. See the example of automatic citation text below.

Citation Handle — a Persistent Identifier

The Handle System provides unique and persistent identifiers of digital objects. We use it to provide your data with a permanent identifier in the form of an URL that will always point to the relevant data, wherever it might be stored in the future. Thus you can safely use the Handle in publications to point to data, knowing that the relevant data will be located where the Handle points. The Handle is part of the RefBox together with other information such as author(s), title and publisher.

Export Formats

For convenience we’ve prepared export formats, that can easily be copied and pasted. An item can be exported in BibTeX format. A link to an export is provided in the citation box (see above image). On clicking the link to "BibTeX", formatted BitbTeX entry will be displayed.