THE TRUE Fortune-Teller OR, GUIDE to KNOWLEDGE. Discovering the whole Art of Chiromancy, Physiognomy, Metoposcopy, and Astrology. CONTAINING 1. A Discription of the Planets, their Power and In­fluence over the Bodies of Men, Women, and Chil­dren. 2. Of the several Lines, Mounts, Marks, An­gles, and Sacred Characters in the Hand and Wrist; and by what Planets they are Governed as to good or bad Fortune. 3. Of Physiognomy. 4. Observa­tions on the Eyes, Eye-brows, Nose, Ears, Chin, Neck, Hair, Beard, and Face. 5. Metoposcopy, or the signification of the Lines in the Face. 6. Of Moles, and their signification. 7. Of Dreams and their Interpretations. 8. Of Nativities, and their Cal­culation. 9. Of the Rod by which hidden Treasure is found. 10. Of Marriages, and at what time any Person shall be Married. 11. Rules to know the danger of Death. 12. The manner of Resolving doubtful Questions, as to Friends, Marriages, places of Abode, Health, Prosperity or Adversity, Love or Business. 13. Of Pythagoras his Wheel of Fortune. 14. Of the good and bad Days of each Month relating to Health.

The Fourth Edition Corrected and Amended.

LONDON, Printed for E. Tracy, at the Three-Bibles on London-Bridge, 1698.




  • CHAPTER I. A Discourse of the Planets and Signs of the Zodiack, with Observations upon their power and influence on the Bodies of Men, Women, and Children 2
  • Chap. II. A Description of the Lines in the Hand, and mounts their scituate. How they communicate with the other parts of the Body, and by what Planets they are chiefly governed 5
  • Chap. III. An Explanation of marks, or sacred cha­racters on the Hands of Men and Women, as they signifie either good or bad Fortune 9
  • Chap. IV. Of the Hand most proper to be inspected, and what is most material to be observed therein, &c. 16
  • Chap. V. Of the wrist Lines, and the good and bad Fortune they predict to men and women, &c. 18
  • Chap. VI. Of the Line of Life, and what is thereby of good or bad Fortune to be observed 23
  • Chap. VII. A Discourse of the Table-line, and its signi­fication upon sundry occasions, &c. 26
  • Chap. VIII. Predictions on the characters or marks ap­pearing on the middle Line, relating to the good or bad Fortune in men or women 29
  • Chap. IX. Prognostications as to good or bad For­tune in men or women, from the Line called the Girdle of Venus 33
  • Chap. X. Judgments on the Hepatick Line, as to good or bad Fortune in men or women 35
  • Chap. XI. Judgments, or Chiromantial observations on the milky-way 73
  • [Page] Chap. XII. Of the Suns Line, and Line of Sa­turn, and what Predictions are to be observed fi [...] them [...]
  • Chap. XIII. Of the Cephalick Line, and what is to [...] observed thereby [...]
  • Chap. XIV. Of the plain of Mars, place of the Moo [...] commonly called the mount, and judgment on what [...] materially signified therein [...]
  • Chap. XV. Of the Angles, observed in Chiromancy, [...] ­lating to good or bad Fortune in man or woman. [...]
  • Chap. XVI. Of the mounts or fleshy parts at the Ro [...] of the Fingers, attributed to Jupit [...], Saturn, S [...] and Mercury, as also the Fingers to them attrib [...] ­ted [...]
  • Chap. XVII. Of the Thumb and Nails, and what [...] good or bad Fortune is to be observed thereby [...]
  • Chap. XVIII. Of Physiognomy [...]
  • Chap. XIX. Observations taken from the Hair, Bea [...] Chin, Eye-brows, and Neck, with the Explanation [...] their divers significations [...]
  • Chap. XX. Physiognomical Judgments upon the Ey [...] Nose, Ears, Mouth and Face [...]
  • Chap. XXI. Metoposcopy, or the Lines in the Fa [...] and their significations, relating to good or bad Fortu [...] in man or woman [...]
  • Chap. XXII. A Treatise of Moles, and their significa­tions, &c. [...]
  • Chap. XXIII. Of Dreams, and their Description 10 [...]
  • Chap. XXIV. Exemplary Dreams, and their Interpre­tations which have exactly come to pass, taken out [...] History, and other remarkable Stories 10 [...]
  • Chap. XXV. Dreams, and their Observations, or Inter­pretations according to the good or bad Accidents, th [...] frequently befal Mankind 10 [...]
  • Chap. XXVI. A Discourse relating to Nativities, a [...] their Calculation, so far as is warrantable from t [...] Rules of Astrology 12 [...]
  • [Page] Chap. XXVII. A short Discourse of Corilimancy, and of the Rod by which hidden Treasure is found 131
  • Chap. XXVIII. A second Observation of Nativities here known, or give wonderful guesses by the marks or lines of the Hand, Eyes, Forehead, and the like 132
  • Chap. XXIX. A Discovery of the time of Marriages, or in what year of their Age the party will be Married, by certain Marks and Rules appearing in the Hand 139
  • Chap. XXX. Rules to be observed to know the eminent danger any Person is in as to his or her Health 141
  • Chap. XXXI. [...]ivers Rules to know by the Art of Physiognomy the danger of Diseases relating to Death 143
  • Chap. XXXII. How to find out the Genius of a Country, and be sensible of its wonderful effects 147
  • Chap. XXXIII. Observations taken from the days of the Moon, with relation to the Birth of mankind, as to the undertaking of business, by that means rendred fortu­nate or unfortunate 150
  • Chap. XXXIV. The manner of Resolving doubtful Que­stions, in relation to Friends, Marriages, Place of Abode, Health, Prosperity, or Adversity, Love, or Busi­ness, with many more of the like nature within the Rules of Astrology 153
  • Chap. XXXV. A further Observation of the Planets, and their Operation on Mankind 157
  • Chap. XXXVI. Of the Pythagorian-Wheel, commonly called the Wheel of Fortune, and what is to be obser­ved thereby, as to good or bad Fortune relating to man or woman 160
  • Chap. XXXVII. An account of the good and bad days in each month relating to Sickness and Health 162
  • Chap. XXXVIII. The fixed Stars, and their Scituati­on, profitable for Mariners, by which they may be di­rected how to Steer, &c. 165
  • [Page] Chap. XXXIX. An Essay by way of Discourse of [...] substance and nature of Heaven, and of Celestial [...] dies, &c. Or a Scheme of Divine and Natural [...] ­losophy. [...]
  • Chap. XL. A Treatise of fiery Meteors, and their [...] ­neration [...]
  • Chap. XLI. A Treatise of Airy Impressions, their Na [...] and Generation, &c. [...]
  • Chap. XLII. Of the perfect Composition which are in [...] nature of things, by which the four Elements are [...] considered [...]


ALthough some People are so vain, as to have all Arts and Sciences in con­tempt, yet certain it is, that the Great Crea­tor of the Glorious Universe, has so order­ed it, that he has Ingraven, as it were, Mysterious Characters upon every Creature; whereby those, whose Understandings are as­sisted by Divine Knowledge, may unfold fu­ture things; and on Men and Women, more especially, his Peculiar Signet, or Sacred Mark, is imprinted, to stir them up to seek Wisdom and Knowledge, that so they may pry into the obscure or hidden Mysteries of Fate, the which being known, they may avoid emi­nent Dangers, or observe the better to use those Blessings and Advantages to God's Gl [...] ­ry. These things considered, I hope no [...] will judge too rashly of this Work, before they have seriously, with judgment and much deliberation, perused it; till when, and [...]. Times beyond, Heaven permitting, I re­main, Reader,

Yours to serve you, J. S.

[Page 2]The True Fortune-Teller.


A Discourse of the Planets and Signs of the Zodiack, with Observations upon their power and influence on the Bodies of Men, Women, and Children.


GOverning the body of man, as second Causes, substituted as it were by the wise Creator and Governor of all things, are 7 Planets, called wandering Stars, whose influence greatly operates in all Sea­ [...]ons, and disposes the mind to act and do, as well as urging or pushing on their good o [...] bad Fortune, and the highest of these is Sa­turn, a Planet disposing men to slowness in business, melancholy, danger, and such ways as expose them to many Misfortunes. The next [Page 3]in order is Jupiter; whose influence is more mild and benign, giving a chearful heart [...]nd prosperous progress in affairs, whose kind [...]spect many times qualifies and allays the malignity of his superiour Planet. Mars is [...]beneath him, who predominates over fiery [...]pirits, stirs up to rashness, war, wranglings, [...]roils, and the like; but he again is tempera­ed by the Sun's influence, who moves beneath [...]im, and in men creates chearfulness, dispo­ [...]ing them to be healthful and vigorous, and [...]ose that are born under the Domination of [...]is glorious Planet, for the most part attain [...]onour and high preferment. Venus moving [...]ext beneath the Sun, disposes those o're [...]hom she has a peculiar influence to a gentle, [...]ild, and loving temper, dispelling wrath [...]d hatred. Mercury is next, creating levi­ [...] and fickleness of mind, where he has domi­ [...]on. Beneath him, and moving nearest the errestial Globe, is the Moon, which imme­ [...]ately governs all watery bodies and flegma­ [...]k humours, her powers the Ocean feels in [...] Ebbs and Flows, as does the blood of man. [...]any other things are attributed to these anets as secundary causes, disposing the bo­ [...]es and minds of men, rendering them for­ [...]ate, or unfortunate, of which I shall have [...]asion to discourse hereafter. Their chief [...]ts in man's body are these, and are known [Page 4]by these Characters, viz. Saturn ♄ in th [...] left Foot, Jupiter ♃ in the Stomach, M [...] ♂ in the Genitals, the Sun ☉ in the Head Venus ♀ in the left Arm, Mercury ☿ in t [...] right Arm, the Moon ☽ in the Head; a [...] from these Parts their influence moves [...] turns, as they are predominant througho [...] the whole Body, and have more or l [...] force according to the sign they are in, [...] respect to the time of the Party's Nativity which Signs of the Zodiack, or Imagina [...] Circle, are known by these Characters, vi [...] Aries ♈, Taurus ♉, Gemini ♊, Cancer [...] Leo ♌, Virgo ♍, Libra ♎, Scorpio ♏, Sa­gitarius ♐, Capricorn ♑, AquariusPisces ♓. Through the twelve Signs, t [...] Suns progress makes our Year, and rende [...] the Seasons to Mankind, distributing He [...] or Cold as it ascends or retrogrades. A [...] thus much at present for the Planets and Ce­lestial Signs.


A Description of the Lines in the Hand, and Mounts their Scituate. How they commu­nicate with the other parts of the Body, and by what Planets they are chiefly go­verned.


HAving given you, Reader, some insight into this great and mysterious Science, shall now come nearer to the material mat­ter, [Page 6]and let you understand by what mea [...] the Fates of Mortals may be foreseen, and many eminent dangers prevented by a time [...] imploration of that God, in whose hand [...] is all the breath of Life, and on whom alon [...] our safety depends. And first you must un­derstand, that of all the members of the b [...] ­dy, none so plainly exposes our Fortunes [...] Fates as the Hand; for in that the God of N [...] ­ture has ingraven legible Characters, to b [...] read by the studious and industrious, [...] whom it is his pleasure to reveal such Secre [...] And those are the Lines and Joynts, & [...] apparent in the Palm, Thumb and Finger [...] which have an immediate intercourse, though by devious ways, with the chief seats of lif [...] having divers Names, derived partly from the place of intercourse. But for the mo [...] easy understanding, I shall give you only the [...] usual and proper Names. As, 1. The Line [...] Life, or Line of the Heart, governed by th [...] Sun. 2. The Cephalique or middle Natura [...] Line, governed by Jupiter and the Moon. [...] The Line of the Brain, governed by Mercury 4. The Table Line, or the Line of Fortune governed by Jupiter. 5. Venus's Girdle, go­verned by that Planet. 6. The Line of Death [...] or Sister to the Line of Life, governed by Saturn. 7. The Percussion, governed by Mars and the Moon. 8. The Circle of th [...] [Page 7]Wrist is left to Mars in Aries. Besides these are divers other Lines, not common to all Hands: As the way of the Sun, and milky way, and way of Saturn, and therefore are called uncertain Lines, not greatly taken no­tice of in Chiromancy.

The scituation or place of the Lines above­named, I thus discover, viz. The Line of Life incloses the Thumb, separating it from the plain of Mars. The middle Natural Line, takes its beginning at the rising of the fore­finger, near the Line of Life, and ends at the mount of the Moon. The Line of the Brain, commonly called the Liver-line, reaches to the Table-line, making a Triangle thus:

The Table-line, or Line of Fortune, begins under the mount of Mercury, and ends near the Index and the middle finger. The Girdle of Venus begins near the Joynt of the little finger, and ends between the fore-finger and middle finger. The Line of Death, &c. when it plainly appears, is a counter-line to that of Life, and therefore is called it's Si­ster, ending as it ends. The Percussion is between the mounts of Venus and the Moon. The Wrist-Lines, commonly called Rescet­ta, are no other than those Joynts that part the Hand.

As for the mounts before-mentioned, they are no other than the fleshy parts, or little [Page 8]risings at the Roots of the fingers, &c. And are called by the Names of sundry Planet [...] that rule them; nor are they insignificant in this Science. As for the Fingers and Thumb there are divers marks on them worthy of consideration, and are governed, viz. the Thumb by Venus, the Fore-finger by Jupiter the middle by Saturn, the third by the Sun the last by Mercury, and of all others tha [...] has the nearest communication with the Heart. As for the hollow of the Hand it i [...] attributed to Mars, according to the following Verse:

To Venus rule the Thumb we do commit,
The Finger first to rule mild Jove thinks fit,
The next old Saturn does dispose and guide,
To Sol's bright rule the third is ever ty'd,
The Brawn the Moon with watery Beams directs,
The Hollow Mars with pointed Rays affects,
The least Finger has Mercury's Aspects.

And thus much at present for the Line &c. of the Hand; from discoursing of which I shall proceed to other Marks worthy [...] Observation.


An Explanation of Marks, or Sacred Chara­cters, on the Hands of Men and Women, as they signifie either good or bad Fortune.


IN the Hands of many persons, as well men as women, are observed oftentimes Let­ters or Sacred Characters, imprinted by Na­ture [Page 10]to demonstrate their good or evil For­tune; and these ought greatly to be observed for their significations will have their events And into the Mystery of Explanation in th [...] cause, for the sake such as bear them, shall dare to wave.

In this case the Hand must be imagine East, West, North, and South: The litt [...] finger side being accounted the East, the fin­gers ends the South, the Thumb the Wes [...] and the Wrist-joynt the North. Now if happen that an A be found between th [...] mount of the Moon and hollow of the Hand it denotes a sickly body, subject to losses, cro [...] ses, imprisonment, banishment, and dive [...] other misfortunes; but on the contrary, [...] the Letter appear fair in North part of th [...] Hand towards the Mount of Venus, it sign [...] ­fies happy Marriages, Prosperity, Joy, deligh [...] in beauteous Women, and rich Matches. B [...] again on the contrary, if A be found on th [...] mount of Saturn, it fignifies delay in Business loss of Law-suits, and Estate, Imprisonment Sickness, and the like, and over and above threatens the Party with a short Life. If [...] be in lower part of the plain of Mars, [...] denotes Death by Arms, or in some Broil but if there be a Triangle above the Wrist it denotes the Party shall be Murthered: A [...] if it stand near the mount of Venus in a man [Page 11]Hand, it denotes he shall fall a Sacrifice to the revenge of a Woman, or in her quarrel. If a touch upon the mount of the Moon, it threatens the party with great imbecillity and defect of Judgment, naturally, or occasioned by sickness, as likewise a sickly constitution.

If T happen to be on the mount of Venus, it denotes success in Love and happy Marri­ages, if it be not so low as to cut the Line of Life; for if it do, let the parity certainly ex­pect great crosses in Love and Business, and if he marry, to live an unquiet and unhappy life. If it appear between the Thumb and the Fin­ger, it denotes Joy and Content, a Wife with Beauty and Riches, &c. If it be in the mid­dest of the mount, it signifies much good For­tune, and that he shall raise himself by rich Marriages, If it be in the extremity of the mount towards the Wrist, it denotes the par­ty much inclinable to Lust and lawless Love, if it appear on the back-side the Thumb, it denotes the party more desirous of Male than Female Copulation. If the T be on the lit­tle Finger, or the mount of the Moon, it sig­nifies the person will suffer much by the occa­sion of a Woman, and that he is likely to fall by Poyson or Assassination, his Children shall die untimely, and his Goods be imbezell d [...]by such as he shall intrust. If it be on the plain of Mars, it signifies Fortitude, and a War­like [Page 12]spirit, the party so marked shall be sub­ject to quarrel, and in the end in fighting for a woman, shall obtain her, and be thereby enriched: but if it happen on the little finger it signifies bad success in all undertakings. I [...] in the Girdle of Venus, it is a certain sign of the parties being extream debaucht and la [...] scivious, be it a man or woman; or if there b [...] an L in the same place, the product will b [...] equal.

As for G, it so happens that it produce good or evil effects, according as it is posi [...] red: As when it is found upon the mount o [...] Venus, it prefages good success, love, an [...] many friends: but if it be found in the plai [...] of Mars, it signifies strife and trouble, crea­ted through rashness or an unruly tempe [...] lf in a place under the domination of Satur [...] it is a sign of morose dulness, and evil co [...] ditions. But happening in any part unde [...] the domination of the Sun, it betokens [...] sudden access to riches, by the retrieving [...] hidden treasure.

If any person having the Letter C on th [...] middle finger, in the inclosure of Venus Gi [...] dle, it betokens him or her greatly abound [...] ing with lustful desires, and much given to profligate and vicious life. If the C be [...] the branch of the line of life, it denotes [...] men great wickedness, and an evil end; [...]n [...] [Page 13]in women lasciviousness, and an insatiate de­sire of satisfying their lust: Nor according to our Art can we think her chaste, though at times she appear demure, and much pretend to Religion.

If the Letter L appear on the mount of the little finger, it betokens prosperity, store of riches and honour; but being near the Wrist, it predicts the contrary, threatning the par­ty with disgrace and misfortune. If L appear at the top of the line of life, it signifies crosses in marriage, poverty, jealousies, and that the person shall commit Adultery, and beget many natural children imperfect in their limbs, &c. If in a woman, she shall prosti­tute herself to vile persons, break her mar­riage vows, dishonour and disgrace her Hus­band, &c. And if it be in the Wrist advan­cing to the Thumb; it denotes the like; as also in the middle of the Thumb, because in it Venus governs and disposes to lascivious­ness; but being in the little finger, it betokens wisdom and valour; if it be under the little finger, it denotes a mediocrity of fortune; good near Jupiter, bad near Saturn, and near the plain of Mars, or mount of the Moon, threatens sickness and death.

If S, called the S of Scorpio, be near the Triangle of the Line of Life, and the Table-Line, and if under it there appear two small [Page 14]Triangles, it denotes Victory in all Attempt but if it be in the other Triangle towards t [...] Wrist, it denotes Cowardize though a qua [...] ­relsome Person.

If the S of Sagitarius happen in the Line Life, and Jupiter Predominant, it deno [...] much happiness and health, with length days, and an obedient Off-fpring. But if be on the mount of Jupiter (for those Plan [...] that rule the Fingers and Thumb, rule [...] mounts or fleshy part under them; as likew [...] the twelve Joynts of the Fingers, are attrib [...] ­ted to the twelve Signs of the Zodiack, a [...] the Fingers to the four Seasons of the ye [...] by Chiromancers) a milder Fortune; but on Saturn's mount it appear, it denotes e [...] luck; nor if it be with the Moon or Merc [...] is it much better; but on the Sun's mo [...] riches and honour are promised, by it len [...] of days, and much felicity. It appear [...] in the plain of Mars, is the occasion of g [...] Success in Arms, and that the Party shall [...] to high promotion by Feats of Chivalry.

If the Letter P attributed to Pisces, be fo [...] in the plain of Mars, it signifies as that [...] before-mentioned. And so likewise in ot [...] places, 'tis good and evil, according as i [...] posited near the Regency of benign or [...] ­lignant Planets.

F and M stand for Fortuna Major, and w [...] [Page 15]ever they are posited, pretend no harm to the Party, unless upon the mount of Saturn, or within the Girdle of Venus. Now to Illu­strate these Particulars, I might again discant on them, according as they are more or less influenced by the Planets, as they progress and reprogress, the twelve Celestial Signs described in the first Chapter. But intending to lay down nothing but plain and easie Me­thods, I shall wave it as a flourish used by Chiromancers, to illustrate their Science; and from hence proceed to the Lines of the Hand, and their Predictions of good or evil Fortune, from whence I have a little digres­sed, to give the Reader a plainer insight into his Mystery.


Of the Hand most proper to be inspected, [...] what is most material to be observed the [...] in, &c.


IN this case it is altogether convenient [...] known, which Hand is the most mat [...] in this Science to be observed, for unless be known, a right judgment cannot be m [...] wherefore those that are skilled in Chiro [...] ­ [...]y [Page 17]or Palmistry, are of opinion, that the left Hand is most significant, and ought to be ob­served with much curiosity, because on this Hand both the Heart and the Brain, being he principal Seats of Life, have the greatest influence, and to the former of them go from his Hand all the Lines and Veins; wherefore Physicians by it may know the state of the Body, as well as Chiromancers the disposition [...]f the Mind, and impendent fate or good for­ [...]une incident to mankind. 'Tis in this Hand hat Jupiter and the Sun have the superior [...]omination; but take notice that you ob­serve when you make your Inspection, the [...]arty be in good temper, not overcome with wine, fear, anger, excess of joy or sorrow, [...]ver-heated by travel, or debauehed by excess [...]f venereal exploits, or the body distempered [...]y gluttony, for in these cases no true judg­ment can be made, by reason the blood re­ [...]ring or dispersing disorderly, an extenuati­on of the natural heat is exhausted, and the [...]onstitution of the body alterable, so that [...]he Lines will neither appear in their proper order or colour. Nor can a true judgment [...]e made on a hand brawny and unfashionable with hard labour, by reason the Lines are [...]louded and distorted, and therefore the best [...]udgment may be made upon children of four or six years of age, whose tempers the Moon [Page 18]makes flexible and fluid; but to come nea [...] to our purpose; as for the Lines of the Ha [...] I have already describ'd them, and now I sh [...] proceed to give their true signification, [...] Rules above-mentioned being taken notice [...] at the time of Inspection, and of these [...] their order.


Of the Wrist Lines, and the good and bad [...] tune they predict to Men and Women, &c.


1. IF it happen the party inspected have four Lines on the Wrist, perfect and well-co­ [...]oured, then do the Fates shew themselves propitious, in allowing him length of days; for he or she so having them, shall live to extream old Age, and if there happens two small bows above, making a sharp Angle, they promise a Heritage, or other Riches, by the Death of Relations or others, and that in [...]heir old Age they shall arrive to honour and preferment.

2. When there appears three plain Lines, if they be broad, they porte [...]l the party shall live to sixty years of age, gathering much riches in his youthful days, but by misfortune be reduced to poverty in his riper years, but that he shall again be prosperous.

3. Two Lines in the Wrist, signifies the par­ [...]y shall linger out many days in sickness and [...]exation, and may arrive, if no fatal accident [...]appen, at sixty years.

4. To have but one Line, signifies many Casualties and a short duration of Life.

5. If the Lines be wide and scattered, the [...]arty has no great understanding, nor will [...]e gain any promotion; he may live to 39 [...] moderate health and prosperity, but let [...]im look to the succeeding year, for there­ [...] is he threatned with death.

6. If the lines cross each other, let th [...] party be circumspect in his ways, lest he fa [...] by the hand of an Executioner.

7. If the lines spread abroad, and wave i [...] and out, passing crookedly, they denote [...] man of great Wisdom, but that his Ambit [...] on shall be his Ruin.

8. When a line crosses the wrist, an [...] meandering extends it self towards the lin [...] of life, it denotes sickness, if it appear ex­ceeding pale, death will be the issue of tha [...] sickness, if black, the party is endangered b [...] some bruise, and retains within him mu [...] corrupted blood.

9. If a crooked line bent-wise traverse th [...] lines of the wrist, it betokens slavery or e [...] tream hardship; if two do the like, his Fa [...] will be a Gibber.

10. If so it happen that the line of th [...] hand-wrist be double towards the mount [...] the Moon, and if one ascend towards the lin [...] of life uneven, it signifies an uneasie and u [...] quiet continuation upon Earth, and that th [...] party shall be in continual danger of sec [...] Enemies.

11. If in the wrist the upper line be twi [...] ed or linked in manner of a chain, it denot [...] the party born to a servile and laborious lif [...] yet fortunate in gaining riches.

12. When many lines spread themselve [...] [Page 21]toward the mount of the Moon, it denotes the party bent to travel by Sea and Land, a person of a rambling constitution, or a Va­gabond.

13. If it happen that a line passes the lines of the Wrist, as sometimes it happens, and reaches to the mount of the Sun, then the party may look for Honour, Favour and Riches, which will flow upon him by un­suspected ways.

14. If there happen on the hand of a Wo­man a Triangle, beginning at the Wrist, and reaching near the Moons mount, then will she prove a common Prostitute.

15. If there fall out to be crosses upon the shand of a Woman, it denotes shamefacedness, chastity and vertue, and if one be found in the plain of Mars, it denotes she will be mar­ried young, and become a widow before the thirtieth year of her age.

16. When the lines of the wrist bear up to the flat of the hand, it signifies Fickleness, Inconstancy and Falshood.

17. To conclude as to the wrist. The long wrist without intersection, denotes strength and constancy, the short wrist dissected, weak­ness of body and mind. If the lines be turn­ed towards the mount of Saturn, vain ima­ginations, vanity and vexation. But branch­ing towards Jupiter, it denotes honour and [Page 20] [...] [Page 21] [...] [Page 22]dignity, with great riches. When it cast its branches between the fore-finger and Sa­turn, in a Man it denotes he shall be in dan­ger of Death by wounds in his Head; and the like happening to a woman, presages he dying in Child-bed. If there happens Crosse [...] and Stars upon or between the Lines, honou [...] and peace shall conclude the parties old age but if Stars appear alone, to the Female Se [...] it denotes Infamy and Disgrace. If the Wri [...] Lines tend to the mount of Venus, the part [...] is lascivious, and subject to many Vices: [...] to the Heptick they bend, then the party i [...] just in his dealings, and has a prospect o [...] long and prosperous days: And thus much for these most remarkable Lines.


[...] the Line of Life, and what is thereby, of [...]good or bad Fortune, to be observed.


THis Line is Note-worthy, for by it Acti­ons past and to come are to be observed, [...]d this reacheth from the Wrist almost to [...]e mount of Jupiter, and denotes a quiet life [...]en 'tis well-proportioned, coloured and di­ [...]sed. But if a Star happen that reaches the [...]unts of Venus, Mars, or Jupiter, many mis­ [...]tunes shall befal the Party.

1. If a double line of Life appears, it p [...] ­mises long life, advancement to honour, [...] favour of Kings and Nobles, success in W [...] and business of what sort soever. If it happen to a Woman, she shall enjoy what [...] licity her Sex is capable of, and live ma [...] happy days.

2. When 3 Stars appear within this li [...] it threatens the party with calumny and [...] grace, oppression and trouble from great on But on the contrary, if instead of Stars th [...] appear Crosses, he shall be the Object of [...] male Love, and giving up his strength Women, thereby shorten his days.

3. If the line appear clear, ruddy, and entire, it denotes health, length of days, a [...] prosperous Fortune.

4. If there happen two OO's, or a Y, [...] sight is in danger to be lost entirely; but upon the line there be but one O, then b [...] one Eye is in danger to be lost.

5. If this line close or twine with the m [...] sual or table line, then shall honour and rich be heaped upon the party, together with [...] love and favour of great men, obtained [...] his prudence and industry.

6. If the line be sected or cut where it en [...] between the mount of Jupiter and Venus, [...] party shall be grieved oft with sickness, oc [...] ­sioned by trouble and vexation. But i [...] [Page 25]Triangle, happen in the plain of Mars, he shall be miserably kill'd, if two be found there, he dies by the hand of the Executio­ner, or if the line be extreamly awry, it de­notes the same.

7. When lines come from the mount of Venus, and cut the line of life, it denotes the party unfortunate in love and business, and threatens him with some sudden death.

8. If the line be crookedly forked, it de­notes the party to be of little understanding, [...]nd easie to be imposed on, a spend-thrift, [...]nd in the end, a fugitive.

9. If near the Ligament of the Thumb, a woman have two crosses, they crossing the [...]pper part of the line, she is shameless, and in [...]st insatiable, banishing chastity and mode­ [...]y.

10. If there are three Stars on the three [...]oints of this line, they denote a man wrong­ [...]lly to be abused, and brought into disgrace [...]rough the occasion of women; but, if they [...]pear without the line, his reputation shall [...]e unspotted.

11. If a division be in the middle of the [...]e, it betokens sickness in old age, and con­quently death. If it appear gross and red, [...] denotes the party to be proud, high-mind­ [...], a lover of revenge, and of an evil nature, [...]ploying his wits to the rain of his Neig [...] ­ [...]ur.

12. If at the end, there be a Triangle, th [...] party is a great babbler, impertinent in dis­course, and troublesom in his actions.

13. When there is a cross between th [...] middle natural line, and the line of life, [...] betokens nobleness of spirit and temper, wi [...] ­dom and liberality. And thus much sha [...] suffice to have observed upon this line, from whence I shall proceed to the next, shich i [...] the Mensual, or Table line.


A Discourse of the Table Line, and its signification upon sundry occasions, &c.

THis line has its Name from the Table [...] the Hand, and is greatly significant i [...] Chiromancy, by reason it answers to th [...] Head and Brain, the chief Seat of Wisdom and Understanding, and runs in some Hand along the four mounts, participating of th [...] influence of the respective Planets gover­ning them, and for its power and efficacy i [...] portending good or evil. Therefore, observ [...] these following Rules.

1. He who in his Hand has the Table lin [...] broad, and of a lively colour, enjoys health and a contented mind, is couragious and suc­cessful.

If there be crosses in this line toward th [...] [Page 27]little Finger, it denotes that the party shall be afflicted with sickness.

Who so has lines thwarting this line, is subject to many afflictions, as sickness, trou­ble, loss of estate, and the like; or, if it [...]appen in the youthful days, it denotes cros­ [...]es in love; if the lines or dents happen on he middle of the Finger, it denotes the man flatterer and inconstant; yet in the end by [...]ch his Folly, shall ruin himself.

If it so happen, that the line be double, or [...]vided into three parts into any of the ex­emities, it signifies, the party shall be for­ [...]nate, and of a generous temper, liberal in [...]nation, and of a courteous and modest [...]haviour.

The line being forked at that end that ex­ [...]ds towards the line of Jupiter, it denotes [...]squiet of mind upon frivolous occasions, [...]ubts, fears, jealousies, and the like distur­ [...]ce, riches got by deceit and violence, [...]ich will not be long kept, especially, if [...]t line begins towards the mount of the [...]on.

If this line towards the mount of Jupiter [...]ear plain, and any Star appear therein, [...]enotes a contented poverty.

If the line be crooked, it denotes danger [...]fe, by some mad or furious Beast, or a [...]len mischief by some distracted or disor­ [...]ed Person.

If upon the line, there be two crosses promises promotion by Learning, &c.

If near the mount of Luna in the extre [...] ­ty, there be the Letter O, and the Line d [...] ­ble, it signifies mortal wounds or bruise [...] be given in Quarrels or Combates; no [...] War shall such a one be fortunate.

If in the hand of any Person, three [...] stops, as thus ... be found, they do note p [...] ­dence and good conduct in affairs, and [...] that attains to the perfection of Learni [...] and, if this line end between the middle [...] fore fingers, it threatens death in Child [...] to women, and to men, weakness of Co [...] ­tution, and much Sickness.

Two branches in the form of the sig [...] Quarius, going out of the Table line, d [...] ­ning towards the little finger, denotes c [...] tousness, and a sciences, as Necromancy, whereby he will be endangered; if vi [...] ­points appear, the party is lustful and l [...] ­vious.

If the line branch towards the fore middle finger, and the ends be blunt, it notes riches and preferment.

If the letter B be found in the hand woman, it denotes her chast; and inclin [...] vertue in her Youth; but being once deba [...] ­ed, which will happen, the turns lascivi [...] [Page 29]wanton and insatiable, till age put a stop to [...]r lustful flames. If there happen a cutting [...] separation between the two last fingers, portends ruin by commencements of Suits, Law for an Estate moregaged or imbezled. If a branch happen to issue from the line, [...]d extend to the middle-line through the [...]dst of a cross, he shall become rich by [...]easure found in the Earth, or some secret [...]ce, or else, by purchasing extraordinary [...]rgains of such as understand not their Va­ [...]e.

If there be no Table-line in the hand of a [...]rty, he is born to losses and misfortune in [...]e former part of his life, but in the end [...]ill live prosperously.

The Table-line causing an Angle with the [...]e Natural under the Thumb, denotes ex­ [...]ding covetousness in the party: And thus [...]ch for our Chiromantick Predictions on [...]s line.


[...]edictions on the Characters or Marks ap­pearing on the middle Line, relating to the good or bad Fortune in Men or Women.

IN the middle or natural line, which has [...] above the rest, a communication with the [...]in; if any crosses be found, they denote [...] party to be rich and fortunate, but much [Page 30]given to lying and foolish discourse, flatte [...] and much dissimulation. As many lines [...] happen to be between the Table line an [...] this line, signifies as many sicknesses in th [...] first age, but the party shall escape death when those lines end towards the middle f [...] ­ger, they denote those sicknesses to happ [...] in the middle age; if they extend to th [...] middle finger, then in the old age; and [...] they reach the fore-finger, they threaten th [...] party with a non-recovery of his sickness, [...] that it will end in death. If in any one [...] them, there happen a half cross, and it [...] branchy, or a branch crossing, it issue out [...] the Table line, and reach the fore finger, [...] tend much towards it, and the other bran [...] towards the middle finger, the party shall [...] prosperous and fortunate, if they happen [...] be blunted at the ends. The line of li [...] and Table line joined, and by their co [...] junction causing an Angle, and the midd [...] line not appearing, the party shall be cou [...] gious and bold, but cruel, and given to m [...] ny vices; an abuser of his wife, and scorn [...] of his parents, and in the thirtieth ye [...] death shall threaten him; the which (if n [...] prevented by amendment of life, and speed repentance) will finish his course in this lif [...] and if instead of a middle line, a Star appea [...] let him beware of an untimely end. Th [...] [Page 31]middle line cutting in two, and soon discon­tinuing, being of a pale colour, signifies, the displeasure of Princes, and by offending them, Death or long Imprisonment. The line being broad and fair, promises old age and poverty; but, if it be thick and clouded, it denotes, the party to be of a weak memory, subject to folly, and many idle loquacities. The line extraordinary red with branches, making an Angle, in a Man, signifieth a War­ [...]ike and cruel Temper, a person delighting in Blood and Ruin; if in a Woman it so ap­pear, she is Blood-thirsty and desirous of Re­ [...]enge, and after long variance with her Husband, will find opportunity to kill him, or cause him to be killed. The line being double, it denotes succession and heritages to [...]efal the party in his middle age, by unex­ [...]ected ways. The line twice forked to­wards the Hypothenar, signifies Hypocrisie, and seeming devoutness in the party. If the [...]ne be very pale, the body is subject to sick­ [...]ess and many disorders. This line double [...]n a Woman, denotes she will have five Hus­ [...]ands, and live to eighty years, yet die without Child. Crosses between this line [...]nd the line of life, in a Man, denotes a mild [...]nd gentle temper, but in a Woman, malice [...]nd contention, especially with her Husband, which in the end, will cause a seperation. [Page 32]Many crosses happening upon this line, d [...] notes, he shall be raised to promotion by th [...] Clergy. If points or studs appear in th [...] line, let the Party beware of secret En [...] mies, and be temperate, lest he fall into d [...] vers diseases, and especially the Pleurisie. [...] Triangle or half Triangle between this lin [...] the plain of Mars and line of life, signi [...] combats and contentions, which often e [...] in death or banishment. A cross in this lin [...] appearing near the middle finger, foreshe [...] the party to fall by Treachery or Assassi [...] tion; but many crosses between it and t [...] mount of the Moon, imply favour from gre [...] men, yet not to be continued without dange [...] by reason of envious persons. If any kno [...] appear in this line, it betokens the party [...] be a murtherer, or of a murtherous incli [...] tion; and dangerous are they to be seen [...] a woman's hand, by reason of the bad infl [...] ­ence that governs them; for ten to one, b [...] by some means or other, she will be incit [...] to take away her Husband: And thus mu [...] for the prognostication of this line, a li [...] much observed by Chiromancers.


Prognostications as to good or bad Fortune in Man or Woman, from the Line called the Girdle of Venus.


THis line is mostly attributed to the in­fluence of the Planet, from whence it de­rives its Name, and what is to be observed thereby, chiefly tends to marriages and copu­lation, distinguishing the Chast from the Li­bidenous, &c. As first, If in this line there [Page 34]happen dissections or divisions near the fore finger, it betokens, the party shall ruin his fortunes, by associating himself with Lascivi­ous Women. If the Cuttings be under the middle finger, he shall be assassinated by the Husband of some woman he attempted to de­bauch, or in a Females quarrel, fall in a Duel. If this line appear on both hands, either in Man or Woman, it denotes them extremely Lascivious, and that they will decline no Beastiality, even that that is against Nature, &c. Two crosses upon that line, one being on the side of [...] fore finger, and the other bending towards the little finger, denote virtue, meekness, and a modest behaviour, one often tempted to unlawful Actions, but with detestation declining them; and by this mark, ought wise men to choose their wives, for in women it is more significant than in man. In brief, this line signifies those that have it, for the most part to be desirous of carnal Copulation and of a hot Constitution, which is the Original of such desires, both in men and women, for thereby the blood being soon rarified, receives more Spiritual Influ­ence, and is thereby quickly dismissed from the brain, heart and liver, to the seminal Vessels, and presses for evacuation; nor far­ther think I convenient to give judgment on this line, because it portends for the most [Page 35]part uncleanness and beastiality; but lea­ving it, I shall proceed to the line of the Li­ver, or the Hepatick, which is the next prin­cipal line observed by the professors of this Art.


Judgment on the Hepatick Line, as to good or bad Fortune in Men or Women.


THis line is often blotted out by labour, and therefore rarely appears in the la­borious [Page 36]hand, it's beginning is at the root of the line of life, extending it self through the middle of the Palm to the mount of the Moon or Brawn of the Hand; and if it so happen, that this line is strait, and crossed by other lines, it signifies a sound judgment, large me­mory, and a man capacitated for underta­king great things, were he not fickle and un­resolved. If the line be winding or crooked, bending in and out, it denotes deceit in pro­mise, cheating in imployment, and an op­pressor of the poor; but if strait, the con­trary. If this line and the Cephalick line make a Triangle or a Quadrangle, it signi­fies the Person of a Noble Descent, and one covetous of Promotion to honourable Em­ployments, rarely any vulgar person having them: so that by these, when matters were doubtful, the Antients were wont to distin­guish the Noble from the Ignoble, by these Angles. If it happen, that this line as well as the middle line, begin near each other, at the hand-wrist, it denotes a feeble judgment, defect of reason, &c. in a man, and in a wo­man hard labour, sickness; and by that sick­ness, many times loss of judgment, insomuch, that many become Idiots. If this line hap­pen to be forked, or there happen above it a figure in this form ♓, it signifies great riches and honour, by learning and good parts, a [Page 37]vivacity and continuation of health: And thus much for the Hepatick line, the next is the Milky-way, a line so called.


Judgments, or Chiromantial Observations on the Milky-way.

THE Milky-way is composed of many lines, reaching from the Wrist to the mount of the Moon, and takes its Name from that in the Heavens; and if it happen, these Lines are intire and run parallel, then shall the Party be fortunate, and much desirous of Travel and Voyages by Sea, and shall raise himself by Navigation and Commerce. If the lines of this way bend towards the mount of Venus, they presage the party fortunate in the love of women, and that he is of a gen­ [...]le complacent temper, mild and affable, eloquent and wise, not easie to be insnared by their Wives. If so it happen, that in these [...]ines Stars appear, and mostly spread them­selves towards the mount of Mercury, riches [...]re promised with many honours, which he shall attain by his Prudence and conduct in [...]ffairs. If this line in men appear not, or very little, it threatens sickness, and many grievances; when they are cut and unequal, they denote a melancholy person, and one [...]nfirm in his Intellectual Faculties, a Person [Page 38]subject to strange Dreams, and a pretend to Revelation. In fine, if this line be we proportioned, it denotes riches, ingenuity and the love of women; but if crooked, win [...] ­ing, or cut, sickness, folly, falshood & pover [...]


Of the Suns line, and line of Saturn, and wh [...] Predictions are to be obferved from them.


THese lines take their Original divers [...] and first the line of the Sun being b [...] [Page 39]small, begins at the line of fortune, and as­ [...]ending, divides the Suns mount directly [...] the Ring Finger, dedicated to that glori­ [...]us Planet, and sometimes visibly ascends to [...]e third Ligament, branching out for the [...]ost part, or containing lines of equal great­ [...]ess.

This line wanting in a hand not inured to [...]bour, whereby it may not be obliterated, [...] denotes, the Party slothful and careless, one [...]at is not greatly desirous of Preferment, [...]or will arrive at any, but must content him­self with a poor and mean Estate; but if it [...]e large and high ascending, it denotes Ho­ [...]our and Dignity, and favour of Princes, [...]nd the love of all Men, especially if it be [...]ouble, as sometimes it happens. When it is [...]ear, and of a shining ruddy colour, even [...] the Table line, it promises preferment by [...]ffices and Places of Judicature, but being [...]ale, it denotes Folly and much Tribulation. [...]ines crossing this, betokens the Person to [...]ave many Enemies that envy his prosperity, [...]ut by his mild and gentle temper, he shall [...]rn their hatred into love, &c. If the Girdle of Venus happen to cut this line, the party must beware of Marriage, least he live in continual contention.

If this line happen to be crooked, mean­dering in and out, it betokens a short Life, [Page 40]accompanied with sickness and crosses. If [...] Virgins it appear much branching toward the Girdle of Venus, it betokens early Ma [...] riage, and many Children, with indiffere [...] prosperity, but that they will be apt to [...] astray, and promote their Husbands to t [...] dignity of the Forked Order.

Saturn's line takes its beginning from t [...] bottom of the Palm, and crosses the Tabl [...] line, being in some forked upon the mou [...] and has its end at the middle finger, a [...] sometimes it passes to third Ligament, a [...] is double. This line seperating the Hep [...] tick line, signifies the party honest and ca [...] ful in his affairs, but shall not attain to a [...] considerable Preferment. If it so happen [...] be winding, or crooked very much, or ha [...] a Star at one of the Angles towards the mi [...] dle finger, it threatens the party with all t [...] calamities attributed to Saturn's malign [...] fluence, as imprisonment, banishment, lo [...] of goods, friends or estate, &c. as h [...] been often observed in those who have wa [...] ­ed the former, and unfortunately had t [...] latter of what is proposed. If the line of S [...] ­turn descends from the middle of the fing [...] whiche Joint, the Sign of Aquarius claims the brawn of the hand, it denotes melanch­ly and flegmatic Diseases, imprisonment, a [...] the like, which will be long delayed; a [...] [Page 41]the like will happen, if the Hypothenar di­vide it. If towards the line of life, it go through the middle of the middle finger, cut­ting the mount of Saturn, it denotes slavery, imprisonment, and sudden death. The line being full and entire, denotes prosperity and continued healthfulness: And thus much may suffice, as to the prognostication of these lines; the next, any ways remarkable, is the Cephalick line, being the last that is worthy of note in this Art.


Of the Cephalick Line, and what is to be ob­served thereby.

THis line begins at the Wrist, near the line of Life, and ascends to the middle Natural line, and by so doing, makes a Tri­angle: This line broken, divided, and dis­ordered, betokens misery and misfortune to men, and death or great pains in Child-birth to women; but, it appearing fair, and of a good complection, denotes the contrary, e­specially, if fully it reach the middle Natu­ral line. If Stars appear in this line, in the plain of Mars, that denotes the party to be bold and furious, subject to quarrels and much disorder: and, if in this line, there hap­pen a Star, on that part inclining towards [Page 42]the brawn of the hand, it signifies the par [...] subject to Theft and Fraud, with many oth [...] ill actions. If this line without any breakin [...] begin at the hand-wrist, peace and quiet, o [...] age insures, prudence, honour, and riches, [...] free and liberal disposition, &c. If it ha [...] pen to be forked near the Table line, wisdo [...] and much activity is thereby signified. T [...] conclude, if there be a Triangle betwee [...] this line, the line of Life, and of the Live happy fortune, a prosperous life, much i [...] genuity, and riches are promised: If th [...] Angle be blunt, it denotes Diseases, a sickl [...] Constitution, and weakness of Body: If [...] happen to be exceeding short, it denote [...] Boasting, Prodigality, Beggary, Folly, and [...] breviation of Life. And thus have I taken [...] full observation of the lines of the hand, usu [...] ­ally regarded in Chiromancy, and made a tru [...] judgment upon every particular, worthy o [...] Observation; from whence I shall proceed to say something of the Plain of Mars, and the Moons Mount, and so regularly proceed for the better and more easie understanding of the Reader.


Of the Plain of Mars, place of the Moon, com­monly called the Mount, and Judgment on what is Materially signified therein.


THe Plain of Mars is in that we common­ly call the Plain of the Hand, the Tri­angle between the lines being assigned his station; and if in this Plain the counter­line [Page 44]of life, commonly called the Sister-line it denotes the party fortunate in War, and advance himself by feats of Arms. The Plai [...] being hollow, and the lines crooked an [...] distorted, signifies, the party shall fall by th [...] Sword of his Enemies. If the line attribute [...] to Saturn, enter this Plain, it signifies, th [...] party will suffer much hardship in Camp [...] Prisons, and Slavery abroad, &c. Whe [...] the lines beginning at the hand-wrist, a [...] long within this Plain, reaching toward the brawn of the hand, they declare a Wa [...] like spirit, a Person subject to travel, labour and of a wrestless Nature. The Sister-lin [...] being short in this Plain, denotes boldnes [...] coverousness, the Party given to violen [...] theft and rapine; as likewise misfortune i [...] War, infidelity, boasting, sedition, treason murther and many the like wickednesses. [...] in the middle of the Triangle, there appea [...] other small Triangles towards the Wrist Duels and Combates are thereby denoted which often end in death, or disgrace; but, i [...] they appear full towards the Table line, fame and a prosperous life will happen to the par­ty. If the Party have a cross deep and large in the middle of the Plain, it signifies him zealous in Arms for the defence of his Reli­gion, and that he will gain renown thereby. If Stars appear in the Plain, poverty and [Page 45]misfortune are threatned, as also many secret Enemies that will endanger his life.

The Moons place is between the hollow of Mars and the Wrist, called the Hypothenar, or Brawn of the Hand, and on these two, the Cannons and Aphorisms affixed, and what is hence to be observed, take according to the Opinions of the skilful in Chiromancy, as fol­loweth.

If the lines appear pale or black, and gross in the Lunar Regions, the Party is threatned with many misfortunes, and improsperous success in all his undertakings; but, if they are fair, of a lively colour, suitable in pro­portion, the party shall have good success, especially in distant Land, as well in Com­merce as Negotiation on the behalf of his Prince; and women wherein they so appear, shall be fortunate in marriage, and be ex­ceeding fruitful, easie in delivery, and free from death on that occasion. A round Cir­cumference upon the Moons mount or place, threatens the party with blindness on one Eye, or extraordinary sickness; or, if two happen, both Eyes are in danger, either by blasting, or some fatal accident. Stars ap­pearing on this mount, denotes a treacherous and malicious Person, big with envy, and a troubler of his Neighbours; but, if crosses manifest themselves, then promotion to ho­nour [Page 46]for high deserts; as likewise riches an [...] promised, and that the party is much give [...] to Religious Exercise, but of a sickly tempe [...] yet again, if five crosses appear, the part [...] is short lived; many Learned in this A [...] assirm, that 28 years are the Limits of h [...] temporal Being; and that near the time, th [...] he or she so having them, must leave th [...] World, the largest of them will disappea [...] And now as to the Palm, the next thing to b [...] considered, is the Angles, viz. The Qua­drangle and Triangle, on which I shall gi [...] Judgment, as followeth.


Of the Angles observed in Chiromancy, rela­ting to good or bad Fortune in Man or Woman.


AS for the Triangle, it is caused in the hollow of the Hand, the line of Life, [...]e middle Natural line, and the line called [...]e Cephalick line, or line of the Head; as or the Quadrangle, a line so called, it is [...]aused by the Table line middle Natural line, [...]nes of the Sun and Saturn, and from these [Page 48]are to be observed in order the following Prognostications.

If the lines and veins of the Triangle [...] well proportioned, well coloured, and t [...] Angles be equal, health, prosperity, and [...] moderate fortune are signified, as also th [...] the party is of mild disposition, and coun [...] ous behaviour; but the lines and veins [...] scure, distorted, and the Angles disprop [...] tioned, denote a churlish and sullen pers [...] given to labour, covetous and desirous [...] gains, fraudulent, though of little unde [...] standing. A spacious and large Triang [...] denotes liberality and munificence, coura [...] and constancy, but narrow the contrary. [...] it be altogether wanting, or defective by th [...] disappearing of some line, it signifies th [...] party unfortunate, and of an evil nature subject to many Vices and erroneous Practi­ces. The right Angle, between the Ceph [...] lick and the Line of Life, bordering on th [...] Brawn of the Hand, be comely and decen [...] it signifies the party, one of a large under standing, great memory, and a lover of ju­stice; the right Angle being little and shar [...] denotes a provident and industrious man, on desirous of riches; but, if it be obscure and blunt, folly and poverty attend the Possess [...] The left Angle pointed, denotes a loquacito [...] Person, and a man studious to over-reach [...] [Page 49]deceive his Neighbour. A brawniness in the midst of the Triangle, denotes the party quarrelsome, vexatious, implacable, and of an evil nature; and the like is signified if a sanguine redness appear in the extreamities of this Angle. If a Star happen in the Tri­angle of a womans hand, she is prone to un­lawful love and lust, and will thereby be rendered miserable in the end; but if it stream with a tail like a Comment, it denotes a woman to out-live four Husbands, and yet not arrive at any considerable age, especially [...]f that mark happen before the 20th year. Four lines cross-wise in the Triangle. denotes one evil and malicious, subject to these and fraud. A Star near the right Angles, denotes [...] man perfidious, and much the same as the former. When in a mans left hand, look­ing towards the mount of Mercury, the An­gle contains three small parallels, they signifie [...]iveliness, health, and the like.

The Quadrangle fair and well coloured, [...]enotes riches and health, a sound judgment, [...]nd large memory, with much liberality and compassion, but little and distorted the con­ [...]rary: and most whose hands are subject to rembling, have the latter sort of Quadran­gles. If a Star happen in the middle, it de­ [...]otes the party a lover of justice, and one [...]at rejoyceth at the prosperity of his Neigh­hours, [Page 50]a patriot of his Country, and a prop to Religion; the like signification has a cross if it be large and fair in the place aforesaid If upon the Table line, making the upper side of the Quadrangle, there happen a Star courage and prudence is thereby denoted, [...] Person liberal, and favoured by great ones yet is threatned with an Eclipse for a time but afterward will prosper more than ever. [...] the Star appear upon the line of Saturn, [...] denotes a person to run into much oblique and disgrace by insatiable lust, and unlawful love, and that in the end he shall be afflict­ed with poverty and disgrace, &c.


Of the Mounts or Fleshy parts at the Roots [...] the Fingers, attributed to Jupiter, Saturn Sol, and Mercury, as also the Fingers [...] them attributed.

AS for these mounts or little risings, [...] have already shewed divers predicti­ons signified by them, and therefore shall b [...] brieser in Treating of them in their order as also of the Fingers.

Jupiter's mount is under the fore-finger, i [...] there happen a cross or two, honour is there [Page 51]by denoted, fortunate marriage, much loyal­ty and applause. If crosses happen on the first joynt of the finger towards the outward side, it signifies riches and honour by Learn­ing and Science. When four or five lines between the first and second joynt, in the na­ture of a Gridiron happen, it betokens the parties life endangered by women, or in their cause. Upon Jupiter's mount a Star denotes disgrace, infamy, and loss of honour; but if [...]wo Stars appear, the contrary will happen. A line arising out of the Table line, and di­ [...]iding this line, denotes a suddain and vio­ent death. If there happen a square, and he line divide it, signifies honour and reve­ence, health, and prosperous fortune. If in he finger of a woman, there happen three [...]nes between the second and third joynt, fair [...]nd red, it betokens her of a merry temper, [...]nd that she will have a Husband, loving and and, yet ten to one she dyes in Child-bed.

Star appearing on the first joynt of the [...]re-finger, it denotes in women bashfulness, [...]astity, and a virtuous life. If so it happen at a Star appear on her second joynt, much [...]vancement is promised her by marr [...]uge, [...] the favour of great persons. When near the [...]vnt of this finger two equal lines appear, [...]ey signifie the party to be ingenious, a ver of learning and virtue, noble and libe­ral; [Page 52]the like lines in a woman presage fruitfulness. If this character ♃ happen [...] the first or second joynt of the fore finger, [...] promises to the party abundance of wealth and possession to fall by the death of friend but if it happen in the extreamity of the sa [...] finger, it denotes vexatious suits and conte [...] tion with the nearest Relation; if on the mount of Jupiter it appear, great honou [...] are promised the party, and much inhe [...] farce.

The mount of Saturn is under the midd [...] sir ger, to which we joyn the finger, when sore observe that when this mount is full a [...] plain, the party is weak in judgment, o [...] without fraud, yet laborious and industrio [...] in his business and occupation. If there ha [...] pen a line, taking its beginning at the f [...] joynt of the finger, to cut or divide this mou [...] with two cross lines, then captivity and i [...] prisonments are threatned, with many loss [...] crosses and vexations. The Table line read­ing the mount of Saturn and dividing it, s [...] nities the party, as the Proverb is, to str [...] [...] st the stream in all his affairs; and [...] though he be industrious, yet shall he be e [...] poor, yet have a contented mind. If i [...] woman five or more lines, not exceedi [...] eight, ascend towards the second joynt, [...] placed in the first, it denotes her to have [...] [Page 53]many Male Children, but being grown up, they shall prove unfortunate. A Star in the first joynt of a mans, signifies he shall be assas­sinated or murthered. Many lines on the mount signifie loss and poverty, crosses and imprisonment. If after the Age of thirty two lines plainly appear on the mount, they threaten the party to fall by the hand of Ju­stice, or with a long imprisonment. When from the second to the third joynt there are three lines, two of them being a-cross, it sig­nifies in a woman much calumny and re­proach, occasioned by her lewdness and un­ [...]awful actions, especially as to what relates to venery. If so it happen, that in the plain of Mars, or somewhat lower, there ascend [...] line, passing through this mount, reaching [...]he first joynt, it denotes the mischief to fall in February, if it reach the second joynt, then in January, and touching the third joynt it will be apparent in December: These three [...]oynts denoting the three Winter Months, as [...]he other nine do the nine Months of Spring, Summer and Autumn. When on the side of [...]he finger of Saturn, there appear a cross or [...]tar, death or imprisonment for defence of Religion, or the Liberty of their Country is [...]hreatned. The next in order is these fol­lowing Predictions.

If on the Sun's mount, which is at the root [Page 54]of the Ring-finger there happen certain line beginning at the first joynt of the Ring-fi [...] ger, and extend themselves towards the tab [...] line, and no intersections, the party will b [...] high in the favour of great men, attained b [...] wisdom and knowledge of many sciences, an [...] thereby shall attain to riches and honour but if they be cut or crooked, disgrace an [...] penury will be the sequel. A cross upon th [...] mount, denotes the party to be exceeding covetous and worldly-minded, one that wh [...] ly sets his heart upon his riches; the like cross in a woman, shews her inclination is [...] whoredom, whereby she shall raise her for­tune. When some small lines, beginning [...] the line of fortune, or middle natural line and ascend towards the joynt of the Ring finger, running parallel, and not joyning, the slgnifie riches, honour, and a lasting fame [...] the party. A Virgin having certain lines b [...] tween the first and second joynts of this fin­ger, they being strait and parallel, deno [...] great advantage by marriage; but if the appear not till twenty, the party shall be [...] danger of dying a Maid, or at least continu [...] long against her will unmarried. If the like lines happen from the second and third joyn [...] they signifie a good Name, and an indiffe­rent fortune to man or woman. The la [...] joynt manifesting a Star or Cross, denote [...] [Page 55]one born to inherit an Estate, but extreamly unfortunate. If in the extremity of the fin­ger, near the Nail, lines appear, it denotes a man laborious and industrious, but never destined to riches and places of honour. When from the Table line, towards the joynt on the Ring-singer, there issues a single line, riches and great possessions are promised.

If a Triangle happen in the first joynt of this finger, it denotes her chaste and virtuous, of a mild and modest behaviour, &c. The next mount of Mercury, who governs it and the little finger; and from thence we pre­dict as followeth.

The Mercurial mount well proportioned, full and lively coloured, signifies the party to be just, honest, a lover of wisdom, and one that delights to do good. This mount half filled with lines, denotes the party ingenious, docible, and of a ready wit, yet shall he not attain his advancement by Learning, but by the favour of Friends and Relations, a man hating superstition, &c. If on this mount certain lines happen, coming from without the hand, they denote the party a lyer, flat­terer, deceiver, and vain-glorious Person. The character of Jupiter happening here, portends a great understanding of mysteries, and much wisdom, but that it shall be apply­ed to the wrong end, and the party shall [Page 56]thereby in seeking to hurt others, indamag [...] himself. A cross on this mount, denotes th [...] party an Athiest, or one that has no inclinat [...] on to Religious Worship. When in the thi [...] joynt a Star or ctoss happens, it denotes po­verty, though the party be learned and indu­strious, his proverty proceeding from h [...] good nature, over kindness, or lavishness i [...] expence. Now the remaining part of Chi­romancy, of at least so much of it as ma [...] ­serve upon any occasion, consists in th [...] Thumb and the Nails, in which I shall [...] brief, by reason their signification is mu [...] the same with what has been already relate [...] on the Mounts and Fingers.


Of the Thumb and Nails, and what of good or bad Fortune is to be observed thereby.


THe Thumb is properly called the Finger, because it is ruled by that Planet as well as the Mount, and when it is strait, smooth, and of a lively colour, it denotes a good na­ture, a person affable, gay and witty. If a short line pass the Root of the Thumb, near the line of Life, called the Sister of the line of Life, it denotes riches and pleasure to be­enjoyed [Page 58]without interruption; but if it stand higher, or near to the middle joynt, it de­notes poverty in the first age, but afterward abundance of riches. Four lines appearing equally distant from each other, towards th [...] Wrift, or the back part of the Thumb, rich­es and honour are promised thereby. In th [...] last joynt of the Thumb, if near the Nail [...] the lines appear straight, clear, bright, and well proportioned, they foretell unexpected riches and honour; cross lines broken and disordered, signifie the party proud, lustful and vain-glorious. A Star in the lower joyn [...] denotes a pleasing and sedate temper, a Pe [...] son worthy the friendship of great ones. [...] the letter L happen on the first joynt of th [...] Thumb, it denotes suddain marriage, though some misfortune depend thereon. If the ch [...] racter of the Sun happen on the mount [...] Venus in the hand of a woman, it deno [...] her given to Whoredoms and Adulteries. [...] on the first joynt of the Thumb of a wom [...] happen three or four lines, cutting and cr [...] ling each other, it denotes her Husband she conspire her death, or she shall other way be in danger of a violent death. Two line beneath the second joynt, denotes the Per [...] subject to all manner of vices. And the much for the Thumb, as for the Nails, the [...]gnifications are divers, and their mate [...] [Page 59]significations are thus known. If the Nails be broad, they signifie a mild, gentle and easie temper. The Nails white and long, de­notes the party to be of a weak and sickly temper. If upon the extremities appeal a strange paleness, short life is thereby signi­fied. Narrow Nails denotes a covetous, lux­urious, and adulterous Person. Extraordi­nary long Nails denotes the party of a good natural disposition, but subject to jealousie and mistrust. Oblique or winding Nailes signifies a cunning Person, and one given to fraud and deceit, to much vexation and trou­ble, by prosecuting his Neighbours on frivo­lous occasions. Little whites at the extrea­mities of the Nail, denotes the Party avari­cious, foolish, and pusilanimous. Little Nails, being round, denotes the party given to much anger, one envious, and a hater of good men, yet not capable of hurting them; and if they be crooked, Pride is denoted, and much arrogance. Round Nails denote an honest meaning, a lover of wisdom, and a great student in sciences. Fleshy Nails sig­nifie a Person lazy, and desirous of ease, of small judgement, and less will to improve it Pale and black Nails, denote a Person of melancholy disposition, subject to many dis­eases, occasioned by that humour, yet trea cherous, crafty and malicious. Red Nails [Page 60]marked with yellowish spots, signifie the party of a fiery Nature, much given to broil [...] and disturbances.

Thus Reader have I given you the most plain and easie Rules of Chiromancy or Pal­mistry, by which you may know at any time the things that shall befal any, according to the disposition of the Planets, if a superio [...] power prevent not: And further to give you an insight into secret Sciences. I shall proceed to open a greater Cabinet of Mysteries, vi [...] The famous Science, or useful Arcana [...] Phisiognomy.




PHisiognomy is a Science that has been of high esteem by Emperors, Kings and Princes, who studied it with care and dili­gence, as desirous of nothing more than by this Art, to read men, and by the External parts, know and discover the inmost secrets of their hearts, according to their natural inclinations; as likewise the constitution of their bodies, in relation to the humours, dis­eases, or death, signified or foretold by sun­dry marks and symptoms; nor can any man justly pretend to skill in Physick, if he be deficient herein; and in this case the Signs and Planets are greatly significant, and have domination and influence chiefly in the suc­ceeding parts of the body, as thus, the Forehead is governed by Mars, the right Eye by Sol, the left Eye by the Moon, the right Ear by Jupiter, the left by Saturn, the Nose by Venus, and the Mouth by Mercury. Again, as for the twelve signs of the Zodiack, Cancer in Phisiognomy is posited on the Foreheads hight, Leo on the right Eye-brow, Virgo on the right Cheek, Libra on the right Ear, Scorpio on the Nose, Sagitarius on the right Eye, Capricorn on the Chin, or lowermost part of the Head, Aquarius on the left Eye­brow, Pisces on the left Cheek, Arie [...] on the left Ear, Taurus on the middle of the Fore­head, [Page 62]and Gemini on the left Eye. And now to make a right judgment of these; observe the following Rules. A blackness or swa [...] thiness in the face, if it be shining, denote [...] the party of a heavy temper, slow to action fearful, cautious, and not subject to quarre [...] A greenish complection, with black specks denotes a Person cholerick, and full of anger subject to broyls, law-suits, and intestin [...] contentions. A ruddy complection, not b [...] ing over fat, denotes the party to be of [...] prompt wit, over-reaching in cunning, and little regardful of their trust. Those th [...] have their Faces of a pale leady colour, their Forehead red, and Eyes sinking inward, a [...] extreamly bashful, restless in their mind full of angry thoughts, and fearful, trouble [...] continually with affrighting dreams. A high white complection, bespeaks a man to b [...] good natured, seldom angry, soon pacified and ever faithsull to his friend, but fearf [...] and effeminate; and therefore is best suited with women, to render them more admi [...] rable in the Eyes of their Admirers. The brown colour, ming [...] with pale, denotes any person unstable, inconstant, luxurious, and given to many extravagant vices. Those that have a flushing colour, rising and falling at times, have a defect in the Brain, by rea­son of the extraordinary heat, which threa­tens [Page 63]them with violent Feavors, Lunacy, or the like unhappy disorders that proceed from heat. And thus much for the complection of the Face in general, from whence I shall pro­ceed to particulars more immediately deno­ting the Phisiogminical predictions.


Observations taken from the Hair, Beard, Chin, Eye-brows and Neck, with the Ex­planation of their divers significations.


IF the Hair of the Head be thick and soft, it denotes a man of a mild and affable tem­per, not subject to treachery or fraud. If the [Page 64]hair grow exceeding fast, it denotes the bod [...] inclining to driness and decay, its grow [...] being suddainly forced by heat, which [...] destructive to the brain. Abundance of ha [...] in young children, denotes their complection to increase and augment by bad humour Curled hair, hard and black, denotes th [...] party to be of a hot constitution, subject [...] commit many outrages & violences. Smoo [...] hair and lank, denotes the party to be pla [...] sibly mild, ingenious and tractable, but p [...] silanimous, and one not over inclinable [...] struggle over-much for temporal riches. Ha [...] rising and standing upright like bristles, d [...] notes the party of a hot constitution, har [...] and timerous. White hair signifies the p [...] ty to be of a cold and weak constitution. [...] fine, black hair proceeds from the effect [...] choler, and hot blood. Red hair from a m [...] derate temper. Hair of a gold colour, d [...] notes a treacherous person. Red hair indR [...] ning to black, denotes a subtil, crafty, and over-reaching person. A Chestnut coloure [...] hair, signifies the party of a fair condition mild and well-dispos [...], &c. And thus much for the hair of the Head, and its significa [...] ons, from whence I shall proceed to that [...] the [...]eard.

[...] soft beard, signifies a lustful per [...] un [...]ant, effeminate, tender, and gre [...] [Page 65]regarders of their person. A red beard, de­notes the party wise, courteous, compla­cent, a great rhetorician, smooth tongued, and somewhat subject to flattery. A flaxen or whey beard, denotes a flegmatick person, yet wise and industrious. If the beard be repleat with hair, it denotes the party of a good nature, free temper, reasonable and devout; but when it grows stragling, the contrary. As for Women, if a beard or long hair appear upon their Chins, they denote them mascu­ine, and of a hot temper; but if there ap­pears no hair, then they are soft, shamefaced, weak, mild, and of a courteous behaviour.

As for the Chin, if in women it be long, it denotes her a turbulent and vexatious person. subject to scolding and brawls; and in a man [...]t denotes him loquacious and indiscreet. A little Chin, denotes malice, fraud, despite, &c. A round thin Chin, denotes a man effe­minate, yet full of pride and haughtiness. A square Chin is full of masculine, & denotes great courage and strength of body, much desirous of wars and clandestine commotions. The person that has a round Chin, dimpled, is of a good nature, amiable, just, loving, and much given to women, and the like it holds to the other Sex. A lean and wrinkled Chin, denotes a Person unfit for the act of Generation, bewraying some more than or­dinary [Page 66]defects in the secret parts. A crooked Chin, with a gutter or valley at the joynin [...] of the Jaws, denote a perfidious and treach [...] rous Person, much given to contentions, [...] it in either man or woman. And now th [...] next in order, are the Eye-brows and Ey [...] lids.

He or She that have their Eye-brows d [...] clin'd down from on high, when they speak and move, and rise at pleasure, are accoun [...] ed deceitful, malicious Persons, much give to lying and romancing, and ought to [...] careful, least their Tongue bring them [...] to an untimely end. If the Eye-brows [...] long, and there be no divisions in the middle but they reach one another; they denote the Person to be of no great uuderstanding, y [...] a lover of mischief in secret. If the Eye brows are naturally folded, as if they we [...] curled, they denote the party immodest, bol [...] rapacious, and an envier of other mens pro [...] perity. When the Eye-brows being of [...] flaxen colour, are short and narrow, the [...] denote the party of a soft and pliable temper reasonable and fearful, yet soon provoked [...] anger. If the Eye-brows in a Female sta [...] staring, or the hair turn upward, and seem to curl, it is a sign she has lost her Virginity. The party with short and small Eye-brows [...] covetous, crafty, and over-reaching, full [...] [Page 67]vexation and disturbance. If the Eye-lids are long, with long hair, they denote the party to be morose, clownish, yet a great boaster of his abilities.

If any party have a long Neck, it denotes him or her to be timerous, unwise, glutto­nous, a great drinker, and an illiterate Person. A short and small Neck, denotes a wise, tho treacherous Person, much given to anger, yet soon pacified. The party that has a sinewy brawny Neck, is subject to quarrel, and thereby imbroyls himself often to the prejudice of his Person and Estate. A fleshy Neck denotes a proud Person, and a disdainer of others, better than himself. A small Neck denotes a weak and feminate capacity, in­clining to softness and inglorious ease. A Neck inclined or bowed, denotes malice and folly. A straight Neck demonstrates rashness. [...] Neck declining to the right side, signifies [...]rudence, desire of study, and attaining of sciences; and if towards the left, the con­ [...]rary. And thus much for the first part of Phisiognomy, leaving which to the conside­ration of the sagacious Reader, I proceed to the second.


Phisiognomical Judgments upon the Eyes, Nose, Ears, Mouth and Face.

LArge Eyes denotes a person bold, sloath­ful, subject to falsities, and of a rud [...] behaiour. Eyes partly coloured, denote a man or woman subject to sundry passions hasty, and of little stability. Eyes deep and naturally sinking into the head, especially if they be of a greenish colour, denote the party wise, industrious, great in council, and happy in his undertakings, but not altoge­ther free from vice. An extraordinary whi­tish or wally colloured Eye, denotes an imbe­cile person, not capable of any great acquire­ment. A sharp and piercing Eye, with the Eye-brow declining, denotes a deceiver an [...] fraudulent person. Small Eyes, deep set declare the party to have a large understand­ing, a clear sight, far commanding in light or darkness. A squint Eye, denotes a frau­dulent deceitful Person, and one given to many absurd actions. A yellowish or citte [...] coloured Eye, denotes the party false hearted, a dissembler, and one that is regardless of vows and protestations. The Eye of a mean bigness, clear and shining, denotes an honest and ingenious person.

As for what concerns the Nose, take as followeth: A high Nose denotes the party given much to violence and false severations. A big Nose, every way long and hanging down, denotes covetousness, desirous of ho­nour, ambitious, yet wise in the manage­ment of his affairs. A Nose rising in the middle, and again declining towards the extremities, denotes the party to be uncon­stant, harsh, cruel, and greatly mistrustful, even of his nearest Relations. A Nose crook­ed and awry, somewhat long, denotes pride, envy, luxury, vain glory, and injustice. A round Nose, at the extreamities with small nostrils, denotes in a man pride and incredu­lity, and in a woman uncleanness and medi­tation of revenge. A red Nose, that is na­turally so, denotes a contentious, turbulent, quarrelsome person. A Nose proportionable in all parts, streaked with veins and well co­loured, denotes the party to be of merry, affa­ble temper. If the Nose be hairy at the point or above, the party is of a weak understand­ing, yet honest and industrious. A Nose round and long, of a pleasant feature, de­notes in the Female Sex, especially if they have blue Eyes, prudence, chastity, and good conduct in affairs. If in a Female the Gristle of the Nose seem to part from the Bone, or be cleft at the end, she has undoubt­edly lost her Virginity.

A great Mouth, standing unseemly wide, denotes the person very loquacitous, bold, courageous, yet inconstant and a reporter o [...] false stories. A little Mouth, well propor­tioned, denotes the party peaceable, cautious eloquent, desirous of Learning, and one of small stomach. Thick Lips denotes the par­ty foolish, easie of belief, and one given to excess. Thin Lips denotes eloquence, much talk, and a good understanding. Lips well proportioned, and well coloured, denotes the party faithful, given to vertue, and eschew­ing vice. Lips disproportioned, as one thick­er than another, denote the party of little understanding, slow to comprehend, and much inclinable to folly.

If the Ears be big and broad, they denote weakness of memory, sloathfulness, and little success in Affairs; and little Ears well pro­portioned the contrary. Long Ears denote boldness, arrog [...]ce, folly, contention, glut­tony, and many disorders. The Ears that are in a Se [...]circular form, and in a figure of an ordinary bigness, and the Crests and Lines covered in the middle, indifferent flat to­wards the Center, descently standing on the Head, they denote the wearer wise, con­stant, courageous, and friendly.

A Fleshy Face denotes a chearful person, merry and discreet, faithful and just, yet [Page 71]luxurious. and importunate. A lean Face signifies, the party wise, of good under­standing, but implacable, and irreconciled [...]f provoked. A broad and thick Face de­notes the party rustical and boisterous. And thus much of Phisiognomy.


Metoposcopy, or the Lines in the Face, and their Significations, relating to good or bad Fortune in Man or Woman.


THree strait lines, commonly called wrin­kles in the Fore-head, without any sec­ [...]ions or divisions, denote the party fortunate [Page 72]and prosperous in his undertakings.

A circle in a line that passes crooked through the Forehead, with a circle on an [...] part of it, signifies loss and disgrace.

A cross directly in the middle of the Fon [...] head, with scattering lines about it, threate [...] the party with some violent death.

A crooked line between two strait lines signifies the party to be fortunate, and on [...] that shall gain much treasure.

A crooked line, with a strait line about it signifies the party to gain much riches, with fraud and over-reaching.

Four half lines, or lines that meet not i [...] the middle of the Forehead, with a full line over them crossed by two sections, denotes loss and affliction.

Divers lines scattered and unequal in pro­portion, threatens the party with hurts bruises, and many casualries indangering life.

Two lines crossing the Forehead, waving in and out in the form of the sign Aquarin [...] threatens the party with drowning, ship­wrack, or other perils by water.

One line beginning at the left Eye-brow and obliquely passing to the extreamity of th [...] Forehead on the right side, signifies a base and sordid temper, one given to covetous­ness, yet not capable of obtaining riches.

Two lines bending Arch-wise over the Eye-brows, the one of them being crossed with a cross, over that with three short lines in a length, on the extremity of the Fore­head, denotes the party to be of a good in­genuity, undaunted courage, graceful, elo­quent and wise, provident and politick, do­ing all things with fore-thought, indefatiga­ble in his endeavours, and slow to anger.

A short straight line over each Eye-brow, three short crooked lines over that, that and two lines like a brace covering them, denotes a wrestless mind, covering and craving after many things unattainable, industrious and laborious, but unfortunate. These and such like, may suffice for the lines of the Fore­head, which amongst the Antients were won­derfully noted; wherefore leaving them, I shall proceed to prognosticate good or evil fortune from the Moles on the Face, Neck, or any part of the Body of man or woman according to their position.


A Treatise of Moles, and their signis [...] cations, &c.


MOles are held by the Learned, to be ce [...] ­tain Marks imprinted as it were b [...] Providence, Characters whereby mankind [...] enabled to read himself, and know in ma [...] cases what shall befal him; a brief acco [...] of which, and their significations, take a [...] followeth.

A man or woman having a mole on the le [...] side the Forehead, under the line of Satur [...] Breast, answerable in colour and proport [...] on, denoting good success in affairs, and [Page 75]riches by Building, Tilling, Planting, &c.

A man or woman having a mole on the right side the Forehead, under the line of Jupiter, not touching that of the line of Mars he or she hath another in equality, promising to men good fortune in marriage, long life, and success in their undertakings; to a wo­man it signifies a happy contentment of life, many children, and a healthful constitution.

A mole on the right side the Forehead, be­neath the line of Mars, denotes the like on the right Arm, promising the party riches, good fortune, and many prosperous days.

A mole on the right side the Forehead, un­der the line of the Sun, signifies another on the Back, fore-shewing the parties sudden ri­sing and promotion, the favour he shall re­ceive from great Persons.

A mole on the right part of the Forehead, under the line of Venus, has another answera­ble on the right side or the Belly, which pro­mises to man a kind and loving wife, through whose means he shall grow rich, and be in great esteem; and the like to a woman, in case such marks shall be found.

A mole on the right side the Forehead, un­der the line of Mercury, signifies another on the righ Breast, declaring the party to be of a prompt wit, industrious, and one that will attain to riches and preferment, by his labour and diligence.

A mole appearing on the right side of the Forehead, under the line of the Moon, not cutting nor hindering it, shews another on the right side of the Belly prognosticating the party to be prosperous and fortunate in ma­rine affairs, if on a man; but on a woman it denotes she will be much sought to for love, and in the end be advanced by a hap­py match.

A mole on the left side the Forehead, be­neath the line of Saturn, is a sure token of another on the left side the Back, denoting to man imprisonment and crosses; to women difficult labours, melancholy thoughts, jea­lousies, and the like anxieties.

A mole appearing on the left side the Fore­head, under the line of Mars, promises ano­ther on the left Arm, betokening in man rash­ness and fury, which shall occasion him much trouble and vexation, and to women it sig­nifies mischief and contention.

A mole on the left side the Forehead, un­der the sign of Jupiter, denoting another on the left side the Stomach, declares the party to be riotous and wasteful, prodigal of his fortunes, and one whose extravagance will bring him to beggary; in a woman it de­notes boldness, impudence, and much lavish­ness.

A mole on the left side the Forehead, un­der [Page 77]the Sun's line, signifies another on the left side the Breast, threatning hard fortune to a man, by falling under the displeasure of great ones; and to a woman it promises po­verty and discontent.

A mole on the left side the Forehead, un­der the line of Venus, intimates another on the left Sholder, signifying labour, crosses, and captivity.

A mole on the left side the Forehead, un­der the line of Mercury, promises the like on the left side, denoting the party quarrel­some, subject to brawls and contention, by which much strife arises; if so it happen in a woman, it declares her lustful and insati­ate.

A mole on the left side the Forehead, cut­ting the line of the Moon, signifies another on the left side the Belly, near the Navel; threatning men and women with sickness and adversity.

A mole in the middle of the Forehead, un­der the line of Venus, denotes another be­tween the Breasts, which denotes the Party subject to sickness and many other insirmi­ties, by which the party, either man or wo­man, shall be much afflicted.

A mole appearing on the middle of the Forehead, under the line of Mercury, signi­fies another under the Breast, denoting cala­mity [Page 78]to the party, with many afflictions occa­sioned by such as prosess themselves friends.

A mole in the middle of the Forehead, un­der the line Luna, signifies another in the Privy-parts, denoting the party to be vicious, intemperate, and one given to many extra­vagancies.

A mole appearing in the middle of the Forehead, by the line of Saturn, signifies a­nother on the right Thigh near the Huckle­bone, denoting the party to be rich and for­tunate, attaining it by the help and assistance of strangers.

A mole appearing in the right end of the line of Jupiter, denotes another on the right Huckle-bone, which to a man promises un­expected riches, and to a woman it promises a good dowry and happy marriage.

A mole appearing on the left side the Fore­head, at the end of the line of Mars, denotes another under the Muscle of the right Arm, which denotes a man to be fortunate in Ga­ming and War, whereby he shall much pro­fit himself.

A mole on the right side of the Forehead, on the end of the line of the Sun, denotes a­nother on the right side the Reins, signifying a man to rise by the favour of great men, and to a woman that she shall be fortunate in all her undertakings.

A mole on the right side the Forehead, at the end of the line of Venus, denotes another on the middle of the Breast, signifying good fortune to men, occasioned by women, as by marriage, and the like; and to women in the same kind is predicted advancements.

A mole on the end of the line of Mercury, promises another under the right Breast, to­wards the right side, denoting a man to be successful in remote Regions, and greatly to advantage himself by Travel; to a woman it promises a pregnant wit, good forelight in domestick affairs, and a comfortable resi­dence.

A mole appearing on the upper side the Temple, in either Sex, demonstrates another on the extremity of the Belly, signifying to a man a steddy fortune, and continuation of riches; to a woman happy marriages, and a peaceable life, &c.

A man or woman having a mole near the Eye-brow, on the right Temple, it denotes another on the right Loyn, signifying the par­ty, either man or woman, to gain much e­steem, favour, love, and advantage, and con­siderable riches, by Legacies, Dowries, and Reversions.

A mole on the right side behind the Eye, a it were against the middle of the Eye, sign i­fies another on the right side the Buttock or [Page 80]Haunch, declaring much honour and prefer­ment to befal a man, and to a woman much praise for her virtue, and a continuation of prosperity.

A mole appearing on the right side the Temple, in the lower part, inclining some­what towards the Neck, signifies another on the right Ribs, betokening a man to be of a natural promptness, industrious, and there­by obtaining riches; to a woman it promises the goods of Fortune, and a long life, mode­sty, chastity, and a comely behaviour.

A mole on the right side the Temple, near the Eye, below, denotes another under the right Thigh, signifying to either Sex riches to be obtained by wisdom and industry.

A mole on the left side, towards the up­per part of the corner of the Eye, signifies another under the left Loyn or Thigh, de­noting to either Sex, perils in travel, and dangerous diseases, trouble, discontent, and sometimes a violent death.

A mole on the left side the Temple, near the Eye-lid, in a man or woman, signifies a­nother on the left side the Buttock, betoken­ing a rustick, harsh, and sordid temper, and that the party shall be much in contempt and hatred of men.

A mole appearing on the left side the Face, near the corner of the Eye, denotes another [Page 81]on the left Buttock, signifying much sickness and trouble, many thwartings and unexpect­ed crosses.

A mole on the left side, near the corner of the Eye, and towards the Hair, inclining to the Ear, signifies another on the left side the Huckle-bone, behind, denoting the party, either man or woman, to be of a sullen, mo­rose temper, viciously inclined, insomuch, that punishment is threatned; and ten to one a woman having this mark, if she does not defile her Mariage-bed.

A mole on the left Cheek, inclining to­wards the lower part of the Ear, signifies another on the left Thigh, denoting to a man sorrow and anguish, crosses by children, and losses in goods or estate; threatning a woman with death in child-bed.

A mole on the upper part of the right Ear, denotes another on the right side the Belly, signifying the party to commit such crimes as will cause him to fall into the hands of Justice, and indanger his life; denoting a woman false and inconstant.

A mole on the outward lower part, near the middle of the right Ear, signifies another on the right side, to a man denoting he will fall under the power of his Enemies, and that they gaining advantage over him, will for some time oppress him, though in the end it [Page 82]redound to their shame; to a woman it be­tokens loss and imbezzelment.

A mole on the lower part or tip of the ear, signifies another under the right side, predict­ing a man or woman subject to hurts and bruises, by falls or blows, with many other casualries indangering life.

A mole happening on the outside the up­per part of the left Ear of a man or woman, signifies another on the left side the Belly, threatning the former with great misfor­tune, and to the latter infamy and disgrace, though undeserved.

A mole appearing upon the middle of the left Ear, the like is to be found on the lower part of the left side, denoting a man to be of an evil nature, cruel and inhumane; and to a woman it portends a short life.

A mole on the lower part of the left Far signifies the like on the lower part of the left side, denoting a man to fall into great trou­ble through occasion of women, as by quar­relling and fighting on their behalf, betoken­ing a woman to be of a mischievous disposi­tion, threatning her with the commission of some Murther, either by Poyson or otherwise.

A mole on the lower part of the Eye-lid between the hollow of the Eye and the begin­ning of the Nose, in either Sex, signifies ano­ther [Page 83]on the right side the Privy part, denoting a man to be much beloved by women, fortu­nate in marriages; and a woman to be inge­nious, chaste and faithful.

A mole under the hollow of the right Eye, by the inward part of the Nose, will have another on the middle of the Body above the Members, signifying a man to be hasty, proud and furious; denoting a woman to be self-conceited, vain-glorious, and of a weak un­derstanding, though pretending to much knowledge.

A mole on the upper part of the right side the Nose of either Sex, signifies another on the Privy-member, threatning the party with weakness and diseases, occasioned by too much venery, though it denotes him or her to be generally beloved.

A mole on the left side, in the hollow be­tween the Eye lid and the Nose, signifies a­nother on the left side the Privy-member, be­tokening the Person to be envious and lustful, given to rapes and adulteries, &c.

A mole in the middle part of the hollow of the left Eye-lid, denotes another on the left part of a man's Privities, near the root, which threatens him with causless infamy and dis­grace; a woman having this mark, being on the upper part of her Privities, denotes her to lose her honour, and be much subject to [Page 84]obloquy and disgrace, not without cause.

A mole under the left Eye, somewhat near the Nose of a man, signifies another on the left side the Yard, denoting him to be an ob­scene Person, potent in venery, luxurious, and very lascivious; in a woman this mark, the latter being on the left side the Privities, threwdly suspect her to be unchaste.

A mole between the beginning and middle of the upper right Eye-lid, towards the Temple, denotes another on the right side the Belly, in a man signifying good fortune, the love of women, many children; and in a woman health, easie child-birth, peace, and a calmness of life.

A mole appearing in the white of the Eye, signifies another near the left Dug, denoting to a man pains of the head, and to a woman danger of death in child-bed.

A mole on the Face, near the right Nostril, in a man or woman, signifies another on the right Shoulder, predicting to man good for­tune in all his undertakings, and to woman riches, love, and chastity.

A mole on the extreamity of the Nose, between the Face and the Nose-end, on the right side, denotes another on the right side the Hip, signifying a man to be lustful and much given to venery, whereby he shall wea­ken himself, and greatly impair his health; it [Page 85]declares a woman to be fortunate, much be­loved, yet somewhat loose and wanton.

A mole appearing on the right Nostril, be­tween the end of the Nose and the Face, near the middle, describes another on the right side the Privy-member, which betokens a man to be a deceiver, and an intemperate Person; and to the same effect is its signifi­cation in women.

A mole on the left side the Nostril, just over it, near the end of the Nose, denotes another on the breast, inclining to the left side, denoting the party to be vicious, and one-inclining to many debaucheries,

A man or woman having a mole on the left side, on the lower part of the Nostril, in a manner between the Nostril and the Face, it signifies another at the bottom of the Belly, signifying the parties will suffer by hapless marriages.

If a mole happen on the left side, between the top of the Nose and the Face, about the middle of the Nose, another is signified on the left side the Privy member, fore-shewing the man or woman to be given to much de­bauchery, and desirous of copulation, through which occasion they shall sufter much pain and trouble.

A mole appearing in a man or woman, un­der the very fore-point of the Nose, towards [Page 86]the middle, describes another on the fore part the Privy-member, denoting the party to suffer much in old Age, by pains and dis­orders, occasioned by excess and extravagan­cies in their youthful days.

A mole appearing on the left side, or in the very hollow of the Nostril, signifies ano­ther on the left side the Genitals, threatning to a man an untimely or sudden death, an [...] to a woman hard labour and crosses.

A mole appearing on the top of the bridge of the Nose, either in Man or woman, denote another in the extremity of the Privy-parts promising Children and happiness in Wed­lock, though but a short enjoyment.

A mole on the right side, on the corner o [...] the Mouth, towards the Jaw, denotes ano­ther on the right side the lower part of the Privy-member, promising good fortune and many happy days to either Sex.

A mole on the left side the Mouth, near [...] touching it, signifies another on the left Arm, between the Elbow and the Wrist, fignifies the party averse to wedlock state, but rathes desirous to lawless copulation, which will endanger Body and Estate.

A mole on the middle of the upper Lip [...] a man or a woman, signifies another on th [...] Privy member before, signifying the party to suffer much by crosses and afflictions, much [Page 87]desirous of preferment, but unable to obtain his or her wish.

A mole happening on the middle of the Chin, in the hollow between the Lip and the Mouth, denotes another on the right Foot for the most part, though sometimes in such a case it happens on the left, according as it more or less inclines to the right or left, de­noting the party to be of a rambling inclina­tion, much given to love and excess, especi­ally to lawless love, whereby shame and dis­grace will accrue.

A mole appearing in the middle of the Chin, on the fore-part, seeming as much be­low as above, signifies another on the shin­bone, right or left, according as it inclines, denoting a man to be of a great strength, gi­ven to quarrel, and run himself into danger by presuming thereon; to a woman it de­notes labour and pain, and eminent danger by water.

A mole appearing on the left edge of the Chin, signifies another on the left Huckle­bone, denoting a man difficult to please, light and inconstant, yet fortunate and successful in his undertakings.

A mole appearing on the right side the edge of the Chin, touching its under edge, signi­fies another on the right Hip, denoting a man capable of Learning, and studious in [Page 88]Arts and Sciences; and to a woman Wisdom, though attended with care and infelicity.

A mole found naturally on the Gullet [...] the Throat, signifies another between the Navel and Privy-members, denoting the par­ty will die a violent death, or suffer much affliction.

A man or woman having a mole on the right side the Throat or Gullet, it signifies another on the right side the Thigh, deno­ting a man to be of a pregnant wit, one that shall procure much riches to himself, and be in good esteem with most men.

A mole on the Throat, on the left side the Wind-pipe, signifies another on the left side the Hip, denoting the party to suffer much by falls and bruises, if on a man it happen but if on a woman, it denotes to her danger by water, or blasting by lightning, &c. A [...] thus much for Sympathy.

A mole on the upper part of the Ball of the left Cheek of man or woman, signifies dan­ger by wounds, and that the party shall be exposed to much hazard and hardship.

A mole appearing on the middle of the left Cheek, denotes diseases, uncertain abiding and shortness of days.

A mole on the lower part of the left Cheek, signifies the same with the former.

A mole on the right Cheek, either in the [Page 89]upper part or middle, denotes good fortune to man or woman, to be obtained by pru­dence or industry.

A mole on the lower part of the right Cheek, signifies the party shall overcome many misfortunes, and in the end live hap­py.

A man or woman having a mole on the hinder part of the Neck, inclining to the right side, gives a reasonable happy life, yet accompanied with some danger, which the party may overcome.

A mole on the upper part of the middle of the Neck of a man or woman, threatens the former with strangling, and the latter with danger in child-birth.

A mole on the left side the Neck, some­what near the middle, signifies the same with the fore-going.

Moles on both sides the Neck of one Per­son, either man or woman, being opposire to each other, threatens the party with loss of life.

A mole appearing toward the right Arm, on the lower part of the Neck, denotes ser­vitude, fruitless love to a man, but to a wo­man honour and advancement.

A mole on the lower part of the Neck, to­wards the left Shoulder, lenotes a man evilly-affected, coveting things not lawful; and a [Page 90]woman inclining to lewdness, regardless of her honour, and one that is not studious of her fame and reputation.

A mole above a fingers breadth about the Mouth, on the right side the upper Lip, sig­nifies to a man or woman good fortune, hap­py marriages, obedient children, and an in­crease of love and virtue.

And thus I shall take leave of moles appear­ing in the Facc, &c. and proceed to say some­thing of those on the Body, that all parties ha­ving them any where, may be satisfied for like­ly it is that some People may have none on the Face-yet they may appear on the Body. As thus,

A mole on the right Arm denotes riches and good fortune to the party; if on [...] man, to be a Proficient in Arms, and gain Honour in Military Affairs; to a woman [...] signifies a happy marriage, health and lo [...] substance.

A mole on the left Arm of a man, signifies him rash, malicious, and one apt to do vio­lence to others, whereby he shall endanger himself to the Law; the like to a woman, signifies her of an untractable, harsh disposi­tion, much given to study malice and re­venge.

A mole under the right Arm, signifies [...] man prosperous by his ingenuity, much gl­ven to activity, a gamester or player at Inter­ludes; [Page 91]to a woman it promises inheritance from Parents, or other Relations, whereby [...]he shall be advanced in the world, and gain [...] good repute and esteem.

A mole on the left Arm, between the El­ [...]ow and Wrist, denotes the party to be [...]ossed in his Issue, but that he shall attain [...]ches, &c.

A mole on the right Arm, between the [...]lbow and Shoulder, signifies good fortune [...]o the party, that he or she is kind, and of [...] good nature, not inclinable to wrong or [...]jury and person.

A mole on the Arm-pit signifies sickness, [...]iseases, and many disorders of body, hard­ [...]ips in travel, and the like.

A mole under the left Arm-pit threatens the party with an untimely death, especially [...] they be not wary in tampering with them­ [...]ves by extraordinary course of Physick.

A mole on the right side and upper part of the Breast, denotes the party to increase in wealth by Tillage and other Rural Employ­ments.

A mole on the Breast, or near the Region of the Liver, on the right side, declares good fortune in marriages, happy undertakings, and great possessions.

A mole on the Back, inclining to the right side, denotes riches and honour to accrue by the favour of great men.

A mole on the upper part the right side the Belly, denotes to a man good fortune in mar­riage, riches and preferments insuing by means of his Wives Relations, and to a wo­man a love and regard from her Husband and a comfortable continuance in this life.

A mole appearing on the right side the Belly, near the middle part, denotes a ma [...] to be fortunate in Merchandise, Traffick, a [...] bartering of Wares, as also a happy man­age; to a woman in denotes her chiefe [...] Blessing on Earth will consist in her happy Nuptials.

A mole on the upper part the left side the Back, signifies to a man long Journey, losses crosses, and imprisonments, upon light and frivolous occasions; to a woman it signifies that she shall travel into distant Lands.

A mole on the left side the Breast threate [...] bad fortune to a man, occasioned by fallin [...] into the dislike of his Superiors; and to [...] woman poverty, by neglect and disregard [...] her affairs.

A mole on the midst of the Breast, signi­fies a man to be of a flegmatick constitution an uneven temper, uncapable of business [...] quiring great ingenuity.

A mole on the left side the Belly denot [...] indifferent good fortune to man or woman, though signifying the latter to be weak in [Page 93]capacity, and not over-studious in affairs to her advantage.

A mole in the midst of the Belly, declares [...] man to have a good utterance, and eloquent in speech, fit to manage affairs, wherein the [...]se of the Tongue is mostly required; but [...] a woman it is not good.

A mole near the middle of the Breast, to­wards the lower part, threatens a man with indisposition of Body, and many other grie­vances, crosses and afflictions; and to a wo­man weakness in child-bearing, and many other natural infirmities.

A mole under the Breast threatens the par­ [...]y with calamity, vexation and trouble, yet [...]entoes him industrious, and promises he shall overcome his afflictions.

A mole on the midst of the Breast inclin­ing to the right side, promises the man good [...]rtune to accrue to him by means of his [...]iends and relations, or by advantageous wedlock, and the same to a woman.

A mole under the right Breast on the right side, denotes a man to be fortunate in distant Lands, advanced thereto by his own inge­nuity, which shall be taking with great Per­sons; and to a woman it promises a pregnant wit, and such conduct in her affairs, as shall render her much loved and esteemed.

A mole on the left side the Back, signifies to [Page 94]a man poverty and crosses through his own neglect and unadvisedness; and to a wom [...] the like.

A mole on the lower part of the left Bre [...] denotes a man shall be reduced to poverty, [...] his extravagancy in drinking and gluttony [...] and renders a woman vain and conceited, [...] ver loquacitous to no purpose.

A mole on the left side the Back decla [...] a man to be contentious, given to qua [...] and brangling, inclinable to Martial Ente [...] prizes and Feats of Arms; denoting a [...] man to be regardless of her Fame, bold a [...] resolute in attempting things above h [...] sphere.

A mole on the lest side the Belly signifies to a man strife and affliction by sickness and to woman bad success in marriage.

A mole under the left Breast on the R [...] denotes a man of a sordid temper, full [...] malice and hatred; and to a woman it d [...] notes she shall be calumniated, but find those that shall vindicate her, and take off the [...] spersion.

A mole on the left side the Belly, betwe [...] the Navel and the Side, it denotes to a m [...] slight, and ahsconding through trouble, occa­sioned by some great misdemeanour; and [...] a woman crosses and afflictions by reason [...] a bad Husband.

A mole on the upper part of the left side the Buttocks, signifies the party is subject to cold infirmities, contracted by extravagancies and debaucheries; and to a woman denotes lasciviousness.

A mole on the left Buttock threatens a nan with sickness and poverty; and a wo­man with dishonour and disgrace.

A mole on the Shin-bone right or left, de­notes a man to be rash, sturdy, hold, and one much given to quarrel by presuming up­on his strength, whereby he shall fall into [...]ibulation; and the like signifies it to a wo­man.

A mole near the right Dug, denotes a man to be exceeding amorous of the Female Sex, proceeding therein so far that he shall impo­verish and disgrace himself; to a woman it signifies ill fortune, extravagant enterprizes, and a great desire of copulation.

A mole on or near the left Dug in a man, fignifies he shall indanger himself by rash ac­tions, and may happen to die an untimely death; and much to the same purpose is its signification in a woman.

A mole on the Foot, either right or left, denotes to the party an unhappy off-spring, yet he shall obtain riches, though not with­out vexation and trouble.

One observation of the Feet which seldom [Page 96]falls, is worthy here to be noted, viz. If on either Foot the Toe next the great Toe, ex­tend it self beyond the great Toe, or be lon­ger than it, let him or her whom it belongs know that riches one time or other will fall to his or her lot, if not by inheritance, ye [...] unpectedly.

A mole on the Groin, inclining to the right side the Loyn, signifies prosperity and good fortune to man or woman by marriage, o [...] otherwise.

A mole on the Groin on the left side, de­notes the party to be laseivious, much given to debauchery, and divers other vices.

A mole appearing upon the right or left Knée, denotes a person desirous of travel, and by visiting strange Countries, advantage him­self both in learning and fortune.

A mole on the right Loyn, promises a ma [...] the goods of Fortune, and that he shall con­tinue happy and prosperous; to a woman [...] signifies the like, and that she is chaste an [...] virtuous.

A mole under a mans right Loyn denote [...] him thrifty and industrious, that he sha [...] attain to some dignity; and to a woman [...] likewise signifies good fortune.

A mole on the Calf of a man's Leg denote [...] him exceeding lustful, and desirous of other mens Wives, indangering himself thereby [Page 97]and to a woman it betokens loss of honour not undeservedly.

A mole on the Calf of the right Leg, de­notes a man to be provident and industrious, whereby he shall not only procure to himself wealth, but a good name; to a woman it denotes advancement in happy marriage, which shall fall to her share under the age of twenty, if not hindered by the obstinacy of her curious Parents.

A mole in the midst of the body, denotes a man to be cholerick, rough, and untracta­ble, one that for his disquietude procures himself hatred and contempt; to a woman it denotes a conceit of her own perfections, a levity of mind, yet that she shall be fortu­nate.

A mole on the middle of the Privy-mem­ber, often denotes great infirmity, a continu­ [...]ion of troubles to a man; but to a woman it denotes, that although she be of a weak constitution, yet shall she be much beloved.

A mole on the left side the Privy-member, near the extremity or end, signifies a man unfortunate in love, and the like; at the bottom of the Privy-member of a woman, betokens loss of good name, &c.

A mole on the right side, somewhat above [...]he lower part of the member, concludes a man fortunate, especially in Marriage; [Page 98]and a woman in her Friends and Relati­ons.

A mole on the left side the Belly, near the Navel, denotes divers infirmities to man, at­tended with outward crosses, and perhap [...] shortness of life; threatning a woman with danger in child-birth, & diseases of the wom [...]

On the right side, near the Navel in the upper part a mole happening, denotes good fortune to a man, occasioned by women; and to a woman the like, through the occa­sion of a man.

A man or woman having a mole on the hinder part the Neck, inclining to the right side, it promises a reasonable felicity, ye [...] threatens him or her with danger of drown­ing, or the like casualty.

A mole on the lower part the Neck, ne [...] the Shoulder on the right side, denotes a m [...] to be an extraordinary lover, but that [...] shall find crosses and delays therein; but [...] a woman it signifies success.

A mole on the lower part of the Ne [...] near the Shoulder on the left side, signifies man much trouble and anxiety, as also pub­lick punishment; and to a woman much the same.

A mole appearing in the midst of the Pr [...] vy-member, denotes a man honest and virt [...] ous, yet subject to reproach undeserved, an [...] [Page 99]to a woman an unspotted honour, though ne­vertheless subject to the malice and calumny of evil Tongues.

A mole on the right Ribs, denotes a man to be very industrious, a great admirer of Arts and Sciences, by which he shall at [...]ain to [...]ches and honour; to a woman it denotes advancement to be obtained by her virtuous and modest behaviour.

A mole on the left Ribs, declares a man to be rough, of an untractable disposition, one that is much addicted to quarrels and disor­ [...]ers; and a woman to be proud, vain-glori­ous, unquiet, &c.

A mole on the left side the Stomach, de­notes the party to suffer much through the means of women, by giving way to their al­ [...]rements.

A mole on the lower part the Shoulder- [...]ade, denotes a man, if on the right side, sta­ [...]e, firm in his resolves, and of a healthful constitution; to a woman it signifies a conti­med success of fortune.

A mole on the right Thigh, near the Huc­ [...]le-bone, denotes the party to grow rich by [...]ural affairs; and a woman to get wealth and esteem by good houswifry.

A mole under the right Thigh, betokens a [...]an descended of a noble and generous stook, [...]e of an admirable wit, whereby he shall [Page 100]attain to riches and promotion; and much to the same effect does it signifie to a woman.

A mole under the left Thigh, threatens the party with perils, sickness, and very many diseases.

Two moles answering equally on either side the Guller or Neck, threatens the party with untimely death.

And thus much for moles and their signifi­cation, as far as Art and Experience has ga­thered, in relation on either Sex, though in these and the like cases, notwithstanding se­cond causes, we must altogether submit to over-ruling Providence, by which the ways and actions of men are guided and disposed, as the all-wise Creator bids; when leaving these, I shall proceed to other Observations greatly to be noted in the affairs of men, namely Dreams, and their Signification o [...] Interpretation, as they relate to good or bad fortune in man or woman.


Of Dreams, and their Description.

AS for Dreams, they are usually divided nito a fourfold order, which vary both in their manner and signification, and these [Page 101]are noted according to the four Humours of the Body, participating of the qualities of Fire, Earth, Air and Water, as Choler, Me­lancholy, Sanguine and Flegmatick, of which difference the Learned Mr. May gives this Poetical Account.

Fair Sanguine Dreams that seem to cheer the night,
With beauteous Shapes, and Rosie Wings as bright
As in the Morning are those Flowers that grace
I'th' miast of Spring, the pains of Flora's Face;
They round about our nightly slumber sport,
To whom the little Cupids oft resort;
The little Cupids from fair Venus's Grove,
Stealing by night, do thither come and love,
With those fair Sanguine Dreams to pass away
The hours of dark in sport and amarous play:
Whilst Dreams of Choler in a flame-like dye,
Through th' Air like little fiery Meteors fly,
With swift and angry motions too and fro,
As if with eagerness they sought a Foe:
Sometimes mounting to the Roof on high,
They soar as if they meant to scale the Skie,
Or some impossible atchievement sought,
T' allay the Thirst of an aspiring Thought.
But down below with sad and heavy cheer,
On dead mens Tombs, and every Sepulcher,
The dusky Dreams of melancholy light,
With sable Wings like Bats or Birds of night,
Fluttering in darkest corners here and there,
But all alone and still each other fear;
Courting dead Sculs, and seeking to invite
The dismal Ghosts for company by night.
Whilst all along upon the whited wall
Ph'egmatick lazy Dreams no Wings at all.
[Page 102]
But slow like slimy snails about do crawl,
And evermore are thence afraid to fall,
And fo be drown'd, for on the floor below,
They still suppose deep springs of water flow.

And thus much for the general description, from which submitting the events to the Al­mighty, I shall proceed to particulars.


Exemplary Dreams and their Interpretations which have exactly come to pass, taken out of History and other remarkable Stories.

SUetonius affirms, that Nero's Mother being with child, dreamt that she brought forth a Dragon, which rising up against her, drew out her Bowels, at which being affright, she in the morning consulted the Oneiromantist, who told her she should bring forth a Son that should cause her to be ripped up, which accordingly fell out, Suet. in Nero, &c. Mo­ses in Genesis gives us an account of Joseph's dream of the Sheaves, Sun, Moon and Stars, with other dreams that came exactly to pass according to their Interpretations.

Arnoldus Villa Nova relates, that he dream­ing that he was assaulted by four Wolves who came to devour him, and he killing the greatest, soon after overcame four of his [Page 103]most Capital Enemies in a suit of Law.

Adrian the Roman Emperor the day before he was proclaimed at Antioch, dreamed that a flame from heaven fell upon his head, and spread into Rays, doing him no harm, which was Interpreted that he should be Emperor, when the next day, contrary to his expectati­on, as some affirm, he was saluted.

A certain man dreaming he was Fishing in a River, and caught with his Net abun­dance of great Fish; and it was Interpreted, that by his industry he should attain great [...]iches, which accordingly fell out.

A person one night dreaming he drew forth his own blood, and going into a far Country gave it to a stranger; which being Interpreted he should go into a strange Land, and dying there, leave his riches to one that was no relation to him, it so fell out.

A certain man dreamt that he beheld his Son taken by his Playfellows into a Hall, and there by them Crowned with Lawrel and Clad in a rich Garment; which being Inter­preted, that for his virtuous actions, and hero­ [...]ck atchievements, he should be Crowned King. It so fell out.

Calphurnia, Wife to Julius Cesar, the night qbefore he was murthered in the Senat-house, dreamt that the Roofs of the House fell, that her Lord was thrust into the Belly, and that [Page 104]the Chamber-door of it self flew open. And whilst she was relating of this dream, a Bird with a branch of Laurel came from Pompey's Court pursued by divers other Birds, who killed it, and tore it in pieces, which fore­shewed his death.

Caesar that night before his death, dreamed that he flew above the Clouds, and there shook hands with Jove; which was Inter­preted that the soul should by death be set free from the body.

A man dreaming he beheld one cutting off his own Arm; it was Interpreted he should fall by the hands of his Relations: which accordingly happened, for he was killed by his own Brother.

And thus much for the more immediate exemplary-dreams, and their interpretation.


Dreams, and their Observations or Interpre­tations, according to the good or bad acci­dents that frequently befal Mankind.

IF a person dream he is bitten by a Ser­pent, it signifies he will sustain some great hurt by a private Enemy.

If a person dreams he is washing his hands, it signifies the performance of some great [Page 105]matter, but if the dirt will not come off, he shall not effect it, or at least find much difficulty therein.

To dream one flies in the air, signifies a suddain journey or hasty news.

To dream one fights and remains victor, denotes the overcoming or avoiding a dan­ger.

To dream you meet a Lion who fawns upon you, denotes the favour of some no­ble Person.

To dream of a black Coffin and Mour­ners, denotes the death of some Friend or fa­miliar Acquaintance.

To dream you see a Friend lye dead, de­notes that he or she is at ease and in good health.

To dream one is in a Field of standing Corn, betokens prosperity and content.

To dream ones Shoes fall from off ones Feet, or are old and torn, denetes poverty and distress.

To dream of small pieces of money, and that you are gathering them off the ground, denotes want and hard labour; but to dream a good sum is put into your hand, denotes either you shall receive unexpectedly some sum of money, or that you shall be relieved by a Friend.

To dream a Horse runs away with [...] [Page 106]denotes unexpected business against your liking to call you to some distant place.

A woman dreaming that a woman salutes her, she shall be crossed in love. If she dream she have a crying child in her Arms, it de­notes much affliction through the loss of Pa­rents or Relations.

To dream one is Sailing on the Sea in a calm, denotes a peaceable life, and a happy end of business, but if in a storm the contra­ry.

To dream of flashes of Fire, denotes sud­dain anger, whereby much hurt will ensue.

To dream a House or any heavy Load falls upon one, denotes the party shall be oppres­sed by some Superior hand, to his or her ru­in; but if the overwhelming weight seem to be removed, or that he get from under it, he shall in time recover his former station.

If a person seem to be upon a high Hill, from whence he may take a pleasant pros­pect, and be compelled to descend into a Valley, he shall fall from promotion, and continue in a mean estate.

To dream one climbs a Hill, and attains the top of it, denotes the party shall attain his desires, but if he return e [...]re he reach the top of the Hill, or tumble down, he shall not attain his end.

To see in a dream a dead F [...]nd, and [Page 107]seem to talk with him, denotes prosperity.

To dream one hears the sound of Bells de­notes sickness.

To dream one is amongst Tombs and Bones of dead men, denotes riches to fall to the party by the death of some Friend.

To dream one weeps, denotes the party to be restored to the favour from whence he is fallen.

To dream a Gold-ring breaks and falls from off ones Finger, denotes the loss of a Lover or dear Relation.

To dream of a Sow, denotes fruitfulness, and the like of any Creature that produces many young ones.

To dream of the hunting of a Hare and that she escapes, betokens loss of something [...]he party earnestly desires.

To dream of a sudden and surprizing fit of by at the sight of any thing, betokens the [...]rival of Friends, or the celebration of Marriage.

To dream you have Gold and Silver in [...]our hands, and know not how you came by [...], betokens the finding of some precious [...]ing.

To dream of courting beautiful women, [...]etokens crosses and vexation.

To dream you put on gay cloathing, de­ [...]tes preferment.

To dream one is about to be killed, yet that it is prevented, signifies some great de­liverance from danger.

To dream of fearful Monsters that pursue you, denotes the assault of dangerous and open Enemies.

If you dream you endeavour to fly and can­not, it betokens imprisonment or restraint.

To dream you are in a Fight, betokens strife and contention.

To dream of a great Fire, betokens anger or sickness.

To dream you hear intelligible voices, de­notes a continuance in your native Land, and unintelligible voices the contrary.

To dream you are in a green shady place, adorned with flowers, and hear the melody of Birds, denotes ease, plenty, and content.

To dream you are let blood, denotes loss of riches.

To dream you contend with a Wolf, de­notes a furious but sordid adversary.

To dream one is gathering Posies, denotes sndden Nuptials.

For a barren woman to dream she prosti­tutes her self with one of her sex, denotes that that barrenness will be in time removed, and she enjoy a Child; but to a Child-bearing woman it denotes much pains in travail, and bringing up her Children.

To dream one wears a Garland, denotes the party shall be in great repute, and ac­quire such esteem as shall be of long conti­nuance.

To dream of lighted Tapors, denotes the party happy in his Friends, whose sincerity is approved.

To dream of Serpents in the Water, de­notes Enemies without power to hurt you.

To dream you embrace without power to speak, denotes the party shall fall in love, but not possess the party loved.

To dream you hear sighs and groans, de­notes trouble and anguish.

To dream of falling into the Water, beto­kens affliction, occasioned by some flegma­tick disease.

A Virgin dreaming she is putting on new Garments, denotes an alteration of her con­dirion by way of marriage.

For two Lovers to dream they fall out and quari [...], [...]enotes constancy in affection.

To dream ones Teeth drop out, denotes loss, &c. and to dream of losing an Eye, threatens a dear Relation with death.

To dream of swimming in Water, denotes much labour in business, especially if it be up a River, or in troubled Waters.

To dream that one hides himself, denotes slight and obscurity.

To dream of Banquets, denotes poverty and penury, if they imagine they see them only, and taste them not; but if they suppose they taste them, the contrary.

To dream you see any person murthered, denotes poverty and sadness.

If you imagine in your dream that you fall into the hands of Thieves and Robbers that dispoil you, it denotes much loss and tribu­lation.

To dream you see flights of Birds, denotes a sudden journey, or that the party shall wander.

To dream one puts on new Gloves, de­notes the party shall be suddenly married, or hear of the marriage of a Friend.

To dream one receives a Letter, denotes a sudden contract of love and friendship, or the meeting of friends.

For a woman to dream she is with child, denotes sorrow and heaviness, but to dream she is delivered, the contrary.

To dream of a great company of People in close debate, denotes some private design against you, and that strife will arise from near Relations.

To dream you see an old Tree wither and decay, and that notwithstanding young bran­ches spring at the root of it, betokens Chil­dren in old age.

If you dream you see your House on fire, and that you immediately quench it, it signi­sies sickness to your self or Relations, but promises a speedy recovery. This has been wonderfully experienced.

To dream you are in a Shipwrack, denotes loss of Goods or Estate.

To dream you are let Blood by a stranger, denotes a stranger shall obtain by Law or [...]iolence part of your Goods, Estate or Money.

To dream of a Hurricane or mighty Tem­ [...]est, denotes much anger and contention, which will probably end in loss and disgrace.

To hear in a dream Swallows chattering about ones House, denotes much hurt to [...]ccrue by flatterers.

To dream you hear a voice and see no bo­dy, denotes a delusion by false pretences.

If you dream you remove into an old ruin­ [...]us House, and are at the same time in a good settlement, either of House, Service, or Em­ployment, beware how you leave either, for [...]t will undoubtedly prove to your disadvan­ [...]age.

To dream of deep pits, and that you fall therein, denotes a danger at hand, but if [...]ou dream you escape them, you shall over­ [...]ome it.

To dream you are walking in a Garden, of [Page 112]Flowers, denotes much pleasure and delight.

To dream you are in a place amongst ma­ny delicious fruits, and that you pluck them, denotes riches and prosperity.

To dream of Waters falling from a steep Hill, and overflowing the Neighbouring Plain or Fields, denotes suddain riches evilly gotten.

To see you see a small Spring become a large Lake, or produce a great River, de­notes an increase of fortune and much wealth.

To dream you fight and overcome, promi­fes fuccess in Law-suits, or the like contests.

To dream you are pursued by a furious Bull, and that in vain you endeavour to avoid him, denotes you soon after to lye at the mercy of an implacable Enemy.

To dream of Swans in a River, denotes great advantage by Navigation, or Wat [...] Commerce.

To dream you see many Moons contend­ing in the Firmament, denotes a division a­mongst Friends and Relations.

To dream of Thunder and Lightning in a dark and troubled Sky, denotes the party to fall under some extraordinary displeasure, whereby he shall suffer many afflictions.

To imagine in a dream that you hide your self amongst Flags or Osiers, by the brink o [...] so [...]e great Water, signifies flight.

To dream of Ghosts or Spectrums, and that they represent parties dead that you have formerly known, denotes happy news from foreign parts.

To dream you fight with Serpents and Toads, and that you overcome them, denotes Victory over Enemies.

To dream one sees white hair, it denotes Friends, if red envious Persons, and black denotes Enemies.

To imagine in a dream you are at Church it your devotion, denotes joy and comfort.

To dream your Beard is shaven, is to alter [...]our condition, as to place, office, or busi­ness, is to man; but if a woman dream she has a Beard, and it is shaven, marriage is promised her, or increase of riches.

For a man to dream he kisses a woman or [...]irgin with pleasure, denotes discontent, [...]islike, or anger.

To dream ones Teeth are drawn, denotes sickness or loss.

For a party to dream of drinking unmea­ [...]rable when exceeding dry, it denotes a hot [...]isease, or some great disorder in the Body, [...]ccasioned by heat to insue.

If a party imagine in a dream an exceed­ing high flight, especially over the Water, [...]eeming beautiful and gay, it denotes promo­ [...]ion and honour, but if low, and he conceit [Page 114]himself deformed, it denotes disgrace and contempt.

To dream one has much Vermine about one, and to be much troubled in killing them, signifies riches.

To dream one has a great Beard, and ug­ly, and that some Boys plucks it off, signifies anger, carefulness and danger.

To dream one is stark naked in a Church is a very bad dream.

To dream one hears Serpents hiss but not to see nor feel them, signifies your Enemies have not power to hurt you.

To dream one sees the Sun and Moon greater and brighter than ordinary, denotes increase of riches and honours; but to see them dim or obscure, decay of prosperity.

To dream you are at a Feast and eat Roast-meat greedily, denotes sickness.

If you dream you draw a Bell-rope and the Bell will not sound, it signifies health, but if it sound, the contrary; if you go about to Ring, and a Spirit hinder you, it denotes a frustration and loss in your undertakings.

To dream you see Crows and other Birds of prey flying in dark and cloudy weather, betokens anger, loss, and misery.

To dream one puts a Ring on the finger of a Maid, betokens sudden Marriage; and for a Maid to dream a Man tyes her Garter, is the like.

To dream you behold some fearful Preci­pice, and are urged to clim it, threatens the party with punishment by the hand of Justice.

To dream you have Provision set before you, and that one snatches it from you before you can eat, denotes circumvention and loss.

To dream of Ribbons and gay Plumes of Feathers, denotes amendment of Fortune.

To dream one hears Crows make a noise, and see Monkies, denotes sadness and difor­der of mind.

To dream one hears the barking of Dogs who pursue him, is to be in danger of an enemy, but to pursue them is to overcome the danger.

To dream one finds great difficulty in pas­ [...]ing a Bridge or River denotes the party shall [...]ave much delay in his undertakings.

For one to dream he has great veneration [...]or beautiful women, yet keep at a distance, [...]enotes the party to be virtuous, chaste, and [...]hat thereby hshall gain the love and esteem of the Female Sex.

He that dreams of Dung or Ordure, may expect to be invited to some great Feast soon after.

To dream one discourses with Spirits, sig­nifies the discovery of secret things.

To dream one sees Knives or Swords, de­ [...]otes quarrel and contention.

To see in a dream Lean Oxen, signifies misfortune and loss, but to see Fat-Oxen, riches and prosperity.

To dream one kisses ones Father, or some near Relation, signifies an intire friendship,

To dream one is in company with ones Mother or Sister, betokens ill news and sad­ness.

To dream one sees men or women about to be Executed, signifies he or she suddainly to be importuned by some Friend in great distress.

To dream one sees a Mule, or any Beast of Carriage laden with Books, and that some scoff and deride him, signifies that the party shall find some let in his pious intentions.

To dream an old woman is Courting you, denotes riches by marriage, yet not without discontent.

To dream one is in a spacious Chamber richly garnished, and there to behold the King, or some Noble Person, denotes honour and advancement.

To dream one sees a Serpent of a large size creeping out of the Earth, threatning with his sting, and yet not have the power to hurt you, signifies you shall escape the snare laid for you, by the malice of some woman you have offended.

And now I shall close this Discourse of [Page 117]Dreams, with an inlargement upon exempla­ry dreams, and their events.

Darius before he fought the mortal Battle with Alexander the Great, dreamed that he beheld a burning Army marching through A­sia, and Alexander in a Persian Robe at Baby­lon entering the Temple and immediately va­nished; laying hold of which his Flatterers perswaded him it presaged the destruction of the Macedonians, and that Alexander being Clad in a Persian Robe, signified his subjecti­on; but it proved otherwise, for by the flames was denoted the swift and victorious pro­gress of the Grecians, and the Persian Habit denoted to Alexander, the Persian Empire should become subject, but his sudden va­nishing signified he should not long possess it.

Cambyses dream'd that he sat in his Bro­ther Smirdis Royal-Seat, and that his Crown touched the Sky; it was interpreted that he should shortly die, and his Soul being free from the incumberance of his Body, should mount aloft.

Xerxes upon his entering Greece with a numerous Army, dreamt that he was Crown­ed with Olive Branches which shadowed all the Earth, it was intepreted that he should be overcome by the Greeks, and end his days in sorrow.

A Runner in the Olimpick Games dream'd [Page 118]he was carried in a Chariot with four Horses, and imparting it to Antiphon, a wise man of that Age, he told him that he must expect to lose the Race, seeing four run before him, the Horses by their strength, signifying the celerity and ability of those that run before him.

A certain Person dreaming he saw an Egg hang by a string at his Bed-side, told it to an Interpreter, who bid him search the ground directly under that place, and he would find great riches, which he accord­ingly did, and found as he had been told.

Ptolomy, Alexander the Great's Favourite, being wounded with a poysonous Arrow in a Battel against an Indian King, Alexander one night dreamt, that the Dragon that his Mo­ther Olimpia kept, brought him a Root in his Mouth, and having delivered it, lead him to the place where many of those Roots grew, and informed him, that by their virtue Ptolomy's wound should be cured; which made such an impression in his mind wa­king, that he caused the place he dream they grew in to be searched, and finding the Roots, experiment was made, and it not only cured Ptolomy's wound, but divers others made by the like invenomed Weapons.

The Lord Stanly, in the time that Richard the Third was Pretector, dreamt that a [Page 119]Boar set upon him and the Lord Hastings, and so gored them with his Tusk, that the blood ran about their ears, whereupon considering that the said Richard had a white Boar for his Cognizance, he conjectured that the mischief might proceed from him, and was so far pos­sessed therewith, that he sent a Servant im­mediately (it being then about midnight) to acquaint the Lord Hastings with his Dream, and the fears he had of the Event; as like­wise further, to desire him to withdraw him­self e're Morning; which Message being deli­vered, the Lord Hastings thus replyed, Good Lord, does your Master lean so much upon Trifles, to put such Faith in Dreams, which either his own fear fancieth, or else do rise in the night by reason of the days thoughts; go back therefore and recommend me to thy Master, and pray him to be merry, and have no fear, for I assure him, I am as sure of the man he thinketh of as of my own hand. Not­withstanding the next day he lost his Head by the commandment of the Protector, and the Lord was dangerously wounded, by one amongst divers armed men that came into the Council-Chamber to slay him.

Dr. Moor in his Treatise of the Immortality of the Soul, tells us a very strange passage, [...] that two Gentlemen [...] Magara, one of them took up [...] Lodging [...] [Page 120]a Friend's house, but there being no more room, the other who had a considerable sum of money about him, he went to an Inn, when about Midnight the former being a­sleep, dreamt that he saw his Friend stand by his Bed-side beseeching him to come to his as­sistance, for he was set upon by his Host, and in danger to be slain. At which starting, he leaps from his Bed and made towards the Chamber-door to have gone to the Inn, but finding it locked, and considering it was but a dream, he went to Bed again; when some­time after falling asleep, he dreamt he saw his Friend a second time all bloody, who earnest­ly requested him, that seeing he had neglect­ed to come and rescue him whilst alive, yet that he would not be wanting to revenge-his death, saying he was murthered by his Host, who was carrying him out of the City in a Cart, covered with dung. Which made such an impression in his mind waking, that he immediately put on his Cloaths, the day by this time dawning, and running towards the City-gate, found a Cartladen with dung ac­cordingly, which he causing to be searched, the dead Body of his Friend was found there­in, and the Host confessing the fact was de­servedly executed.

The Night [...] King Henry the second was [...] Eye by Mont­gomery [Page 121]in a Just, of which wound he died; Queen Margaret his Wife dreamt she saw his Eye so put out, and warned him of it, but neither her warning, nor Montgomery's using many endeavours to avoid the Combate, could avert his destiny.

Morison in his Book of Travels, relates, that whilst he was at Prague, he being asleep in a Sun-shining morning, fancied he saw an Image pass by him, which told him his Fa­ther was dead; whereat being somewhat troubled, he awoke, and wrote down the hour and day, which he put into a Box, and look­ed not on it till he came into England, and had strictly inquired the time of his Fathers death, which as near as could be computed, agreed with his Paper.

And thus much may suffice for dreams, &c. so much observed in former times, that their Interpretations were looked upon as Prophe­tick, they imagining that some Angelical or Divine Power more immediately conversed with the Soul, and dictated things strange and wonderful, when it was in a manner freed from the Body, which lay dissolved in drowsie repose. Though all dreams are not to be considered alike for their verity in sig­nificrtion, for some proceed meerly from the action or observation of the day past, others ill digestion, and ascending vapours, but those [Page 122]more especially that proceed from neither of these, and make a perfect Impress upon the memory, and whereat you are more immedi­ately concerned, are chiefly to be noted, e­specially such as are confirmed by dreaming the same over and over, as it often happens, the Soul being therewith more than ordina­rily affected, as it happened to Pharoah, and divers others that I might instance, but for brevities sake think convenient to omit, and pass on to relate something relating to Nati­vities, the most curious and nice part of Astro­logy; and indeed, of that, this or any other Science whatsoever, the perfection of which few or none have been hitherto able to attain.


A Discourse relating to Nativities and their Calculation, so far as is warrantable from the Rules of Astrology.

IN this particular many things are to be considered but chiefly the coherence or in­coherence of the Coelestial Bodies, agreeing with the frame and temper of Terrestial Bo­dies, moving or disposing them according to the greater or lesser Influence, or Prodomi­nation; for although to the operation of the Planers, we can attribute no more than the [Page 123]effects of second causes bounded and limited by the infinite wise Creator, yet are they so placed, that in their working they have great power over earthly things, which is most of all visible by the Sun and Moon in general, the one causing by kindly heat the Increase, and glads with his Beams all Creatures; the other draws up the cold damps and dews, manages the Ocean in its Ebbs and Flows, causing the Blood of Man and Beast to do the like. All Creatures appearing more naturally sad at her Wain than in her Increase; so that if so much be apparent in these, the like, accord­ing to what is assigned them, may be ex­pected from the other five, as that Saturn disposes to Melancholy, Envy, deep Coun­sel, deadly Hatred, and the like. Jupiter [...]o a temperate Mildness, Beneficence, Ju­ [...]ice, &c. Mars to Wars, Bloodshed, Wrang­ing, Rashness, &c. Mercury to Deceit, Craft, Over-reaching, much Loquacity, and the like. Venus to Gentleness, Love, Calm­ [...]ess of Temper, &c.

Now to be considered in this case there are [...]ivers things, and more immediately the sign [...]nder which the Countrey or place of Birth [...] posited or subject, the Planet that was Lord of the Ascendant, and the particular [...]ime the constitution of the party, if come to maturity, if not, the Sex is to be had regard [Page 122] [...] [Page 123] [...] [Page 124]to, and by an exact time taken even to a mi­nute, according as the Planet disposes, that is the Ascendant, and the Influence of the Sign, it is posited in the good and bad for­tune of the party, must be conjectured and drawn from inferences; as a party that is born under Saturn happens to be wise, one of profound Policy, yet not often fortunate, but subject to many casualties, being of me­lancholy heavy temper, serious in thoughts, and by counsel able to stand others in great stead, but not apt to apply them to his own advantage; and if at any time the exact mi­nute or hour not being brought, yet by Phy­siognomy may it be known under what Planet the party was born; for the Saturnist, or par­ty born under Saturn, being cholerick, is pale of countenance, having his or her eyes deep in the head, little, and inclinable to redness. If Saturn be in the Radix of the Radix of the Flegmatick, the party is naturally inclining to fatness, having dull eyes of a leady colour, being slow in action, of a haughty carriage; still aiming at high things, though seldom succeeding, notwithstanding many great en­deavours are used when Saturn rules in the Nativity of the Melancholy, the countenance of the party seems to be askue, or inclinable to wriness and deformity, appearing of di­vers colours, the party in that case is sad, [Page 125]fearful, slovenly, and regardless of himself, unconstant and unfortunate: Saturn being in the Nativity of the Sanguine, makes there a Temperament by reason of the Sun's influ­ence, and is distinguished or known by the sharpness of the Voice, a merry countenance, shining eyes, though somewhat standing in­ward, yet in this case few Sanguinists have Saturn their ascendant.

Jupiter Lord of the Ascent in the Nativi­ty of the cholerick person, causes a whiteness of complection, a reddish or yellowish Hair, a hasty temper, yet soon pleased. In the fleg­matick person he causes a large growth, a well proportioned body, fair hair, a high nose, black eye-brows, and greenish coloured eyes. As for the Melancholy he seldom is in their Nativity. The Sanguine he governs most, causing the party to have a fine white skin, a chearful countenance, eyes a dark brown, a high forehead, and four lines ap­parent therein, disposing the party to free­ness of discourse, liberality, and a good tem­perature of mind, endows him or her with wisdom, and large fortune, and renders the party a happy course of life.

Mars Lord of the Ascendant in the Nati­vity of the cholerick, causes a dusky redness, a round face, bluish or yellowish eyes, a threatning countenance, a middle stature, the [Page 126]fore-part of the head big, the nostrils stand­ing out, going lightly, and taking short pa­ces, of a fiery temper, given to quarrels and disorders. Mars in the Radix of the Flegma­tick, causes a yellowish, or rather somewhat inclining to a reddish countenance, a middle­sized visage, sharp eyes, a broad forehead, and a big nose, inclining to flatness, much given to discourse, and inclinable to disor­ders. Mars ruling in the Nativity of the Melancholy, causes a threatning countenance, with sundry marks on the face, or on some other part of the body, the hair chesnut-colour, the eyes large and yellow, rather in­clinable to rashness then wisdom. If Mars be in the Sanguine Nativity, a thing that rarely happens, it appears by flaxen hair, greenish eyes, the features well composed, the face round, a bold resolution, large words, and much desirous of great atchievements, and covetous of fame.

Mercury is never seen but in three Nativi­ties, as thus, if he be eminent in the cho­lerick person, it is known by the great stature, leanness, and leaden-colour, thin­ness of the hair, swift moving, eyes deeply set in the head, narrow hips, and short teeth. When he is Ruler in the Nativity of the Me­lancholick, and there being retrograde, it is known by the parties having some deformity [Page 127]in his or her Physiognomy, as the Nose stand­ing awry, the Mouth not even, the Eyes asquint and the like; as also by the manners of the Party, rendring unruly, inconstant, a great talker, and one given to many disor­ders. When Mercury is in the Sanguinists Nativity, a good disposition, a prompt wit, promising great riches to be obtained by subtility.

As for the Sun, that being Alfridary, or Lord of the Nativity of the Cholerick, it is known by a chearful countenance, a little inclining to brownness, a comely blush, great eyes, much fleshiness and hair, a large front, a middle stature, and much eloquent dis­course.

The Moon is generally seen in the Fleg­matick Nativities, for which reason such are called humours, known by extraordinary whiteness and softness of the skin, intermin­gled with a little redness, large and thick heads, the eye-brows joyning together, fair eyes, but many times unequal as to the size, and the party subject to many watery diseases.

Venus is never but in the Flegmatick Na­tivities, known by the fairness of the face, the whiteness of the skin, the crisping of much hair, gentle speech, black eyes, whereof the balls are somewhat inclining to yellowish, [Page 128]which burn or shine as it were. A Female born under this Constellation, if she be not married young, will ignobly part with her honour, especially if she be high Nosed.

And now these Physiognomies well and duly considered, one may make the Horo­scope without difficulty, taking one or more questions concerning a friend that we wish well, and would know his present and fu­ture fortune or misfortune.

First, By these Linaments, finding what Planet was Lord of the Nativity, then see if the nature of that Planet operate more or less in the party. If so it fall out that they are conformable without any difference, then past doubt, is he or she born in the first House of the Sign of the Zodiack, to which that Planet relates. As for example, if the par­ty be white, have a long Nose, fair Hair, and thick Eye-brows, a brown and shining Eye, he or she so having, is born under Venus, being ad Instar, in the first part of Taurus, which is found to be the first House of that Planet, and that known in the manner aforesaid, pro­ceed by way of question, having well consi­dered the month, day, hour and minute, you will past doubt find this Sign Taurus, whe­ther it be in the House of Life, which is the First or Tenth, called Helligiack, the House of Dignities and Honour, Riches and Pros­perity, [Page 129]and from the figure you shall there­upon erect, you may draw the certain signi­fications, as the learned Belat did of a great man in France, of which he gives us this de­scription.

My procceding (says he) were thus, with­out desiring to know the day or hour of his Nativity or his Age, having well consider­ed his Physiognomy, I plainly perceived he was Flegmatick, having black Hair, red Eyes, great Eye-brows, and a Mouth suffi­ciently rising up, great Teeth, a fat Neck, and corpulent Body; my question being made the eighteenth day of March, at seven of the Clock in the Morning, in the Year 1623, I sound that the Ascendant of his Physiognomical question was Libra in the tenth Degree, which is the last of the first part: My question was to know how long he should live, what should be his fortunes or misfortunes, briefly what should happen in his days? I erected the Figure, and thereupon made certain quadrains and re­solutions, the better to have the significa­tion understood. As thus:

  • The Tenth House, 12 of Cancer.
  • The Eleventh House; 19 of Leo.
  • [Page 130] The Twelfth-House, 17 of Capricorn.
  • The Ascendant, 10 of Libra.
  • The Second House, 3 of Scorpio.
  • The Third House, 3 of Sagitary.

The opposite Signs and Degrees making the Figure compleat thus. The position of the Planets.

  • Saturn in the 5 of Capricorn the North-Angle.
  • Jupiter in the 3 of Virgo.
  • Mars in the 2 of Aries.
  • Sol in the 2 of Sagitary.
  • Venus in the 13 of Capricorn the North-Angle.
  • Mercury in the 22 of Sagitary.
  • The Moon in the 3 of Gemini, the Angle of the Ninth House.

So that computing these, he found he would be very prosperous in his affairs, but be of an unhealthful constitution, that he should live long, be happy in his relations, that he was born in 1601, on a Tuesday, 2 Min. past 3 in the Morning, Mars being Radix in his Nativity, which all appeared to be true, and gave the party infinite satisfaction.

And thus much may suffice as to Nativi­ties, and their Calculation, a thing not to [Page 131]be pried too far into, seeing we are Gods Creatures, and therefore ought to submi wholly to his will and disposal.


A short Discourse of Corilimancy; and of the Rod by which hidden Treasure is sound.

THis, tho' it may seem strange to some, has been proved to the advantage of divers. If you seek for a Mine of any Metal, or suspect Treasure to be hid in any place, you may take a Hazel-rod forked in the man­ner of ♈, and it being according to the Rules of Astrology, gathered when the Sun enters. Aries or Leo, Mercury being combust, strip off the Bark, and fasten to the forked ends a string with a piece of Metal at the end of it, equally poized, and then stick it lightly in the ground, the Metal hanging above ground, and notwithstanding your endeavor to poize it never so equal, it will by degrees bend or incline towards the place where the Mine or Treasure is, doing so by sympathy, or a secret instinct, for which no man could ever give an exact reason, no more than for the Nee­dle touched with a Load stone's turning to it beloved North, and by this means some [Page 132]Persons have enrich'd themselves in discove­ring Mines and hidden Treasure. But ever observe the Metal on your Wound must be the same with that you search after, that is of the same sort, whether Gold, Silver, Brass, Lead, or the like, and this fortune mostly happens to such as have a V or Y in their hands, a sacred character of which I have before spoken.


A second Observation of Nativities here known, or give wonderful guesses by the marks or lines of the Hand, Eyes, Fore­head, and the like.


CErtain is it, that man, according to the opinion of Ancient Philosophers, and Learned Men of all Ages, being a little world, that is the Epitome of the great one, many rare and wonderful things are to be observed, if seriously considered, but more especially in these particulars, for from the Nativities of either Sex, many future events derive their power and efficacy, and fall not out, as some will have it, by chance, but, in a manner, by course, and are liable, in a great nature, to be foreseen, though hardly to be prevented; for when man, intending so to do, uses divers means, and moves with great circumspection, yet by ways he perhaps dreams not of, many accidents and contingencies fall out between the Cradle and the Grave, some happy, and some unhappy; and the best way to prevent any danger threatned by the malignant influ­ence of the Planet, or other causes, is with humiliation, and low prostration, to beseech the Supream Maker, Governour and Dis­poser of all things, to avert it, who is only able, and whose sole will is fate, in whose power all things are, and with the same rea­diness obey his voice (Mankind excepted) as at his word they were made; still we see the Sun keeps his course, distributing to the World light, and suffering darkness to take [Page 134]its turn, the Moon and Stars move orderly, and know their appointed times and seasons, heat and cold dispossesses each other by turns. The Clouds give rain, and the Earth fails not to give her Increase; the Fowls of the Air, the Fishes of the Sea, and the Beast of the Field serve to the end for which they were ordained, with many more too tedious to recite, when men for the most refuse to live up to that more immediate knowledge that they are endowed withal, and improve that to their Maker's Glory, which in the end will redound to their immortal felicity. But not to paraphrase too long upon the ge­neral, I shall proceed to the proposed par­ticulars. As thus,

Taking the hand of the party, the day of whose Nativity, and what future Observati­ons you are desirous to make, it being that Hand on which the lines are fairest, for in some Hands by labour they are worn out, and well marking the middle natural line where it ends (the beginning of it being at the root of the line of Life) take notice whether there be a cross there or not, or that some other line cut it not, as also to what part of the Hand they bend, for if so it happen that it bend and end near the Moons mount, it sig­nifies the party to be born on a Monday, be­ing the tenth of June, if there be two crosses, [Page 135]it denotes the Birth to be on a Monday, the twentieth of June. If a line in the like na­ture end in the plain of Mars, with one cross, denotes a man born on the tenth of March, two crosses on the twentieth. If so it happen to a woman, or woman-kind, she is born on the same days in October. If it end toward Mercury's mount in the like nature, then Wednesday, for man in May, the woman in August. If so it end under the mount of Ju­piter, Thursday is the day, and November and February the months assigned. The middle line failing towards the mount of Ve­nus, denotes Friday, the day in April or Sep­tember. If the same line fail towards the mount of Saturn, then is Saturday the day, and the month December and January. If it fail towards the mount of the Sun, it falls out on a Sunday, July being assigned for the month. And so according to the crosses and figures, which frequently happen at the end of that line, according to their signification may be found any day of the months already assigned. Now the next thing which remains, is to know the hour, which is generally ob­served by the colour of the Eyes, if they re­tain their native colour, and are not perished by bruises, or defective by other accidents, and must be taken thus.

If the Birth be directly about midnight, [Page 136]then will the eyes appear extream black. If at one of the clock they will be somewhat shining. At two of the clock the party be­ing born, the eyes will have somewhat of a dark green in them, with dusky balls. Those that are born at four will be greenish, but the green a little lighter, inclining to an Olive-colour. After four or at five the par­ty being born, the Apples [...]f the eyes will incline to a whitish, though somewhat rela­ted to a bluish. The party born at or be­tween six and seven, will have the apples of his eyes half blue, and the remainder a kind of a wall colour. The party born at or be­tween eight and nine hath the circuit of the centre of the apple blue, and the centre of a party-colour. At or between ten and eleven the party born has the eyes all blue, with a few marks. At twelve they begin to be somewhat greenish, though much shining. At or between one and two in the afternoon the party being born, has eyes between blue and green. At or between three or four they are of a pale green. At or between seven or eight they are coloured yellowish, with some small matter of green. At or between nine and ten they have red spots in them, though being of the same colour with those immedi­ately foregoing. The party born at or be­tween eleven and twelve, are as for the ele­venth [Page 137]hour, somewhat inclinable to redness, but from that time blacken to the twelfth.

And thus much for the hours of Night and Day, in every one of which throughout the year, either Male or Female, if not both, are born; and although it cannot be positively affirmed to be an infallible sign, yet, it is wonderfully to be observed, seldom failing the party in his Judgement, who makes due inquiry.

As for the year, if we have regard to Chi­romancy, in that case it is known divers ways, as by the lines of the Wrist, Forehead; as for the Wrist, the lines signifies thirties of years, but as age increases those lines are ex­tinct, decreasing by little and little, as if the first line be half extinct, then shows it, that the party is fifteen years of age, and to be quite extinct thirty; four lines in the Wrist being generally the most, though some have five, and by an equal measure in this case, a­ny year may be known, by dividing a whole line into thirty parts, a half line into fifteen, and so to the quarter, or almost extinction or end.


As for Age it's likewise seen in the Fore­head, and this by the Rule of Metaposcopy, and on the first year appear but to the se­venth year, when upon the left side extending to or towards the Temple from the Ear, there is a little line which denotes that age, and if it descend to the Forehead, it denotes the par­ty to be between ten and twelve years of age; if it so fall out, that it is apparent in cutting through the Forehead, it signifies the party to be in the twenty fifth year, and according to its length, the years under twenty five are to be guessed or imagined, according to the Rule of this Art and Science. If there ap­pear considerably divided, thirty years are signified, and from five and twenty to thirty, [Page 139]according to the length of the third. If there happen a fourth, it signifies by its length, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, and eighty years, especially if there happen another half line on the right side the Forehead, but beyond this, or especially exceeding five; they are referred to the Alfridaries, and cannot, or at least but with great uncertainty, in this case be known, but is better understood by wrinkles or lines in the extremities of the Eyes, reckoning twenty years to every line, and equally for the rest, though in young people, especially of the Female Sex, these rarely, unless they laugh or frown much, and then you must take heed lest you are deceived, by taking those for lines that are none, but rather appear so by the parties distorting his or her Face.


A Discovery of the time of Marriages, or in what year of their Age the party will be Married, by certain marks and rules ap­pearing in the Hand.

IN this case several things are to be consi­dered, as first, Consider the space between the root of the little finger, and the end of the Table-line, upon the mount of Mercury, measuring from the root of the little finger to [Page 140]the middle of the mount, not on the edge or side, for in that a great mistake oft happens, and in so measuring, account from the root of the finger to the middle of the mount thir­ty years, and from thence to the Mensual or Table-line the like quantity of years, and so begin at the root of the finger according to proportion, counting half of the first half, which amounts to fifteen, and proportion it by degrees to seventeen, eighteen, twenty, or more, till you bring it to thirty, observing what year according to this proportion touches the first line, and at that number of years, according to the division of the propor­tion the party, whether Male or Female, shall alter his or her condition by Marriage, if more lines appear, measure them by propor­tion from thirty, thirty-five, forty, fifty, and all the years between, according to a due pro­portion, a second Marriage is to be noted, or a third, if any such thing is designed, or more, and may thus fully be known by a due proportion and mensuration, answering to Marriage or Marriages according to the di­vision and course of time.

To know your fortune or misfortune on this occasion, note that where the lines are fair, as also the usual Characters, as Parallels, Crosses, Stars, Scales, Branches and Qua­drates, they depend upon Jupiter, a happy Planet, and promises good success.

The usual Characters that point at misfor­tune in Marriage, are to have the lines broken and abrupt like Grates, or Chequered, the Character of Saturn the resemblance of Hair, the mounts turbid, crooked and wrinkled.


Rules to be observed to know the eminent dan­ger any person is in, as to his or her health.

IF the body and face be yellowish, the veins distended, the sight weary, heavy and irk­some, an unwilling heaviness to motion or action hang about the party, it denotes the vessels full of humours, which ought to be purged out, or, by a gentle means, dispersed and brought away, to prevent diseases that may, by their continuance, be contracted.

If the Senses appear dull and melancholy, without affliction or disorder of the mind, the face look dull and of a leadish colour, puffed and swoln, if wringing pains happen after Meals, it denotes obstructions.

If tears, without a sensible cause, fall from the eyes, the lips quiver at times, as like­wise the Legs seem feeble, if the memory grows bad, and the senses stupified as it were, the body hot and cold by turns, the breath short, and fetched with pain, and pain in the head; if these Symptoms in any critical [Page 142]time happen, they denote a conflict of Na­ture, a Sickness approaching through Eje­ction.

If the Eyes are dull, and Rheum much afflict them, if the Nostrils are red, if the Midriff and short Ribs stretch without pain, if the Breath be difficult, a pain of the Head, Nose, and Face, itching pain of the Temples, they denote some sharp disease at hand, with Efflux of Blood, especially these Symptoms happening or continuing on a critical day.

If the Face be sad, dark and cloudy, the Breath drawn with difficulty, the lower Lip tremble, the Spittle thin, and the Navel ex­tended, they denote a foulness of the Sto­mach, which must be removed in time, to prevent violent diseases, that through that occasion may befal the party.

These and many Symptoms I might urge, but seeing the brevity of this Treatise will not permit, I shall wave them, and proceed to some Physiognomical signs of approaching Death, as they are laid down in Rules and Canons by the Learned.


Divers Rules to know by the Art of Physiog­nomy, the danger of Diseases relating to Death.

1. THE Philosophers and Sages of the World always conclude, that if the Sight or Image in the Ball of the sick Parties appeared dull, or after a manner not usual, that it argued Death was at hand.

2. If the Eyes withdraw themselves, or sink extraordinary deep in the concavity or hol­low, it presages Death; for a penetrating [...]me from the Cerebelle, or hinder part of [...]he Head, entering the Optick branches, [...]ender a Chritaline contracted hardness, from whence it comes to pass, that the Eyes in a Convulsive manner are drawn inward, so [...]hat if it happen Death does not immedi­ [...]iately insue, yet the sight is in extream [...]anger of being lost, if not irrecoverable.

3. If in sickness the Eyes change to an [...]zure or reddish colour, being before of some [...]ther colour, they foretel great danger, if [...]ot Death it self.

4. If the Nose grows sharp and pale, du­ [...]ing the time the party is under any fit or a­gony, Death is threatned. If the Nose be writhed or depressed it is the like. If a pale yellowish water distil from the Nose, the danger is the same.

5. If the Mouth, as if the Membranes of the Jaws were loosed, appear to open for Air, drawing quick and short in any Disease, Death is eminent.

6. If the Teeth appear smaller and longer than usual, as if they were shooting out, Death is thereby eminently threatned.

7. If the skin of the Face and other parts be converted into yellowish or pale ashy co­lour, it prognosticates danger to the sick party.

8. If any person being sick, suddenly lan­guish, and growing worse become pale and megre, yet, being still sick, his or her Face become ruddy, it denotes danger and affli­ction.

9. If in the extremity of sickness the Breath of the party change to an ill Scent, and the Eyes appear as if they were fixed, Death is threatned.

10. If the party that is afflicted in the height of his sickness stammer abruptly, his voice become hoarse and sharp, changing from what it was before, being as it were inward, it is a sign of Death.

11. If the Breath be drawn with heavi­ness and pain, so that the Lungs seem to rise and obstruct the passage, the Breath be­ing gross and fumy, it denotes the party will hardly recover.

12. If in extremity of sickness the Teeth, the Nails, the bottoms of the Feet change colour and become dusky, it is a bad sign.

13. If the Intestive issue at the Funda­ment, by reason of sharp humours, Death is threatened.

14. If the Face and Lips suddenly change into Earthly pale-colour in time of extraor­dinary sickness, it denotes Death, especially if the Body be weakned and decayed by the force of the Disease.

15. If a darkness appear and seem to cloud the whiteness of the eye, the sight dazle, the eye-brows writh and shrink up as it were in puckers, or the eye cast a squint, not usu­al to do so, the sickness will prove very te­dious, if not mortal.

16. If one eye on a suddain contract it self [...]ess then the other, if water flow fast from the left eye, and the other be bleared, and if the eyes are fixed, a hard strugling to open them, or white Pussels appear under the eye, they are all dangerous signs.

17. If in a sharp disease the Face be smooth and shining, a Flux of the Belly, happening, no desire, but an extraordinary inclination to sleep, are ill signs.

18. Sleeping with the Lids of the Eyes open, and no moisture issuing forth, are signs of danger.

19. To lose ones hearing in the time of a dangerous Disease, with a contraction of the Ears, is the forerunner of much pain, if not Death it self.

20. To observe the Teeth blacky, rough, and disordered in an extream Disease, and that the party is wonderful incliable to rub them, denotes great danger, and almost a dispair of recovery.

21. After a Sweat, if a cold quaking or shivering seize the party, the Hair stare, and a cold Sweat follow, chiefly about the Neck and Head, it is an ill sign, threatning the party with Death.

22. If the Tongue be black, the Mouth noisom and contagious, the Lips writhing and distorted, the Mouth opening without yauning, a pimple upon the Tongue, as it were a Pea, and the desire of hot things, are arguments of Death.

23. To contract the Yard and the Testi­cles in an extraordinary manner, denotes Death, especially if it be in a contagious sickness.

24. A hot vapour arising from the skin, the Breath being cold, and the coldness of the extream parts, are arguments of Death.

25. A yaxing or straining to vomit after having much vomited, the Flux of the Belly, the Jaundice, before the seventh day of sick­ness, [Page 147]the debility of the parts, with extream leanness, are tokens of Death.

And thus much I have thought worthy to be noted as to these Observations useful in many kinds, whereby the sudden or latter approach of Death is signified or threatned to languishing Mortals and is one main pare and one main end of Physiognomy.


How to find out the Genius of a Countrey and be sensible of its wonderful effects.

THough this may seem strange to the in credulous, even to such as will not be lieve any thing beyond the ocular demon­stration, yet certain it is there is a secret in­fluence proper to peculiar places more imme­diately affecting and protecting one place than another, that is participating of th [...] nature of the Planet, has greater Influence and as a secundary cause much, augments to the felicity or infelicity of Mankind, and therefore is called the good or evil Genius and by the Ancients was much observed in all their undertakings, nay, was stiled their Guardian, or the Goddess Fortune.

To know the Genius, consider the humour that predominates in the Body, whether Flegm, cholerick blood, or Melancholy, which may be known by the lines in the hand. A [...] [Page 148]for instance, if they be red, he or she is of a cholerick humour, which sympathizeth with the nature of fire, and consequently the Geni­us is of the fiery Region of the Hierarchy of Gargatel, or depends upon Tariel Tubel Ga­viel his Substitutes; which may be discove­red by the colour of the lines, according to their agreeableness with Fire, Air, and Wa­ter, or consistent with Earth. The first being red, the second pale or whitish, the third of an azr re or bluish, and the fourth of a dusky or dar kish colour, and the Genius's partici­pating of these Elements, have their stations assigned in the four Quarters of the Universe. If i [...] happen to be one of the fiery Figures of Geomancy, which are in number four, viz. Fortuna-Minor, Amisso, Rubeus and Cauda Draconis; or if it happen in one of those of Mars, which are Acquisitio, Puer, Tristitia, past doubt the Angle or Genius is of the Re­gion of Fire, having its Regency in the South, and coucludes Tuesdays to be the fortunate days of those who are born under their influ­ence.

If in the Hand the lines and veins be nar­row and long, appearing of whitish comple­ction, somewhat inclining to redness, they denote an airy or sanguine Constitution, the Genius in that case being of the Hierarchy of the Air attributed to Raphael, and under him [Page 149]to Miel and Seraphiel, and those born under them are generally wise, virtuous, great stu­diers of Arts and Sciences, having their hap­py days on Wednesdays.

If in the Hand Lines and Veins appear long and bluish, mixed with white strokes, that denotes the party to be of a flegmatick Constitution, the Genius in that case refer­ring to water, and have their Regency in the North, the principal is Gabriel, having un­der him, Samuel, Mediel, Mael, and the person born under their protection shall be wonderful fortunate in Sea-affairs.

If the Lines and lesser Veins in the Hand are found broad, short and thick, of a dark dusky colour, the Constitution is Melancho­lick, in which cause the Genius is found in the West, Uriel being Superior, and under him Cassiel, Salchiel, and Assasiel, inducing to learning the study of profound Sciences, and their happy days are Thursdays. As for these Geniuses they do not always dispence their immediate influence or assistance to man­kind, but predominate more at one time than another, communicating strange things.

As for the Genius of the fiery Hierarchy ruling in cholerick persons, it is to be ob­served powerful in its operation, when the Sun is in Aries and Leo, in the Months of March and July. As for the Genius of the Air [Page 150]it is most powerful in March and April, the Sun being in Aries and Taurus. The Genius of the Water when the Sun is in Capricorn and Aquarius, in the Months of December and January. The Genius of the Earth when the Sun is in Libra and Sagittarius in the Months of September and November, and at these times in Critical hours the Ancients af­firm, that they appear to the sight of such as they protect or infiuence in sundry shapes, re­presenting their power and grandeur accord­ing to their Hierarchical degrees, but it be­ing a mystery too deep for the capacity of the unlearned, full of ambiguities, I shall the brieflier pass it over, and proceed to other useful matters.


Observations taken from the days of the Moon, with Relation to the Birth of Mankind, as to the undertaking of Business, by that means rendred fortunate or unfortunate.

IN this case the Observation according to the learned Antients, is to be taken from New Moon to New Moon. As thus if the par­ty be born in the first day of the Moon, shall be vigorous, lively, fair, and increase in riches. If born the second day, his or her underta­kings shall prosper, but sickness is threatned. if the third day, expect crosses and vexation [Page 151]in Love, by reason of inconstancy. If the fourth day, the party will be fortunate in af­fairs, but be much subject to pains and disor­ders of the head, occasioned by watery con­tractions. If on the fifth day, mischief is threatned by Thieves or Robbers. If on the sixth day, good fortune is promised by marri­age unexpectedly brought to pass. If the seventh day, riches are promised by the death of Friends. If the eight day, losses by Sea are eminent. If the ninth day, the person is promised long life, though attended with se­veral crosses and vexations. If the tenth day, he or she shall be fortunate in finding things precious, which shall turn to their great ad­vantage. If born on the eleventh day, the party shall be fortunate in Children of the Female Sex. If born on the twelfth day, the party shall be subject to travel, and be often in danger of drowning. If born on the thirteenth day, he or she shall be light and in­constant. If on the fourteenth a calm estate is promised, accompanied with many blessings. If on the fifteenth, the party is promised suc­cess in Tillage. If on the sixteenth day, the party be born, he or she is subject to Rheums, Catarrhs, extraordinary Colds, and the like. If on the seventeenth day, it denotes the par­ty of a peevish disposition, one given to quar­tel and contention, by which many mischiefs [Page 152]shall insue, if on the eighteenth day the par­ty being born, much happiness is promised. If on the nineteenth day, it denotes the party slothful, much given to sleep and drowsiness, not desirous of labour, nor thoughtful of bu­siness. If on the twentieth day, it denotes the party from a low station to rise to a high degree. If one the twenty-first day the party is promised riches by Navigation. If on the twenty-second day he or she shall be unfortu­nate in Children or Relations. If on the twenty-third day, then shall the party be fee­ble, unhealthy, and fall into many disorders. If on the twenty-fourth day, the Dropsie and Gout are threatned. If on the twenty fifth day, bad success is predicted, in especially Rural Affairs. And so for the twenty-sixth, and twenty-seventh; for so many days, besides hour and minutes, is the Sun making her progress through the Twelve Signs of the Zodiack, as being the nearest Planet to the Earth, so that to her are more immediately attributed the rule of all watery Bodies, she drawing after her in her Rises and Fall, not only the Ocean and the Blood in the Body of Mankind, and other Creatures of substance, causing them to ebb and flow, but by her in­crease and Wain, causes a liveliness or decay in the parts of life; both Man and Beast na­turally appearing more heavy and lumpish in [Page 153]her Wain than in her Increase. And thus much for the signification of the Moon's course relating to good or bad fortune.


The manner of Resolving doubtsul Questions in relation to Friends, Marriages, places of Abode, Health, Prosperity or Adversity, love or business, with many more of the like nature within the rules of Astrology, &c.

REsolving of Questions in this kind has by many been held a curious Art, and by the Ignorant wonderfully esteemed, who generally conceit it can be brought to pass by no less than Conjuration, though therein much mistaken; but however, though like other Arts and Sciences, it is not altogether infallible, yet it is lawful, and of much effica­cy, rendering in many particulars such satis­faction, as the Inquisitive have thought im­possible to meet with in their inquiry, though in this the Rules are not difficult, if seriously weighed and considered. As thus,

Observe the question and the time wherein it is demanded, consider the Planet that is Lord of the Ascendant, and the Sign that is posited, take the dimentions, and erect the Scheme, in which by comparing and making exact parallels, division of the Figures, by [Page 154]which means the Nativity being brought within view you may by understanding how the Planet that ruled in that, disposes, orders, or influences as a secundary cause, and from thence drawing your conjecture, make your solution; as suppose the question be, whether the party shall marry the party desired, if Venus a Planet properly influencing affairs of Love and Conjugal felicity be in the seventh House, which by Astrologers is termed the House of Marriages, or the third Angular House, the affair will be prosperous if begun at that time, and the party have success. If any person make a Voyage when the Moon is in the fifth House it will be prosperous, but if Mars be there, let him expect to suffer much by storms, and may be in danger of casting away. And so if any one sicken, Saturn or the Moon being in the eighth house, termed the House of Death, the recovery is to be doubted, if you contract Friendship, the Moon being in the third, which is the House attribu­ted to Friends and Relations, it will be to your great advantage, prove happy and last­ing; but if Mercury be there, the contrary. The first House is termed the Ascendant of the Horoscope, whence is gathered the con­dition of man's life, wherefore to undertake any business when Jupiter or the Moon is there will prove very fortunate. If Jupiter be Lord [Page 155]of the Nativity in that House, honours and great preferments are promised. The Moon being in the fourth House at the Nativity, called the house of Inheritance and Treasure, the party shall have an estate fall unexpect­edly. If a Woman conceive when Venus is in the fifth House, the Child will be Male. If in the sixth, a weak female Child. If Mercury, & Venus be at the time of the conception in con­junction in the 5th house, there happen twins, or if but one, it proves for the most part to be a Hermophrodite, participating of either Sex. Business begun, the Moon being in the 12th. House, shall meet with many crosses and disappointments, going for the most part preposterously. If a party be born when the Sun is in the ninth House, and Mercury be Lord of his Nativity, he shall travel into ma­ny strange Lands, advance himself thereby, and increase in wisdom and piety, dying in his Native-Countrey in a good old-Age. If a party is born, the Moon being in the tenth House, and the Sun the seventh, Mars being Lord of that Nativity, good success is promi­sed in Rural Affairs, but in other imploy­ments the party will be unfortunate. The party born when the Moon is in the twelfth House, and Mars Lord of the Nativity, is born to discontent, disorder, strife and re­proach. In fine, the Houses have these pro­perties [Page 156]attributed to them, in case the Planet, that is, Lord of the Nativity, be in one or o­ther of them, as that it must consequently. The first house so termed, is the Horoscope or Ascendant from whence the condition and manner of life is resolved. The second is the House of Riches, Servants, Substance, as also the expiration of youth. The third is that of Brothers, Sisters, and Kindred far­ther of. The fourth is that of Inheritance and Possessions. The fifth is that of Children, Pleasure, Delights, Substance, &c. The sixth is that of Sickness and Health. The seventh is that of Wedlock, Contractions, Marriages, happy and unhappy breaches of Love, mistrust, and the like. The eight de­notes of what kind of death the party shall die, and what befals him in his latter days. The ninth is that of Piety, Wisdom, Learn­ing, Philosophy and Travel, as well in Voya­ges at Seas, as by Journeys by Land. The renth is that of Government, Advancement, Learning Eminency, Lordships, Laws, and has great Influence on the middle part of the life. The eleventh is that of Benefactors, Friends, Servants, and the like, much influ­encing old Age. The twelfth and last is that of Enemies sighting, Labour, Envy, Trea­chery, and falls upon the latter end of man's days. Now from these the Question rightly [Page 157]stated, the hour and minute of the Nativity, the constitution and complection of the party rightly considered, may be drawn strong con­jectures as to health, sickness long or short life, marriages, happy or unhappy voyages, travel, children, friends, riches, prosperity in one place more than in another, and the like. And indeed this is the foundation on which all the pretenders to such Solutions build and draw their Inferences, from which many times come exactly to pass, though sometimes the expectations of the Inquisitive are left in the mist of Ambiguity.


A further Observation of the Planets, and their Operation on Mankind.

IF it so fall out that the Moon be in Gemini or Cancer, when the child is born, she has not the power of the birth, but it must be at­tributed to the Lord of the next House. If the Sun be in Leo, which is his proper house, at the time a child is born, yet his power, by reason he is in his own house, is of no force, but it must in that case be attributed to Mer­cury, being Lord of the next house being Vir­go. If the Moon be in Virgo, Venus is Lady of the birth, by reason Libra follows, which [Page 158]is her proper House. As for Mars and Saturn, it is held on all hands that their Influence is not so pernicious in their own Houses, as in Houses proper to other Planets, by reason their proper Houses being more natural to them, they pour not out their malign influ­ence to that degree as is other cases. As for the rule of the Planets, by turns, they are these: On Saturday the first hour of midnight reigneth Saturn. The second hour Jupiter. The third Mars. The fourth Sol. The fifth Venus. The sixth Mercury. The seventh the Moon. And so beginning again in the like order, hold on their course throughout all time, making their changes, each Planet ruling the first hour of that day attributed to it, as Sol Sunday. Luna Monday. Mars Tuesday. Mercury Wednesday. Jupiter Thur­day. Venus Friday. Saturn Saturday. And their dispositions are these: Saturn causes a firm and stable prudence. Jupiter a righte­ous justice. Mars a constant force and puis­sence. Sol an ardent charity, and good na­ture. Venus mildness and affability. Mercu­ry fluentness of speech and a wary cunning. Luna a moderate temper, softness and effe­minancy, Therefore the hour of Saturn is good to undertake deep Councils and Affairs that require great prudence to conduct, and bring them to perfection. The hour of Mars [Page 159] [...]o undertake warlike enterprizes, or any [...]iolent or dangerous attempts. Jupiter's hour [...]s good to enter upon Places, Offices, and Pre­ferment. The hour of Sol is good to require and seek for the favour of Potentates and great men. The hour of Venus to sollicite Love, and seek a reconciliation with those who are at enmity with you. The hour of Mercury to undertake the out-witting or cir­cumventing your adversary. The hour of the Moon to enterprize business of Naviga­tion, or any thing relating to Water. Again, Saturn causeth death, dearth and peace. Ju­piter a cessation of quarrels and strife, a quiet and temperate life. Mars Winds, Thunder, Lightnings, Quarrels, Contenti­ons, Strife, and Blood-shed. Sol Long-life, Health and Prosperity. Venus causeth Vi­gor-Love, Friendship and Fruitfulness. Mer­cury causeth Controversies, Law-suits, Con­tests and Contentions. The Moon causes great Floods and Inundations, Dropsies, and all watery Diseases incident to either Sex. And thus much as to these particulars.


Of the Pythagorean Wheel, commonly called the Wheel of Fortune, and what is to be observed thereby as to good or bad Fortune relating to man or woman.


ALthough this by some may be esteemed needless in a treatise so amply furnish­ed with variety, yet that nothing that may contribute to the advantage of the Reader in this nature may be omitted, I have thought fit to insert these following Instructions.

Would you know the result of any Questi­on? chuse a number not exceeding thirty, that [Page 161]you best fancy, to that add the number or the day, and the first Letters of your Name, which probably may stand Figures, divide the number by three, and if the result be even, then will what you demand come to pass, but if odd, not, or at least not with­out vexation and delay.

Would you know whether you shall enjoy the party you love, in this case take the first Letters of your Christian and Sirnames, add thereto the number of the Planet, and day of the Week, all which in one conjunct number divide by thirty, and if it fall out in the up­per part of the Wheel, you will have your wish, but if it happen in the lower part you will find many crosses, if not altogether mis­carry therein.

Another understanding of this Wheel, is thus, Chuse a number according to your plea­sure, add to it the day of the Month, then the Letters of your Name, which united in one sum divide by thirty, which number if it hap­pen to be 154 so divided, the overplus will be 14, which number being found in the upper part of the Wheel, promises success, but if in the lower part, renders it doubtful, if not alto­gether impossible to bring to pass: Another way there is by Alphasier in case of Victory, or who shall overcome, which is by compa­ring the Names of the parties, and substract­ing [Page 162]the numbers of signification, adding to each the number three, and in such cases the day of the Month, and the Planet, being the additional, if the three or thirteen remain the Supernumerary to one of the parties, he may expect success, and so in other cases relating to love, business, friendship, fidelity, riches, truth, falshood, prosperity and adversity, honesty, dishonesty, malice, evil intention, fraud, or the like, too tedious herein to be inserted.


An account of the good and bad days in each Month, relating to Sickness and Health.

IF any party fall sick on the first day of the Month, the third day is to be feared, the which if he pass he will in all probability re­cover. If on the second day he or she fall sick, though the sickness may be tedious, yet is there great hopes of recovery. He rhat falleth sick on the third day, if he pass the next change of the Moon, there is great like­lihood of his recovery. He or she that falleth sick on the fourth day, is in danger of continu­ing sick to the twenty-eighth day. To fall sick on the fifth day, denotes much pain and [Page 163]trouble, yet promises a recovery. To fall Eck on the sixth day, threatens the party with danger of death after a long sickness. To [...]ll sick of any dangerous disease on the se­ [...]enth day, may notwithstanding hope for recovery. To fall sick on the ninth day, pro­ [...]ises a speedy recovery. To fall sick on the [...]enth day, is dangerous. To fall sick on the [...]leventh day, promises a speedy recovery. To sll sick on the twelfth day, is in danger of [...]eath within fifteen days following. To fall Eck on the thirteenth day, denotes the reco­very will not be besore the eighteenth day. To fall sick on the fourteenth day, promises [...] quick recovery. To fall sick on the fif­teenth day, denotes danger of life, unless the party recover within eighteen days after fol­lowing. To fall sick on the sixteenth day, promises a recovery after much affliction. To [...]ll sick on the seventeenth day, denotes the party to be in danger of death. To fall sick on the eighteenth day, denotes the party soon to recover. To fall sick the nineteenth day, [...]enotes the party shall recover. To fall sick the twentieth day, signifies that sickness to be [...]hort, and that it will end in health. To fall sick the twenty-first day, promises a recovery, if the party escape the ten days following. To fall sick on the twenty-second day, promi­ses the same with the twenty-first. He that [Page 164]falleth sick the twenty-third day, though he shall endure much pain, shall recover. To fall sick the twenty-fourth day, signifies the sick­ness to be very short; and the like is signified to the party falling sick on the twenty-fifth day. he that falleth sick on the twenty-sixth day, shall before the sixth day of the insuing Month recover. He that falleth sick on the twenty-seventh day, is threatned with a tedi­ous sickness, if not death. He that falleth sick on the twenty-eight day, is in the like like danger with the party foregoing.

As for the over-plus days, by reason Febru­ary has but twenty eight days, and that the other two or three which are in some Months, being properly allowed to compleat the Sun's Revolution, and not the course of the Moon, it is the opinion of the Learned, that no direct Inferences can be drawn from thence, but rather in that case to begin again as if they appertained to another Month, rec­koning one, two, or three, as the Month falls out, and count in this case, the success as in the beginning of this Chapter of favourable and unfortunate days.


The fixed Stars, and their Scituation profi­table for Mariners, by which they may be directed how to Steer, &c.

FOr a more full continuation of this work, I have not thought it amiss to nominate the Celestial Signs, with the Stars that ap­pertain to, or are compacted in them; and [...]hose that are so spangled, are divided into three parts, some of which are placed in the Circle of the Zodiack, some of them called Northern, and others Southern Stars: & those that are placed in the Zodiack have sundry Names attributed to them, according to the fancy of the Antients, not that they resemble the Creatures or such, but it is supposed on all hands, that those Names was given them by Artists to distinguish them; or at least as [...]he Sun entering those Signs, sympathizes more or less with the nature of such Crea­tures, as the Ram, the Bull, and the like: In the Back of Taurus or the Bull, are placed the Stars called Pleiades: In the head of Tau­rus six Stars called the Hijades: The Stars standing before the Feet of Gemini are called Propus, and that as it were cloudy part of Heaven, which is Cancer, is known by the Name of Persephe: the two Stars dimly shi­ning [Page 166]that are near it, are called Alini: and the bright Star in the middle of Leo is named the Lyon's- Heart; the bright Star at the Fin­gers end of the left hand of Virgo, is called SpikaVirginis: the little Star at the right hand of Virgo, is called Protigettes: the four Stars that are at the right hand of Aquarius are called Urnathe: Stars that go from the Tail of Pisces are called Lines, and in the South Line nine Stars are contained, and only five in the North: the brighter Star in the Lines end is called Nodus, and these are accounted useful Stars. Those between the Zodiack and the Northern Pole, are accounted Nor­thern: As thus, Ursa, Major, and Ursa, Mi­nor, Draco, that lies between the Bears Ar­tophylax, Corona, Engon, Asin, the Harp, the Vulter, the Eagle, the Serpent and Ser­pentine, the Arrow and the Dolphin, Protto­mo, Hyppy, the Horse that is near Hyppacas, Caepheus, Cassiopia, and Romeda, Perseus, Au­riga, Deltoton, Bernices, here likewise there are other Stars, who for their plain appear­ance had their names from the notable Stars, about the middle shank of Arctophilax, and are called Arcturus: and the shining Star pla­ced by the Harp, borrows its name from the Sign: the Stars at the top of Perseus left hand are named Gorgons: the clear Star in the Shoulder of Auriga is called the Goat: the [Page 167]two lesser Stars at the extremity of the hand are called the Kidds: and all that lye on the South side of the Zodiack, are Southern signs, their Names as follow, Orion the Centaur, & the Beast that he holds in his hand, Thyrsylo­cus, the Rehale, the Southern-Fish, the Skin­ker of Aquarius, the Flood of Orion, the Southern Crown, the Road that lyeth by Hy­parcus, and in these there are Stars that have taken proper names, the bright Star in Prok­you is called by that name, the bright Star in the South, Dogs mouth is called the Dog or Dog-star: The Star that shineth in the top of Argo, is call'd Canopius. And thus much touch­ing these Stars, which well considered, may in a great measure be a help to Sailers in di­recting their Course, especially in those Seas where the Stars are the most material Guide. As for the two Tropicks, they are Cancer and Capricorn, the first the Summer Tropick or Oblstice, being the boundards of the Sun, and the two extreams of the twelve Signs: The Poles are Artick and Antartick, North and South, the former by reason of its Elevation is visible in our Horizon, but the latter is de­pressed, and not visible in the Northern parts of the World: These Poles are no other than a certain number of Stars, that making in a manner a Circle, turn only round, never rising and seeing as the other Stars; [Page 168]from whence they derive their names of Poles, or as it were, Centres of the Spheres on which they turn and move about.


An Essay by way of Discourse of the substance and nature of Heaven, and Celestial Bo­dies, &c. or a Scheme of Divine and Na­tural Philosophy.

THough this to some may seem strange, yet may it not altogether prove unpro­fitable, being drawn from Reason, gene­ral and particular Observations, as likewise from the Opinions of the Learned. First, Then I shall thus proceed, that amongst all Creatures in Heaven and Earth, some are spi­ritual, and others corporal, by the spiritual is meant those that have no body or visible sub­stance, as Angels and the Souls of Men; now in this case some have life, and others not, some are lasting and immutable, others pe­rishable and corruptible, some motion, and thers without motion; and amongst those which are without life. there is difference in two points, some have natural motion, the rest want it; and amongst those which have this motion, some are mutable, corruptible, and subject to change, the rest not persisting [Page 169]always in their Estate, during the course of this World, stones and metals, &c. are of the number of those that have neither life, nor any natural moving whatsoever, but participate with the Stable Earth. The Wa­ter, Air, and Fire, are Creatures, the which, though wanting life, yet have the motion, and are subject to all corruption, as are all other Creatures composed of Elements, whe­ther they retain life or not; for by reason they are compounded of matter, and contra­ry qualities, they do at length corrupt, and are changed; not in regard of the first na­ture and substance, which perishes not, tho it changeth Forms, but returneth always in­to the same Element, whereof every com­pound consisteth, and notwithstanding, stones and metals are exceeding hard, yet are they not Exempt from corruption, but are con­sumed by Usage; but the Celestial Bodies consists of such matter, nature and substance, that being in perpetual motion, they ever persevere, and are intire in their first form, not being subject to change in Bodies, or any way consuming like other Creatures that are under them.

As for the matter and substance of the Ce­lestial Bodies, it has occasioned divers dis­putes amongst the Learned, for some, even Phylosophers, have affirmed, that the Heavens [Page 170]and Stars are compounded of the same Ele­ments with other Creatures, though some­what refined and purged from its grosness; rendring this reason, viz. that they could not be visible, were they not made of visible matter, and that it is unlikely that visible things should be made of things invisible; from whence they conclude, that there is in the composition of Celestial Bodies, some portion of Earth and Water, and that they are more lucid and bright, they attribute to the nature of the Air and Fire; others are of Opinion, that the Heavens are composed of another nature of substance, which they term the fifth Essence, of most rare and different substance, from the Elementary, and much more excellent and noble; but whatsoever may be subtilly invented in this matter, it may be very well conjectured, that heat is the substance of subsistance of Celestial Bodies, which is inseperable from brightness, the si­militude and semblance of light having the substance of it, and of heat, so annexed with it self, that it is almost nothing else, so that the light brightnes;, and heat, may be taken for one and the same thing the substance and matter of Heaven and of all the Spheres, nei­ther are they more wearied, worn, and cor­rupted for all the labour they have perform­ed by the space of so many thousand years, [Page 171]than they were the first day of their Creati­on; for we must not hold it for a change and alteration of their natures and qualities in that, according to their divers courses, the Stars and Planets are sometimes far from, and sometimes nearer to each other, and that they have conjunctions, oppositions, and di­vers aspects, according to the variety of their motions; not yet for the Eclipse of the Sun, occasioned by the interposition of the Moon's dark Body, between us and that glorious light, or of the Moon by the interposition of the shadow of the Earth, between the Sun and her lightness, or be, for such changes are not in their proper Bodies substance and qua­lity, but only in regard of us and our sight, though in the end they shall wax old like a Garment, and pass away; but till that ap­pointed time, sealed up from the knowledge of all Men or Angels, in the Bosom of infi­nite Wisdom, they shall keep their course without alteration.


A Treatise of Fiery Meteors, and their Ge­neration.


THE Generation of the fiery Impression oft seen in the Air, called burning Stub­ble, or sparkles of Fire, is on this kind, viz. When the matter of the Exhalation being an Unctious or Oily Vapour extracted from the Earth, by the influence of the Stars, or Beams of the Sun into the highest Region, and there being in all parts alike thin, one part takes fire before the other can arrive, so kindled by degrees, it flies abroad like sparkles, or fal­ling Stars.

The flying Dragon, or fiery Drake, ano­ther [Page 173]sort of fiery Meteors, is a Body of a vaporous matter, ascending to the Region of cold, but by reason of its grosness, not capable to pass it; so that being driven down by the vehementness of its agitation, takes fire, forming it self into the shape of a Dra­gon, very fearful to behold, and in the like nature are generated and kindled fires in the Air, resembling Shields, Globes, Bowels, Lamps, Pyramids, and the like, according as they fall into fashion, by reason of the op­position they meet, or their sooner or later kindling.

There is a Light seen upon the Earth, cal­led, Will with the Wish, which in Moorish or Marshy ground, is seen to go before men in a dark Night, called by the Latins, Ignis Fa­tuus, or foolish fire, which is indeed no other but a Vapour kindled by vehement agitation, moving and skipping up & down by the mo­tion or direction of the Air, when through the darkness of the Night, men many times fixing their eyes upon it; they are so dazled as they loose their way, which they foolish­ly attribute to the power of this Vapour, which indeed has no such operation.

There are other flames which appear upon mens beards & hair, as likewise upon Beast's, these are caused by clammy Vapours scattered in the Air, and taking fire by their swift and [Page 174]vehement motion which ingenders such heat, that in motion many times Arrows have taken fire, and Bullets have melted.

Comets or Blazing-Stars are no other than a huge Mass of vaporous Unctions, which by reason of its subtilty reaches the Region of Fire, and there blazes till the matter that feeds it is consumed: the Train or Tail be­ing the blaze, and the round Head the Body of Fire that continues it, and cannot be seen, where the Sun beams make any impression, but is very discernable when the shadow of the Earth passes about it; but for the most part these Exhalations threaten mankind with di­vers Calamities, appearing as the Beacons of Heaven, to warn the sinful World to repent.


A Treatise of Airy Impressions, their Nature and Generation, &c.


THE cause of many Suns and Moons ap­pearing at once, that is the representa­tion of many, though indeed not real, is, as to the first, when the Sun casts a full reflex upon smooth and watery Clouds, and in them impresses its likeness, so that sometimes there appear two, three, or five Suns in this nature so are produced the Images of many small Suns like little Stars, and in like man­ner are produced the Images of the Moon, seen oftner than the former, by reason of her nearness to the Earth.

Lightning is caused by a hot Vapour, a­scending from the Earth and Water, which in its Ascension taking fire, yet not being able to break through the cold Region, it forces its passages downward, when meeting with watery cold, it plunges into them, and rend them in pieces with horrible Bellow­ing, which is called Thunder, but when no Clouds interpose, or at least very thin ones, then are flashes of Lightning only seen, but no Thunder heard; the reason why the Light­ning is so long seen before the Thunder is heard is, for that the sence of seeing, is more quick and instant than that of hearing.

Earthquakes are caused by Winds in the Bowels or hollow Caverns of the Earth, fight­ing with the heat and opposition they meet [Page 176]with, so that struggling for vent, they often in forcing their way, rend and force the Earth in sunder, and fly forth in prodigious Whirl­wind, doing great mischief. Whirlwinds, properly termed so, is caused by a strong Va­pour, or Airy Contraction that forces its way through a flock of Clouds, without any noise of Thunder, of flash of Lightning. Another sort there are, called fiery Whirlwinds, which is when a Vapour in such a case takes fire, which sort overthrows and destroys all dry things that oppose it.

Circles about the Sun and Moon are cau­sed by the thick and grosness of the Air, for the Beams being shot direct, reverberate, or are beaten back, making a round Circle or Halen, according to the roundness of the body of Light which occasions it, and some­times it so falleth out through the Interpo­sition of thin Clouds.

The Rain bow is caused by the Suns. Beams, darting ascance, or in opposition to a thick and watery Cloud, making the Co­lours lighter or darker, according to the deepness of their penetration.

The natural Winds are caused by the sud­dain and violent motion of the Air, and that directed from the turning of the Spheres more or less according, and the reason why it so often varies and changes, is to purge off, [Page 177]and carry away the gross Vapours, which would otherways infect the Earth, by cor­rupting, and render it uninhabitable.

Rain is caused by Misty Vapours exhaled by the heat of the Sun, which being drawn up, thicken, and are carried about by the Winds, till they are too heavy, and then fall down in showers; for the Clouds are of no solid matter, but only composed of moist and dry Vapours, and where it so falls out that the Wind is exceeding scant before the moist Vapour can ascend to its height or thicken, then does it fall again in Mist.

Hail and Snow are moist Vapours, condu­ced by too near approaching the Region of cold. If the Vapour be thick, then it is Hail or Drisle, if thin and expanded, then it is Snow; if thin and close Rime or hoar Frost. And thus much for these particulars.


Of the perfect Composition which are in the Nature of things, by which the four Ele­ments are to be considered.

AS for the four Elements, they may be fitly termed to resemble living Crea­tures, Plants, Stones and Metals, as for Stones [Page 178]they have their Original and Foundation from the Earth, and agreeing with its nature, ever descend. Metal may be said to be pla­ced upon the second Watery Angle of the World, as agreeing in their Liquid Matter with Water, all Metals have their Original from Quicksilver and Sulphur, stewed or boyled in the Bowels of the Earth, and are finer or courser, according to the firmness or grosness of those Originals, upon the third or Airy Angle of the World. We may find Plants, for they neither grow nor fructu­fie, but in the open-day, and do properly re­tain the nature of Air, which they always re­quire, as being fittest and aptest for them. Upon the fourth Angle, namely Fire, may be centered or put all living Creatures, whose lives as the Learned hold, subsist by fire, ob­tained from the Empireal Heaven and Spirit of Life, which is a quickning fire, and distri­buteth Life to all the Wheels of the World.

True it is, that under every Universal kind of these, there are divers particular species distinct the one from the other; for although stones may properly enough be termed Earthy, yet are they sometimes no­minated of some other Element, which most prevaileth in their composition for doubtless all the Elements do meet together in the Pro­creation of them, but chiefly Earth and Wa­ter, [Page 179]and may by their grosness or pureness be observed, which most predominates or contributed to the composition, for the dark stones are called earthly; and the clear ones watery. As for Metals, they participate mostly of a watery substance, though they have in them the composition of all the Ele­ments, and may be resembled to the seven Planets, as Gold to the Sun, Silver to the Moon, Iron to Mars, Quicksilver to Mercu­ry, Brass to Jupiter, Lead to Saturn, and Tin to Venus, being each of them imagined to have the fire or influence of the said Planets. As for Plants, although they may be by Na­ture Airy; yet there are some whose Roots, Leaves and Blossoms are hot in the first de­gree, others are cold and dry, some are moist, which diversity happeneth according as the Plant participateth, more or less of the sundry Elements. The like is to be ob­served of living Creatures for although they are said to participate of the Region or Ele­ment of Fire, yet the composition of all the Elements are found in them, and without them no Creature can subsist; nay, divers are of Opinion, that all the glittering Frame of Nature, as well Celestial as Terrestrial, has a participation, though more ratified and refined. And thus Reader, I hope to your satisfaction, I have performed my promised [Page 180]Task, though but small to the eye, yet a work large to the mind, and not without much serious deliberation, easily compre­hended. As for the pains I have taken here I exact no applause, but if advantage accrue hereby, give the glory to God, who is the only Omnipotent Wise Creator, and disposes of all things, and in whom all Created Beings are centered.


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