THE Roman-Catholick CONVERTED: OR A Testimony against the Papists Imagined PURGATORY. With an EXHORTATION to them of the CHƲRCH of ROME, To break off from their Idols and Images, and to be­lieve in the LIGHT of Christ Jesus, who lighteth every man that cometh into the World.

By one, who though formerly of them, is now made able through believing in the Light of Christ to give Testimony against their Purgatory, Idols, Images, and all their dark Inven­tions,

John Vaughton.

‘He that feareth Man, shall have a Fall; but whoso putteth his Trust in the Lord, is without Danger, Prov. 24.25. ‘They have no Rest day nor night, who worship the Beast & his Image, and whosoever receiveth the Print of his Name, Rev. 14.11.

Printed in the Year 1676.

THE Roman-Catholick CONVERTED.

WO be unto those that come not forth of Baby­lon, and break not off from their Graven I­mages, and cease not from Man whose Breath is in his Nostrils, and that live in Rebellion against the Lord God of Heaven and Earth; who gave unto Man Life, Breath and Being, and hath lengthned out a Day of his tender Visitation unto the Sons and Daughters of men, whom in no wise he would have to perish in their Sins; but his Will is their Sanctification: Now none can be sanctified, but by Obedience to the Will of God; and this is the Will of God, That men believe on him whom God the Father hath sent a Light into the World, as Christ Jesus said, I am come a Light into the World; and he that believes in me, shall not abide in Dark­ness, but shall have the Light of Life; Glory, Honour and Everlasting Renown be unto the Lord God of Life for evermore, who hath caused his Light to shine into the Hearts of a Remnant, and hath given them the Knowledge of him­self in and by the Shinings of his own Light; and all the Na­tions of the World that are saved, must walk in the Light of the Lord Jesus; for Cleansing from Sin is known as there is a walk­ing in the Light of Jesus (and no where else) that's my Testimo­ny, as I have received it of the Lord. And therefore unto you that are of the Church of Rome, and expect Salvation as you are Members thereof, this Word is in my Heart from the Lord unto you all; Destruction, and not Salvation, will be your Portion, if you come not to believe in the Light of Christ Jesus, as it appears in you, manifesting the Evil of your Doings, and hath [Page 2]and doth often strive with you, and would gather you, and bring you out of your own Wayes and Inventions, which the Devil and his Ministers, Emissaries and Agents have set up, and have caused all that have believed them to bow unto the Image that they have set up, and have caused all them who have believed their Report, to receive that for Christ which is but a Wafer, and made by the Hands, which are Dust, and must return to the Dust; and this is the Work of your Pope, Bishops and Priests, whom you call Fathers, and Father of Fathers; and so, you own your selves to be the Chil­dren of them who know not God nor Christ; but have set up a Wafer, and called it Christ's Body, Flesh and Blood, and Compel People to receive it as such; and yet they that recei­ved it, never knew cleansing from Sin by it, nor never will: And therefore Wo be unto you Priests and People, which are Falling down, Bowing and Worshipping that for God which is not God, but the Works of your own Hands: Behold and take notice of it, You shall perish, if you Repent not; and your Crosses of Wood and Stone, though never so finely gilded, nay, though they be made of the Gold it self, and your Images, though never so finely drawn by the Art of the Limner, Bow ye and Creep ye never so oft unto them, nor yet your Holy Ashes (as you call them), nor yet your Holy Wa­ter (as you call it), shall be able to deliver you in the Day of the Indignation of the Lord, which certainly shall be pour­ed forth upon you: For your Water, which you have made and washed People withal, its not the Water of Life, and therefore it answers not the End which you purpose it for, which say you, It hath Power, or there is Vertue in it to drive away Evil Spirits from those who are sprinkled with it; and therein you are found to be Lyars; for the Evil Spirit works and bears rule, both in you that make the Water, and sprin­kle your selves and others with it.

And be it known unto you Priests and False Prophets, who, as you say, have received Power to Absolve from Sin those that confess their Sins unto you, and do that Pennance you enjoyn them to: Behold you are found Lyars, by one who in dayes past, and years that are gone, Confest unto some of you, and did [Page 3]those things which you enjoyned him to do, in hopes thereby he might obtain Peace with the Lord: But behold, and take notice, I speak the Truth, and Lye not; That notwithstand­ing all your Absolutions and Pennances, enjoyned by you, and by me performed, I was not Discharged from the Guilt that Sin being committed brought upon me; and in that Day God's holy pure Spirit did condemn me for those Sins which I had committed, and which I had Confest to you, and which you had given me Absolution for; and the Judgments of the Lord were then upon me, and his holy Spirit strove with me; and many times there were strong Cryes raised in me, That I might know Power over Sin, and that I might be set free from Sin: but in that Day I did not certainly know that it was the Lord that strove with me, because Darkness was over my Under­standing; and though the true Light did shine in the Dark­ness, yet the Darkness comprehended it not; and I being not turned from the Darkness to the Light, did not receive Power over my Sin: But in my Distress I went to you for Help, (but it was in vain) and when I found no Help from you, then did the Lord by his Spirit strive with me, to bring me from amongst you; and this that set my Sins in order be­fore me, some of you have called it the Devil; and some of you told me, I was in a Good Condition, and the Devil (you said) was striving to get me out of the Church; and said you, You must believe as the Church believes; for out of your Church (say you) there is no Salvation. But I testifie for the Lord God that lives forever, and for the sakes of those who among you may in some measure be in a Sense of that pure Principle of Life in themselves, that strives with them against Sin, and yet may depend upon Man, or your Church, which is made by Man, That whilst they have any Dependency upon the Church, or any Man of your Church, let him be called Pope, or Priest, or what Name else soever it be, or whatever Practice he be found in, which the Spirit of the Lord leads him not un­to, he will not know Salvation, but Condemnation will be his or their Portion forever, if they repent not, and Forsake not the Evil of their Wayes, and it is not the Priest's saying, My Soul for thy Soul, will excuse any in the Day of Account; for [Page 4]the Lord is clear, and will be clear of the Blood of all men; and Man's Destruction is of himself, but his Help is in me, saith the Lord God that lives forever.

And therefore Wo unto, you Priests, the Blood of ma­ny of the People will be required at your Hands, because through your dark Working and subtil Inventions you have allured many, and drawn many, and kept many from the Knowledge of the Lord, and spoken Peace unto many when the Lord has spoken Trouble; and you being ignorant of the Arm and Power of the Lord, that sets the Soul free from Sin, have invented or imagined a Purgatory after Death, which say you, People whose Sins are not done away here, must be done a­way in Purgatory, which Purgatory (say you) is a Place of Fire. And O you Priests, what is the Reason you have no more Love to People who have so much Confidence in you, and who confess unto their Dying Day unto you, and as you make them believe, you have Power to Absolve all their Sins, and yet you are so Cruel and so Hard hearted unto them, that you leave a Part of their Sins unpardoned and unremitted, to be done away in Purgatory? (A Cheat indeed!) Is not one Reason that may be given for it, That you may have a Gift gi­ven to your Church, that you may say Mass for their Souls ma­ny years after? And how do you know who they are that go to Purgatory? But blessed be the Name of the Lord that lives forever, who has opened the Eyes of a Remnant to see over and beyond all your dark Inventions and Imaginations; and the Lord has and will open the Eyes of Thousands in this Na­tion, and in other Nations, who are and shall be gathered from amongst you, and shall give Testimony to the Arm and Power of the Lord God of Life, and in the Strength thereof shall be able to offer up their Lives, if the Lord require it of them, in Testimony to his Ancient Way and Holy Path, which was before your dark Inventions were, and shall be when they are come to an End. For behold and take notice, they had a time of Rising, and the Time of their Rising is seen, and the Time of their Down fal [...] is seen also; for all your dark Inventions did rise when the Apostacye t [...]red, when the Devil (the old Adversary of Mankind) had drawn the Mind of man from the [Page 5]Gift of God, from the Appearance of Christ within, which is the Saints Hope of Glory; and so led men into Imagina­tions and Inventions of Worships, out of the Spirit of God, and from the Life of Christ; and so men being gone from the Spirit, and out of the Life of Jesus, imagined a Purgato­ry after Death, and set up Worships and Services contrary to the Worship that Christ Jesus set up, and bore Testimony un­to, whose Worship was and is in the Spirit and in the Truth, which the Devil is out of, and has no part therein: Now they that have set up Worships and Services in their own Wills, and in their own Times, and have compelled People to bow there­unto, and have taken the Lives of those who have been raised to bear Testimony against their Idolatries and Superstitions; its manifest these are not of the Church of God, but of the Devil, who was a Murderer from the Beginning, who moved Cain to kill Abel his Brother: So you Papists, that Murder for Religion, see who is your Father, and what Stock you are of; and if in your Wills you Fast and Pray, and at times Af­flict your Bodies with your own Doings, the Lord will not re­gard you for none of these things; for you are found Work­ers of Iniquity: Therefore be awakened unto Righteousness, and turn your Minds inward to the Righteous Principle of God; For whatsoever may be known of God is manifested with­in man; for the Appearance of God is within; and he that formed the Mountains, and he that created the Winds, and maketh the Morning Darkness, and treadeth upon the High Places of the Earth, and sheweth unto Man what his Thoughts are, the Lord God of Hosts is his Name: Therefore fear ye before him, and dread his Holy Name, and break off from your Idols and Images, and from your own Inventions, and hearken unto him, in the inward of your Hearts, that shews you when you tell a Lye, and when you swear an Oath, and when you speak Vain Words, and when you have been sport­ing your selves in Pleasures, and passing away your Times in Playes, that sometimes after all these things meets with you, and sometimes in the midst of your Pleasures causes Sadness of Heart; yea, and when you are from your Company, or when you are upon your Beds meets with you, and smites you in [Page 6]your Consciences, and reproves you for these things; Oh! my Cry is unto you, Turn you unto him that reproves; for if ever you come to know a laying down your Heads in Peace, when time in this World shall be no more, you must turn and depart from that which he reproves you for; for the Reproofs of God's Instruction is the Way to Life; and there is not ano­ther Way, now I know: Self has a Life in the Pleasures that are in this World, but Self must be denyed by all that will be Disciples of Jesus; for Christ Jesus has said, He that will be my Disciple, must deny himself, and take up his daily Cross, and follow me: This Cross of Christ is not made with Hands, but it is the Power of God, which separates from the Evil that is in the World, and crucifies and mortifies the Lust of the Flesh, and leads out of the Pride of Life, which is not of the Father, but of this World; and this World passeth away, and the Glory of it. Therefore fear man no longer, whose Breath is in his Nostrils; but fear and dread the Living God, who will give unto every man a Reward according to the Deeds done in the Body, whether they be Good or whether they be Evil; this was the Doctrine of Christ Jesus, who preached himself the Light of the World: He said to the Jews, If you believe not that I am he, you shall dye in your Sins, and whither I go you cannot come; this was Christ's Testimony to the Unbelieving Jews. Now Papists, what will you do? Will you believe Christ Jesus, in whose Mouth was never Guile found? Or will you be­lieve your lying Priests, who tell you of a Purgatory after Death, which some of you must go into, & stay a while there, and then go to Heaven afterwards, where Christ Jesus is? lying Priests & Deceivers, & Murderers of Souls indeed, for so I in truth can call them; they have not known the Word of the Lord as a Fire in them, to burn up and to consume their Sins and their Iniquities; and so being out of the Faith that purifies the Heart (on this side the Grave) have imagined a Purgatory after Death, notwith­standing the Spirit of the Lord through his Faithful Servants in dayes past, hath given this Testimony, as its left upon Re­cord in the Holy Scriptures of Truth, that As the Tree falls, so it lies; and there's no Repentance in the Grave: So that it is evident, if man dyes in his Sins, where Christ is, thither he [Page 7]cannot come: So the Gulf is fixed, so that no unclean thing can enter the Kingdom of God; and the Wicked, and all those who forget God (or neglect to answer God in the Day of their Visitation, but sin out the Day of their Visitation,) shall be turned into Hell, and the Lyar shall have his Portion in the Lake that burns with Fire and Brimstone. Oh, the Redemp­tion of the Soul! its very precious; but its not your Bowings to your Altars, nor Praying to Saints or Angels, that can re­deem the Soul that has been in Death, or add any thing there­unto; if you should offer a Thousand Rams, or Ten Thou­sand Rivers of Oyl, nay, if any of you should give the Fruit of your Bodies for the Sin of your Souls, it will not avail: But the New Creature, it avails; the Life of Christ, it will avail; and the Life of Christ is the Light of men; and the Light ap­pears, and shines in all men, to discover and to make manifest unto all those things that are reproved, and that is the Spirit of Truth in thy own Heart and in thy own Conscience, O Man and O Woman, which convinces thee of Sin, and reproves thee for doing the thing that is Evil; Oh! turn ye at his Re­proofs; why will ye Dye? his Spirit will not alwayes strive with Man; but it strives at one time or another with every man, that every man might be left without Excuse And this Cry has run often through me, O Man, cease from thy own Inventions, and from thy own Imaginations, and let the Word of Truth have a Place in thee, that thou mayst be sanctified by it, and cleansed from Sin by it, before thou go hence and see man no more: that is the Desire of my Soul for you all, that have not sinned out your Day; for there is no Repentance in the Grave; and if no Repentance in the Grave, then there is no Change nor no cleansing from Sin. So away with your Ima­ginations of a Purgatory after Death; for the Lord is risen, and has manifested, and is manifesting his Ancient Power, which redeems the Soul out of all Evil on this side the Grave: And the Church is come and coming out of the Wilderness, lean­ing upon the Breast of her Beloved; and she cryes, Draw me, and I will run after thee; and the Day hastens in which her Glory shall be more and more seen, and none shall be able to [Page 8]ecclipse her Glory, but it shall dazle the Eyes of many Nati­ons, and many of the Sons and Daughters of men, whose Re­gion is now in the Darkness, and under the Shadow of Death, shall behold his Glory, and shall fear before him, who is our Strength, our Rock, and our Refuge, and the Stay of our Minds, and our sure Hiding place in the Time of Storms, to whose Power belongs the Glory forever and for evermore, and not to the Beast and False Prophet, for their Portion is the Lake that burns forever; and they that give their Strength to the Beast and False Prophet, and receive his Mark in their Right-hand or Forehead, shall be punished together with them. And you Papists, I must deal plainly with you, and I must tell you, That you are the People that are departed from the Faith that was once delivered to the Saints, giving heed unto sedu­cing spirits and doctrines of Devils, speaking Lyes in Hypo­crisie, whereby many of your Consciences come to be seared as with a Hot Iron: And you are forbidding Marriage, which was God's Ordinance in Paradise, before man fell; and the Priests of God under the Law were Married, and the Apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ were many of them Married; and the Apostle Paul allowed of Marriage, and said, Let a Bishop be the Husband of one Wife; and its better to Marry then to Burn: And do not many of your Priests burn with Lust? Let God's Witness in your Consciences arise and answer: And they tell you, You must Abstain from Meats on such dayes as they in their own Wills have appointed for Fasting Dayes, and the next day after give Liberty to Excess of Eating and Drink­ing, and spending much of the Creatures out of the Fear of God, and give Liberty to Sports and Playes, whereby Youth comes to be Corrupted, and the Name of the Lord Blasphemed; and call those dayes Holy Dayes, and keep them as they say in Com­memoration of the Saints, whose Life they crucifie; for they that live in Pleasures, crucifie the Justs: And do not your Sins exceed the Sins of Sodom, which God overthrew? And not­withstanding these things, you would be counted the Church of Christ; but you are seen to be of the Whore, the False Church, and not the Lamb's Wife, your Fruits have made you mani­fest.

And these things were upon me, and in the Love of God sprung in my Soul to you wards, and I could not be clear till I was made willing to give them forth unto you: And if for my Testimony ye Envy me, or seek my Life, be it known unto you, I am not afraid of you; for my Life is in the Hand of the Lord, who is able to preserve me, & all whose Confidence is in him alone, to the giving up of their Outward Lives (unto the Outward Death); and our Inward Life is out of the Reach of all your Envy and Malice, its hid with God in Christ Jesus, who said, Love your Enemies; and if you were his Disciples, you would obey his Commands, and then you would kill no man about Religion; but your Inquisitions would fall, and that Murdering spirit in you that set them up.

From him who is a Lover of all your Souls, but a Hater of all your Deceit, who by many in Scorn is called a Quaker. John Vaughton.

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