JOSHUA's Resolution TO Serve the Lord.

CONTAINING, The Resolution of every True Christian, fully and wholly to Cleave unto the Lord, and to Dedicate himself to the Lord and his Service.

Wherein is Shewed, What the Resolution of a Christian is. And the Reasons of the Necessity of this Reso­lution With a Word of Exhortation both to Private, and Family Worship.

To which is Added, A Prayer for a Family.

By Robert Russel in Sussex.

Jer 10.25.

Pour out thy Fury upon the Heathen that know thee not, and upon the Family that call not upon thy Name.

Licensed according to Order.

Printed for [...]. Blare at the D [...]ing glass on London-Bridge. 1694.

Joshua's Resolution, &c.

Joshua 24. part of vers. 15.

But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

THese are the words of Joshua to the Tribes of Israel; for [...]ving, in this chapter, de­clared unto them, the many benefits which God, of his mercy hath bestowed on them, as particular in vers. 15. in [...]at he hath given them a Land they laboured nor for; and Cities which they bui [...] [...]ot; and Vineyards, and Oliveyards to [...]at of, wh [...] they planted not, Joshua having thus laid before their [...] God's benefits; he in verse 14. Exhorts them, to offer unto God a thankful and obedient heart, for those benefits which he hath bestowed upon them. Now therefore, fear the Lord, and serve him in sincerity and in truth: And put away the gods which your Fathers served, & serve ye the Lord. And so I fall immediatly upon the [...] of the Text, wherein we have these two things conaderable.

First, The freedom which Joshua seems to give the Tribes of Israel, in case they refuse to serve the Lord, that they should chuse who they will serve.

Secondly, His Reselution concerning himself and his family: As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.

Now in this small Book I shall joyn these two together into this one Observation: that is, How ever the Men of this world live, what ever they do, what ways soever they follow; a Child of God is [Page 3]fully bent, and resolved to cleave to the Lord, & to cake care that his family, and all under his charge, walk in the ways of Holyness and Piety.

Now for my funderstandling of this Subject, I shall praceed after this manner.

First, I shall shew you what the Resolution of a Christian is. Secondly, the Reasons of this Re­solution. And lastly, the Application.

First, to shew you what the Resolution of a chri­stian is. First, it is a full and firm Resolution. Secondly, it is a present resolution. Thirdly, it is a settle and deliberate revolution. First, the re­solution of a Christian is, a full and firm resolution, the men of this world they naturally chuse Sin, Death and Hell, they chuse death and damnation, before life and salvation, they resolutely run on in the ways of Luxery, Wantonness, Drinking, Gam­ing, and all manner of lewd and loose Practices, and tho' they are told and told again, both by the Messen­gers of God's word, and their godly friends, whe­ther these ungodly ways will lead them, yet they will run on still, and take their own course, as if they were in love with their own ruin and destructi­on. But a true Christian, after all his Reproofs and Admonitions, when he finds that they will not be reclaimed, he as it were hids them take their course, and chuse whom they will serve, as Joshua did the people of Israel. But for his part, he resol­ved with full bent and purpose of heart, to give him­self up to the Lord, and choose him for his portion, and to yield up himself soul and body as instrument for his service. Now the resolution of a christian [Page 4]is not a sick bed promise, but a full bent and purpose of heart; to lead a new life, there are many that fa [...]ly promise, but few resolve, every weak promise is not a full resolution. Alas! how many are there who under a sharp fit of sickness, or under some judgment ready to [...]efal them, they will promise fair what a now Creature they will become, what new lives they will lead, how holy and how purely they will live, but if it please God to spare them, & give them a time of respire, then how soon are these vows and promises forgot, thus the Children of Israel, how fairly did they promise, Deut. 5.27. All that the Lord our God shall speak, we will hear and do. But tho' they had a tongue to promise, yet they had no heart to perform, as you may see vers. 29. O that then such an heart in them, that they would fear me, and keep my commandments, that it may be well with them. But as for a sincere returning sinner, he not only promises, but resolves to yield up him­self body and soul to be the Lord's, yea, the whole frame of his heart is bent that way, as an unconver­ted wicked sinner goes on in sin with a full purpose of heart, even so a returning sinner, who is a com­ing to Iesus Christ, serves him with full Purpose, and resolution of heart. And as a wicked resolute sinner, neither Mercies nor Iudgments, neither Re­proofs nor Admonitions, neither Perswading, nor Intreating by Ministers nor Friends, will stop him in his sinful Course, so on the other side, a return­ing sinner, that is resolved for Christ and Holi­ness, will not be drawn back, neither by promises nor threatnings, neither by frowns nor flatteries, [Page 5]let his sinful Companions [...]ntice him by never so many orguments, he will not consent, but he is full ben [...] and resolved for Heaven and Happiness, what­ever it cost him, and therefore seeing the weakness of his own flesh, and his natural inclination to be overcome by the least temptation, therefore he plys the chrone of Grace, and there he pours out earnest prayers and supplications for the assistance of divine grace to streng then him in the inner man, he daxes not trust to his own strength, he considers how soon Peter was overcome, notwithstanding his Resolu­tion to stand saying, If I should dye with thee I will not deny thee, and yet because he was to consi­dent of his own strength it pleased Bod for his tryal to leave him to himself, how soon he denyed and forswore his Lord and Saviour, he began to curse and swear that he knew him not, Mat. 26. Now I say a returning sinner, considering this, he dares not resolve in his own strength, but Labours and orders in the use of all means to get strength from Heaven, and in the strength of Christ, he strides and labours to go on towards the Heavenly mark he aims at, he rests not in any certain attainments, but truly resolves by the help of Divine Grace to­wards the mortification of the whole body of sin, and for the attainment of Grace and Holiness unto per­fection.

And after he had done his best, yet still he feels Lust to be strong in him and grace weak, therefore he is more and more outragious against his natural in­clinations, and his earnest de [...]ce, and endeavours to be more and more humble, more patient, more [Page 6]meek, more holy, and more heavenly, let the De­vil tempt him with Riches, Honour, Long-li [...], and all Earthly Happiness on condition, that he [...] back again into the ways of sin, yet [...] will not yield, but resist him with all his might a [...]d strength, nay, though all the Powers of Hell seek their utmost endeavours to d [...]aw him back, though the Flesh in­tice, and the wicked World use all means to dis­courage him, yet, in spire of them all, he is resol­ved to go on in his Holy Course, for neither Death, nor Life, nor Principalities, nor Powers, nor Height, nor Depth, nor any Creature, is able to Seperate him from the love of God, which is in Iesus Christ our Lord, Rom. 8. Thus a sincere returning Sinner is fully beat and resolved to give himself up Body and Soul to the Lord. And the whole frame and bent of his heart is towards Grace and Holyness. That is the first thing Considera­ble, that a Christians Resolution, is a full Re­solution.

Secondly, It is a present Resolution, he is not for delays and put offs, but resolves presently to turn. A Man, you know, that is fully bent and resolved to do a. thing, his earnest desire is to be about it, that it may be done, he is not for putting it off from one time to another, as if he did not care whether it were done or no. Even so a Christian that is fully bent and resolved after Grace and Ho­liness, be longs and desires for the attainment of his Holy Ends, the whole frame of his heart is set that way, and therefore he presently sets about the Work without delay. Indeed a Hypocrite has ma­ny [Page 7]purposes and resolutions to Repent, and be­come a New Creature, but he delays and puts off from one time to another, being loath, for [...]e present, to part with sweet Sin, with his Beloved Lust, which shews that his resolution is not a firm and settle resolution, his purpo­ses are unsound and [...]ipocritical. There was one, Luke 9.61. who made a kind of a resoluti­on to follow Christ, but this resolution was not for the present, he begged liberty to go once more to his sinful Companions, and take his leave of them: Lord, saith he, I will follow thee, but let me first go and bid them farewel, which are at home at my house. This shews that his purpose and resolution was not sincere, he made a kind of a resolution to follow Christ. But here lyes the case, there was not a thorow change wrought in him, he had not rooted out his Beloved sin, the frame and bent of his heart was more towards the following of his Lust, than it was to follow Christ, therefore, in setting his hand to the Plow, by making a resolution to follow Christ, and yet looking back with pleasure and delight upon his old sinful course of life, he was not fit for the Kingdom of Heaven, as our Saviour tells him, verse 62. Lord, saith he, I will follow thee, but let me first go and bid them farewel which are at home at my house. Thus a Wicked Man, when he is intreated and perswaded by a Minister of God's Word, or by any of his Godly Relations, to Repent and forsake his Evil Practices, and to lead a New [Page 8]Life, he perhaps under these Godly Admonitions, makes fair promises, and has some Purposes and Resolutions to Repent, and become a [...] Crea­ture, and yet, notwithstanding these purposes and resolutions, he has many delays and put offs, be­cause his heart remains still wedded to his [...], the Drunkard [...]e promises that he will return and fol­low Christ, but he takes leave first to go once more to the Ale-house, and take leave of his Drunken Companions, and take one merry Cup more with them, and then he will come and follow Christ. He has friends at home at his House, and he must first go and take his leave of them, and make one merry meeting more among t em, and enjoy a little more of their Iovial Company, and then he will follow Christ. The Covetous he must have [...]ave first to persue after a little more of this worlds Goods, and then he will follow Christ. The Valupteous he must have leave first to partake a little more of the Sweet of Sin, he must enjoy a little more of his Beloved Pleasure, he must down with one sweet Morsel more, and then he will follow Christ. Thus Sin is so sweet unto a Wicked Man, the World and the Flesh is so bewitching, that notwithstand­ing a Sinners fair promises and purposes to Re­pent and turn to God, that by these he is hindred of putting any thing into practice, but procraserates and puts off from one time to another, until perhaps time is at an end, before he has done any thing in order to his Eternal Salvation.

But a Christian that is fully and firmly resolved to dedicate himself to the Lord and his Service, so [Page 9]that the whole frame of his heart is bent that way, he is so far from delaying, and putting off from [...]ne time to another, that he is even restless, and [...]an find no contentment in any thing he enjoys, until he has got an intrest in Christ, until he has got some assurance of the love of God, and the par­don of his Sins, it grieves him to the very heart, to think that he should be so wild and follish, as to wast so much of his precious time as he has done, in fleshly Lust, in abusing of God's Mercy & Good­ness, and grieving his Spirit, in that he has made a good and gracious God wait upon him so many years, whilst he continued to run on in a Course of Rebellion against him. And therefore he now re­solves, through the grace of God assisting him from the time forward, to bid an everlasting farewel to his beloved sin, he now fully resolves to continue no longer in his sinful course of life, he is ready to cry out with St. Augustin: How long shall I say to morrow to morrow, why shall not this day be the day of my Convertion. He therefore without delay sets about the Work of Convertion, he now begins to beg labour and strive to work out his Salvation. Thus a Christians Resolution is [...] Present Resolution.

Thirdly, and lastly, a Christians resolution is a Settle and Deliberate Resolution.

He doth not, as many do, take up a suddain and inconsiderate resolution, to follow Christ. But he diligently considers, first, what it may cost him to be a thro' Christian; the death of his beloved Sin [Page 8] [...] [Page 9] [...] [Page 10]that he knows it must cost him, he knows he must part with every sin; even with his most flesh-plea­sing sin for Christ, or else he can't be no true Chri­stian. But he considers that it may cost him the loss of his Credit and Good-name, the loss of his li­berty, nay the loss of his life. Now a Penitent Sinner considers diligently of all these things be­fore he enters upon his Christian course, lest aftar he has gone far with Christ, Persecution comes, and he Apostatize and falls away, and so his latter end be worse than is beginning. What man, saith our Saviour, intending to build a Tower, settech not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it, lest happily after he has laid the Foundation and is not able to finish it, all that behold him begin to mock him, Luk. 14.28.29. So whosoever, saith he, forsaketh not all that he hath cannot be my Desciples, vers. 33. Many have gone far with Christ. So far their intrest lay with the intrest of Christ, but when the intrest of Christ, and their own Intrest crost, then they have Aposta­tized and fell away. But on the contrary, a wise Christian, before he enters upon a new Life, he first sets down and counts the cost, he considers upon Pe­ter, how sadly he fest when Christ had left him unto himself, notwithstanding his strong Resolution saying, If all should deny thee yet wist not I, there­fore he dares not purpose and resolve in his own strength, for he knows himself to be very weak, and cannot move one step towards Heaven without Di­vine Assistance, therefore he is night and day in ear­nest prayer to God for strength from Heaven, and so [Page 11]in the strength of Christ he is resolved to take him for better and for worse, he is resolved to run all ha­zards with him, he is resolved to venture all for him, to venture the loss of a good name, the loss of liberty, and the loss of life it self, as he expects to Reign with Christ, so he resolves to choose him with all his Offices, as a Prophet to instruct him, as a King to Reign over him, and Rule in him, as a Sa­viour to save him from sin as well as from punish­ment, he is resolved to oft with his Right-hand sins, and out with his Right-Eye sins, he is resolved to spare no sin, but to strive against it, watch against it; and fight against it with all his might. He is resolved to take Christ as he is offered upon self de­nying terms, he is resolved to give up himself body and soul to Christ to walk with him, to suffer with him, and to dye with him, if he be called thereunto, he is resolved to forsake all for him that stands in com­petion with him, and so to live by faith, and rest fully and wholly upon his word and promise for Eternal Salvation, he is resolved to follow Christ thorow all difficulties and dangers, thorow sufferings and per­frentions thorow life and death, until he comes to Reign with Christ in Glory.

Thus have I done with the first thing considera­ble, what the Resolution of a Christian is, I must be very brief in what follows.

Secondly, the reason of the necessity of this Reso­lution. Now for a Christian to make a settle firm Resolution is very necessary.

First, Because that until a man sets a firm and [Page 12]full Resolution to turn to God. He is in a ready way to fall by every temptation, he is and to put off and delay his repentance from time to time, he is still lyable to give himself more and more liberty to all kind of Wickedness, to let the Bridle loose to his Lust; nay, until a man comes unto a full and settle resolution, he lyes in the reade road to open Prophaness, and to the Neglect of God and Holy Duties. And when he performs Duties, it is with such Coldness and Formality, as if he cared not whether he performed them or no. But when a man comes to a resolved Point, when the whole frame and bent of his heart is set toward Christ and Holyness, then there will appear earnest endeavors after the Thing resolved upon, when once a Sin­ner comes to be fully resolved, then he delays no longer, but immediatly sets about the Work of Conversion, then he is upon his Watch, and puts on the Whole Armor of God, and strive and sight against Sin and Spiritual Wickedness. This was the Resolution of Job, Job 31.1. I made a Covenant with mine Eyes, why then should I think upon a Maid, as if he had said, I have Resol­ved and made a Covenant with my self, as much as in me lyes, to avoid all temptation to sin, why then should I run my self into temptation. This also was the Resolution of David, Psalm 39.1. I said I will take heed to my ways that I sin not with my tongue, I will keep my mouth with a Bridle. And this is the Resolution of every true Christian, a settle, firm and sincere Resolution is a great E­nemy to Sin and Satan.

Secondly, This Settle and firm Resolution is necessary to Repentance, because it is the first step to Repentance. A man may do many things in order to a work of Conversion, yet if be hade not a settle and firm Resolution to turn to God, he were as good do nothing. But when once a man comes to set up a Settle, Firm, and Sincere Hearty Re­solution, to cleave fully and wholly to the Lord, and to resi [...]e up all the faculties of his soul to him, then the work is more than half done. All the o­ther Duties of Christianity will seem easy and plea­sant. David he resolved and swore, and therefore he would perform: I have sworn, saith he, and therefore will perform, that I will keep thy Sta­tures, Psalm 119.106.

Thus much for the Doctrinal Part, I shall be very short in the Application.

There is but one Vse that I shall make of this point, and that shall be a Vse of Exhortation. Is it so that whatever the People of Israel did, Joshua was resolved that he and his House will serve the Lord; why, Beloved Friends, let me Exhort you, nay let me intreat you all to enter upon a full, stem, present, and settle deliberate Resolution, that you and your Family will serve the Lord. In the first place make a Firm resolution to give up your own selves to the Lord and his Service, let the Men of this World do what they please, if they will not be reformed let them take their Course, if they are so in love with Hell and Tamnation, so that they will run head-long thither, let them take their course [Page 14]But my Dear Friends, into whose hands this little Book shall come, do you sincerely resolve to give up your selves to the Lord, and his ser­vice, if others will be for Hell, do you resolve to be for Heaven, whatever it dost you, resolve to cleave close to the Lord, in opposition to the Malice of the Devil, the Inticements of the Flesh, and the Temptations of this Wicked World. If wicked Men should intice and seek to draw you into Sin with them, do not yield, but rather answer them as Joseph did his Mistress, How can I do this great Wickedness and sin against God, [...]en. 39.9. If at any time any of your old sinful Companions do intice, per­swade, and intrude you to go with them to Drinking, Gaming or any other Vile Exercise, resolve with your selves, never to yield to none of their perswading Arguments, labour to obey the Counsel of Solomon, Prov. My Son, if sinners intice thee consent thou not Friends, be Exhorted now to make a firm and strong re­solution against all difficulties and dangers, and oppositions, dedicate your selves soul and body to the Lord, let others choose what they will, do you choose the Lord for your Portion, in all his Personal Relations, and in all his Essen­tial Perfections, resolve to take him as a holy God, as a sin-hating God, and labour to be holy, even as he is holy, 1 Per. 1.16. And resolve to choose the Laws of Christ as your rule and pattern, I have, saith David, stuck to thy testimonies, I have inclined my heart unto thy Statutes always, [Page 15]even to the end, psalm 119.31. Resolve to take Christ in all his Offices, in all his Inconveni­ences, resolve to run all hazards with him, be Exhorted now without delay, to bid an Everla­sting farewel to all your sins and from hence­forth make a firm Covenant with the Body and Soul to be his, saying, Lord I do here lament and am heartily grieved that I have spent so much of my time in Rebellion against thee, and in cha­sing the ways of sin; but I do here from this time forward, firmly resolve to bid an utter defiance to all sin, and through thy grace enabling me, now Covenant with thee to be thine, and to forsake all that is near and dear unto me in this world for thy sake, I am resolved never more to yield my self a Servant to Sin and Satan but to watch against all Temptation, whether of prosperity or adversity, but I do resolve to take thee for my Portion and Hap­piness, promising and vowing to serve thee in Ho­liness and Righteousness all the days of my Life, and, I do here fully resolve to choose Iesus Christ as the way to the Father, and to take my Lot with him, and to run all Hazards with him, resting upon him alone, in his way for Salvation.

Secondly, Resolve not only to give up your selves to the Lord, but resolve to use your utmost en­deavours, that all under your charge may likewise serve the Lord, as Joshua here did, not only resolve to serve the Lord himself, but he resolved both he and his house should serve the Lord, so my Friends, you that are Housholders and Governours of Families, let me exhort you to labour to set up the Worship of [Page 16]God in your Familys, though you cannot inspire grace into your Children and Servants, yet you may Labour to convince them of their Sin and Mi­sery by Nature, you may Reprove them, and In­struct and teach them in the principles of Religion, and joyn with them in Prayer and Holy Exercises. O it to dreadful to consider, that there should be [...] many thousand Familys in the world that are Vn­godly and Prophane Familye, many Governours of Familys [...]an take care that their Servants rise ear­ly in the morning, and go about their work, they ca [...] take [...] that they be diligent about their Bu­siness, but they take no care about the concer [...] o [...] their souls, they can take notice how they do their work and are ready to he outragious with them for exery fault, but yet can hear them curse and swear, and see them Pront one the Lord's day, and see them live loose and prophane Lives, and live in open Re­bestian against the Lord, and yet take little or no no­tice of all this, they searce ever call upon their Ser­vants to Read nor Read themselves unto them, nor yet do they Pray with them, except it be now and then upon a Lords day. For my part, I have been in many familys but I never med but with here and there one, where the worship of God, and Religious Exercises hath been set up among them, I may speak it with shame enough. Most familys regard their Servants no better than they do, their very best they mind them no otherwise than to provoin for them Meat and Drink and Wages, and to see that they do their work, but never regard what be­comes of their poor immortal souls. Truly friends, [Page 17]I am apt to think that there being such a multitude of Prophane Irreligious familys among us in England, that it is a fore-runner of some sad judg­ment approaching, for if the Scripture be the true Word of God, so indeed we must expect some sad Calamity to befall us e're long, if there be not a speedy Reformation in houses and families, see what a threatning there lyes in the word of God against such, Jer. 10.25. That the Lord will pour out his fury upon the Heathen that know him not, and upon the Nations that call not upon his Name. The Heathen here is meant all Vngodly Irreligi­ous familys. Let us, the People of this Land, have a care that this Sentance be not pronounced against us, many of late have complained of the badness of the Times, that Trading is dead, Mo­ney is scarce and every thing is dear. But friends let there but be a thought of Reformation in houses and familys, and then you will as soon see as peace­able and happy Times as ever was known since England has been Inhabited. But if People will still remain to be Irreligious and Profane in their familys, I am afraid that some sadder Iudgment will befall us than ever yet we have seen, how can we expect deliverance from our Enemies and happy times, whilst the worship of God is so much neg­lected and family Duties never regarded.

To Conclude, you that are Parents, Masters, and Housholders, if ever you desire your own Good, and a blessing upon your familys and Vndertak­ings, and the good of this Nation, be intreated now to suffer the word of Exhortation, be exhorted [Page 18]now no longer to neglect the Worship & Service of God in your familys, but as often as you see your Servants and Children sin against God reprove them where you see them ignorant instruct them Let me Counsel you to do this fit & convenient op­portunity, to Catechise your Children and Ser­vants, at least once every Week, and instruct them in the Principles of Religion every Lords day in the morning call them up [...] yet then you do on other days, and as soon as they have done their ne­cessary Business, before you go with them to the pub­lick worship of God dead to them some part of Gods wood, and then give them some private instruction concerning what they have read, and call upon them to read some of God's word, and then joyn with them in Prayer, and after Publick Worship, call every out of them to an Account concerning the [...] they heard, and rub up their Memorys with it and edify them as much as you can with these good Instructions which the Preather has de­livered out of the wold of God, and then instruct them in the principles of Religion. And conclude the Evening of the Lords day in reading godly Conferences, and singing of Psalms and Prayer. And every morning in the Week call your children and servants together, and pray with them, before they and you go about the works of your Calling. And let godly conferrence and prayer, be every Evenings Exercise before you go to Rest, and make a set, firm and strong Resolution as Ioshua did here, that let others chuse whom they will serve, let every one of you make this Resolution, saying: [Page 19]As for me and my House we will Serve the Lord.

Now for your Help, I will set you a short form of Prayer for a Family.

A short Prayer for a Family.

O Most gra [...]s, most glorious, and ever blessed Lord God, who art perfect in Holyness, and infinite in all thy perfections, look down from Hea­ven, we beseech thee, with in eye of pitty and com­passion upon thine unworthy Servants, sinful [...] and ashes, who desires at this time, with all Reve­rence and Humility, at this time to address our selves unto thee, to offer up unto thee our Petitions and requests in thy Sons Name. But Lord, we do humbly acknowledge and confess, that our transgre­sions are so many, and so grievous, that we are asha­med to lift up our eyes to Heaven, or to take thy ho­ly Name into our poluted lips, for Lord we confess that we are conceived and born in sin, we brought into this world a stock of Original Corruption, which we have derived from our first Parents, actu­al transgression, and if that were not enough to make us miserable for ever, we have gone on all our lives in a course of Actual Rebellion against thee, we are naturaly prone to all manner of Evil, but we are backward and averse to any thing that is good so that we are born children of wrath, and Heirs of Hell and Damnation, and yet if we are not misera­ble enough by Nature, we have done what [...] us [Page 20]lyes to make our selves more miserable. Lord we confess as we have grown in years, so we have en­creased in all manner of sin and ungodliness, so than we have abused thy goodness, which should have led us to Repentance, we have run wilfully into Sin, against the light of our knowledge, against the con­tritions of our own conscience, we have grieved thy Spirit, wearied thy Patience, and turned a dead ear to thy heavenly calls, and slighted thy offers of Grace and Mercy through Iesus Christ. Ah vile Wretches that we are, we have lived as if thou didst send us into this world for nothing but to gratifie the flesh, and please our Sensual Appetites, but we have forgot those hye and holy ends which thou hast made us for, which is to live to thy praise and glory, how often hast thou stood knocking at the door of our hard hearts for entrance, but we have bared them up against thee by Impenitency and Vnbelief. If thou Lord shouldst deal with us according to our de­parts, what can we expect at thy hands but wrath and our Everlasting Condemnation, but Lord, as thou hast one of thine unspeakable love toward man­kind, sent thy dear Son into the world, to be a pro­ditiation for our sins, and by his sufferings and death to take away the sins of the world, We humbly pray th [...] for has sake, and for that bitter death and bloody passions sake, which we belie be that he hath suffered for us, that thou wouldst pardon and forgive us all our sins, blot them, we beseech thee, out of the book of thy Remembrance, nail them to his cross and bury them in his grace, that they may never rise [...]p against us, to shame & consound us in this world. [Page 21]or to condemn us forever in the World to come, & to this end, Lord, we humbly pray thee that thou would give us a true & lively faith in his merits. & Lord let it not be a dead & fruitless faith, but let it be a lively and active faith that we may bring forth the feuits of it in our lives and conversations, let us no longer live by sence, but let us live by faith in the Son of God, O let this be an Agrivation of our condemna­tion, that we have had a Saviour offered us, but we have wilfully rejected him; but grant Lord that we may heartily and thankfully accept of that Redemp­tion which he has purchased for us, grant that we may Receive and Embrace him upon such terms as he is offered to us in the Gospel. O let Christ be most precious in our eyes, yea more precious than thousands of Gold and silver, and grant that we may esteem all the Riches, and all the Prosits of this world to be but as dross and dung in comparison of Christ, for what shall it profit us if we should gain all the Ri­ches and all the pleasures of this world, & at last loose Christ and our Immortal Souls, and how miserable will our condition be if we should dye in a Christless estate, Lord we proy thee Vnite us to Christ by saith that we may be one with Christ, and Christ with us, and wean our hearts, we beseech thee, from the love of all earthly things, and continually live and con­verse with thee abode, while we walk and act hers upon [...] Lord we humbly beg of thee that thou [...] work in us a godly sorrow for all our sin past [...] heartily Repent us that ever we should be so [...] to Offend so good and gracious a God as then [...], grant Lord that we may have sin with a [Page 22]perfect hatred, let it be most vile in our eyes, grant Lord that we may put the knife of Mortification to the threat of our beloved Lust, grant that we may learn to cut off our right hand sins, and pluck out our right eye sins. O that thou wouldst be pleased to give us a new Nature, and make holyness be Natu­ral cours, even as sin has been Natural to us, molify we beseech thee, our hard hearts, and write thy laws upon them, change, we beséech thee, our natures and renew our Wills, & confirm them to thy holy and heavenly will, & grant us the guidance and assistance of thy holy Spirit, that we may yield hearty and sin­cere obedience to thy will, let us not any longer allow our selves in the commition of any known sin, nor in the [...] of any known duty, and grant that we may hence forth so fight against Sin, & resist all temptations of the Devil, the Flesh, and the World that sin more & more dying & delaying in us, grace & holiness, may more and more, grow, and increase in us, that going on from one degrée of grace to ano­ther grace at last may he perfect & compleated in glory, And Lord we humbly pray thee that thou wouldst look with an eye of pitty and compassion upon this sinful Nation unto which we belong, we must con­fess that we have been a disobedient and gainsaying people, thy mercys would neither win us, nor yet thy Judgment awaken us, nor none of thy Acts of Providence would any ways work upon us, but we have gone on obstinately in our Rebelli [...] against thee, so that thou mightest long [...]re this [...] have firstly delivered us up as a pray to our Enemies, and seeing thou hast yet spared us, turn us we beseech [Page 23]thee from the evil of our ways, that thou mayst turn away from the fearceness of thy wrath that we pe­rish not, sit and prepare us for merrys, and then be­stow them on thus Bless we beseech thee the Kings Majesty both at home and abroad, give him Victory and Success over all his Enemies, bring to naught we beseech thee those Plots and Conspiraces, which are continued against him, bless him in his Royall Confort Queen Mary, make them both eminent in­struments of thy honour and glory, and the good of thy Church, give them we pray thee a long and pro­sperous Reign over us here on earth, and at last to Crown them with Everlasting Glory in the life to come. Consider, we beseech thee all such as suffer any kind of affliction, whether of Body or Mind, sanctify, we beseech thee, afflictions unto them, that they may work for them a far more excéeding and e­ternal wait of Glory. And as thou hast hitheres preserved us from our Infancy unto this present day and hour, so we beseech thee continue thy care over us, watch over us by thy divine providence, and command thy holy Angels to pitch their tents round about us for our Defence and Safety, bless us, we beseech thee, both in our going out and coming in, both in our lying down and rising up, that whe­ther we sleep or wake, live or dye, we may be alway thine, and Lord we pray thee make us so wise as that we may know and consider in this our day of Vi­sitation, these things which concern our everlasting peace, before way are hid from our eyes, O let it be enough and too much that we have spent so much of our time in gratifying the flesh, in living to our [Page 24]selves, and in serving of Sin and Satan, and grant that we may spend the remainder of our days in thy Service, in working out our Salvation, and labour­ing by all diligence to make sure of Everlasting life, and grant that we may live every day as if it were our last day, and so Order our thoughts, words and actions, so that we may give up our accounts at last with joy, and inherit everlasting life, these blessings and what ever else thou knowest requisite and ne­cessary for us, we humbly beg and crave at thy hands upon the account, and through the merits of Iesus Christ our Lord and only Saviour, in whose name and words we furder call upon thee, as he himself hath taught us, saying, Our Father, &c.


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